First week of College

Only one thing I can tell you. I have no freaking idea what I was doing.

As you all know I became a loner on the first day. On my second day, I made some friends. They’re nice. On the third day, I made more friends. On the fourth, s’all good.

Alhamdulillah, friends are not a problem anymore. It seems that the socialite in me has been awaken after a deep slumber. There’s a tiny bit problem tho.

The thing is, I haven’t been using my brain for a while. It’s full of spider webs and non-useful information up there. On the first three days, everything that came out from my lecturer’s mouth sounded like alien’s language. Not only I don’t understand it; I can’t seem to absorb it. It rebounded! I was totally freaking out.

One, I entered late and I have missed some of the classes. Two, I’m a freaking Science student, I have no idea about those management thingy. Three, everything just went wrong!

That is until the fourth day. My Allya-is-a-total-genius side was back. That was a bit exaggerated; drama queen~ it was great. I understand what the lecturer was saying. I can answer some questions. Basically, I’m not dumb or blur anymore.

I was actually planning on studying for the topics that I have missed, this weekend. Guess what, I still can’t open my Univ account. Annoying. I borrowed my friend’s account and downloaded some of the slides and notes. I’ve started scanning those (for a minute or two) but Ji Chang Wook was calling me. Aaaaah, sis iman tak kuat :p

I’ve just took a break from watching K2 (nope, not from studying guys) so that I can write this. Kekekekeke~

I guess that is all for today.


P.S. I have 11 friends in my contact list now!!! Friends from UNITAR. I’ll tell you all about them when I’ve know them better, yeah. Toodles~

P.P.S. I have to go back and forth from my house to UNITAR; unlike my classmates (they live on the opposite of UNITAR sajaaa). It’s not that complicated. I just have to ride one bus for 30 min (if the coast is clear) from Putrajaya Sentral and voila~ Arrived at UNITAR. On Friday tho, my class ended at 12:30 p.m. and I went back around 2ish. I don’t think that there will be any buses since the drivers have to go for Friday’s prayer, that’s why I went back late. Little did I know, there was going to be a thunderstorm later on -_-” There’s no official bus stop there. We have to wait under the flyover. I was all alone. Waiting for the bus in the middle of a storm. A few cars offered me rides since they all thought that I’m going to Sunway. I was bored. So, I decided to took some pictures of my pitiful state xD I self timer it and it came out quite nicely xD

I edited it darker so that it can be featured in Fifty Shades Darker xD Ik, it doesn’t make sense.



I was in a bad mood thanks to a certain someone but now, I’m on cloud nine

It feels like thousands butterflies are in my stomach.

Fluttering, yes!

You know that weird feeling when you’re in love. I don’t know why I feel this way.

Ah, maybe because I just saw my love. Park Bo Geum. Bo Geummaaa~ xD

I’m grinning like an idiot while writing this. I know that I’m going to be punished for feeling this way. I know what I’m doing now is wrong but I just can’t help it. I know that I’ll end up in a pool of tears and pain (totally exaggerated).

Just one night, let me be a selfish person.

For now let’s forget everything and just enjoy it. This annoying adorable feeling~ Since it won’t last long and all…

But oh well~