First Timers; WordPress?

So, this is my first post in WordPress. This is awkward, I don’t know what to say, *cough* write.

I’ve been writing since 2007 but had a looooong overdue break. In 2011, I started writing again because I wanted to write down my memories during middle school and high school. At first it was just for fun but as time passed by, my blog was visited frequently by my friends; both old and new. They thanked me for writing it as it was filled with our memories together.

So why did I make this new blog? Well, I know it sounds mean, but I want to have a new start. Turn over a new leaf lah katakan. Cruel? I know. I’m not forgetting them. Tragically, I love my friends too much that I can’t even read my blog anymore since I’ll cry.

Practically, I’ll write about my life and friends and family and bla bla bla in here now. Though I’ll still keep my old blog.

Do welcome me here and visit my old blog!



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