Uhhhhmmm… What?

Hi hi~

So, I just finished doing the laundry at midnight. During the time I was doing the laundry, a story popped into my mind. It’s not really a story, or is it?

Now that I’m in front of my laptop, staring at this blank Word sheet, it’s all gone, thus that is the reason why I’m ranting about it here.

What was I supposed to write? It was interesting, I swear. All I remember was the intro of the should-be-this blog-post post.

I know, I know, I should post about the Darevolution AGM, but I must write about ……………………..

There, blank… Oh well, whatever, it’ll popped up someday, I hope. Maybe I’m too sleepy, so it’s hidden somewhere inside my currently tired brain…

Toodles, tata~

Miscalculates finger

Hi hi~

I actually want to post about the Darevolution AGM thingy, but this story is too dumb to be hidden.

It happened a few minutes ago, I was surfing the internet, stalking my boyfriend (Shawn Mendes) while poking my teeth with my nails. I’ve done it, often. Poking my teeth with my nails, but I don’t think that I’ll do that again, or not. I’ll still probably do it again xD

Poke poke poke pooooooooooooeeeeeeeek!

My finger miscalculated its target and my index finger’s nail, in a dangerous angle, cut through my left upper gum. The pain was surprising and I relaxed for a moment, until I feel blood coming out from my mouth. After spitting all of that blood, I touched the ‘damaged’ area with my tongue. Ouch, I definitely can’t eat much this Hari Raya. My gum, its ripped for good.

I’m typing this while smiling, grinning like an idiot. Told my mom about it, she was worried at first, but laugh at me after hearing the real story. She said something about how I will be more childish than my children. I kinda doubt that, NOT. Hahahahahaha xD I may be more mature than people my age, but when Allya the Mischievous creature appeared, all hell went loose.

I’ll probably be the type of mother who will do pranks on her children every now and then. I hope my future husband is a kind and strict type, or I’ll probably ‘pijak kepala’ him. Then again, I’m quite strict when I need to be one. Aaaaaaaah, meeeh, complicated.

Hmmmmmm… I wonder what kind of mother will I be? It’s going to be interesting, finding out what I’ll become  xD

Tata~ Gonna suffer~ Torn gum~ No food~

Wattpad much

Hi hi~

It has been two weeks since class started. Life is good, yeah. S’all good. Everything is back to normal, except for the fact that I’m isolating myself from the world…


To those who doesn’t know what Wattpad is, I suggest you to download it and use it to the fullest! Oh God! My private library is full of my guilty pleasures! >///,\\\<

I first stumbled upon Wattpad two years ago, in 2015. I think I downloaded it because Cici wrote a story and post it on Wattpad, or maybe I downloaded it because of its amazing contents of fanfiction. I don’t know and I’m not sure how it started, but it’s one of the two reasons.

Wattpad and I were inseparable, especially during my stay in Indonesia. It was my one and only friend. We kept hanging out 24/7 until I officially became a college student. I stopped reading Wattpad because things were just hectic. I forgot about its existence for a while, I’m sorry my dear friend TT^TT

This obsessive reading of mine started again a few weeks ago; in the middle of my non-existence semester break. I was bored and lazily opened the Wattpad app.


From that moment on, I was addicted to it. I read it anytime and anywhere. I read it before I went to bed, as well as on the bus, even though reading on a moving vehicles messed up with my head a bit. I didn’t know it was that bad until today.

I came to campus quite early and the class was empty, what did I do? Continue reading a Wattpad story of course. Tick tock tick tock tick tock, Sir Ron, my psychology lecturer barged in, which kinda surprised me. I look up blurly and snapped out of my reverie after Sir Ron asked, “Are you okay ah, Allya?”

It struck me that class is starting and is already packed with my friends. The blocked noises come to my hearing sense, the auras of living creature was felt through the air. I was stunt, I didn’t move nor speak. I was too deeply sucked into Wattpad world. I feel bad towards my surroundings. I hope I didn’t ignore anyone who greeted me ‘good morning’ because guys, I really didn’t feel your presence. All I can remember was, imagining the female lead in the Wattpad story as me a.k.a. Allya being pampered with love and lux by a hot young billionaire.

Sadly, I don’t want to stop xD It’s getting worse, I admit, but hey, bukan selalu. So, if you say ‘hi’ to me but are being ignored, please don’t feel offended because I’m currently not in this world. Thank you. Hahahahahaha xD

Toodles for now. I have a Wattpad story to read, tata~

A terrible case of…


Diarrhea and I are in a love and hate relationship, but this time, it is annoying me endlessly. It occurred last night, in the middle of tarawih. Even before I went to the mosque, I had a bad stomach ache, but I ignore it. It bearable until the 4th rakaat of tarawih. I feel like throwing up, worse of it all, I want to fart sooo badly!

You know that moment where you just can’t hold back that gas that’s trying to get out from your body. I hold it in, hoping that it will not came out, or at least, it will not make any sound nor smell. Disgusting, I know, but hey, everyone ‘kentut’ alright.

I think it was during the 7th rakaat where I let it out xD Of course I continued my prayers or it’ll be so obvious that I dropped a smoke bomb. I can’t think straight and I’m in desperate need of a toilet break. The moment the imam finished reciting the du’a, I dragged my sister and bulldozed everyone who tried to passed by me. When I reached the exit, there’s this adorable little girl playing around, blocking the exit. I’m so sorry little child, but I jumped above her. I was desperate okay!

I reached the toilet and it was freaaaaking full! There’s another toilet, though I don’t want to go there. It’s located next to the mortuary, so yeah. Tak tenang nak membuang xD

In the end I didn’t go to the toilet, I pestered my family to go back home ASAP and aaaaah…. It was heaven on earth when I arrived.

Although, I thought that it’s just a onetime kind of thing. Who knows that I’ll be suffering from it until now. Eeergh… The pain is real. I’m used to suffer from diarrhea, but this time, its worse.

Nevertheless, I feel better now after pranking someone.








Karma is a biach, but whatever xD

 That is how disgusting my tarawih the other day is. Haks.


P.S. Now I know why I’m down with diarrhea. I’m allergic to rice and my stomach is sensitive to spicy things. I ate a huge amount of Nasi Kerabu with extra spiciness yesterday. Haks, padan muka.

Where it began; MBPJ

Hi hi~

I promised myself to write down about every single crazy meetings that I went through, but I’ll just write a few; the most interesting one is of course, our first meeting with outsiders a.k.a. Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

Thanks to this meeting, my housemates and I became close and the rest is history. The meeting was supposed to be held on this certain day, but we were ditched by the person who’s guiding us. We were pissed, I mean hello, we waited for hours and were in formal outfits! Though like they say, there’s a silver lining in every dark clouds; it was all worth it.

Our theme was ‘cicak’ poop during that the-meeting-was-cancelled day~

The meeting with MBPJ was then postponed to the next week. I asked Sir Erry to lend us his car and surprisingly, he said yes. Bla bla bla, we went to MBPJ. Pres was driving, I was the co-pilot and those two lovely creatures were being cozy with each other at the back seat (they’re only sitting, nothing else. Or are they? *smirk*). I consumed a few shots of black Americano that morning, though I didn’t get high; which of course, was weird. I drank coffees because I didn’t sleep well that night and Pres said that he injured his shoulder when he played rugby. Like, are you crazy, I’d rather drive through those traffics than putting my life on the line by letting a sick person drive. Although, fortunately, he was good to go.

We arrived at MBPJ and entered the building after looking around for a parking spot. We managed to snag one at the second or the third floor of this tall parking lot. I was in my freaking-tall-stilettos high heels and I have to go down the stairs, climb it, walking on those the rocky pathways. It was hell, but I gotta keep my cool, so yeah…

While the girls were fixing our makeup, they’re of course doing their thing xD (credits to Pres for this photo, took this from his ig because I’m too lazy to find it)

Back to the topic, we dressed up to the nines and thanks to that, we were able to enter the building easily.


Pres and Kink were making jokes about how we’ll meet those old men who likes to ‘lepak’ at coffee shop while drinking hot Kopi-O, nevertheless, in reality; we met kind and polite ladies. According to those two boys, they’re the balik-awal-sebab-nak-masak-untuk-anak-dan-suami type of women a.k.a. a great wife and a loving mom. Alhamdulillah, it went well.

In the middle of the meeting, the four of us argued on where to eat. Kink wanted to eat at Paparich and Payel agreed, but she said it’s up to us (Pres and VP). I told them I want to eat at Texas Chicken and Pres backed me up, so automatically, we won~

While eating those oily chickens, Kink… Let’s just say nothing happened. It’s boring, so forget about it.

Bla bla bla, we ended up stranded at Kink’s house. We were late for the bidding and were also late for the higher committees meeting. Why? Because Sir Erry’s adorable purple car broke down. He had warned us earlier, that his car is a bit weird, but we didn’t expect it to stop working when we borrowed it! The alarm won’t stop blaring. We tried this and that, but it’s still not working. I ran around Kink’s neighborhood, bare footed (Hell, I will not run in those heels) to ask for helps.

Alhamdulillah, a kind neighbor gave us a hand. He checked the car and informed us that the battery’s dead, as in, it’s empty. We again, panicked. None of us had cash (we were supposed to pay the Texas Chicken with card, but the machine was broken, so we used up most of our cash) and we need at least RM 200 to buy a new battery.

Just like a savior, Kink’s mom arrived at the right moment. I drove both Kink and Payel to the nearest ATM. They withdraw some cash, we went home, I picked Pres and the kind guy who helped us, bring them to the nearest ‘bengkel kereta’, went back to Kink’s house again and voila~ The sent-from-heaven-by-God guy installed the battery and the car’s engine starts. But it was too good to be true. While the engine can be turned on, the alarm was still beeping. I think it was Pres who pulled of the device that caused the noise.

It was late, raining; so we hurriedly went back to campus. But, the tank was almost empty, furthermore, UNITAR is quite far. Thus, we went to the nearest petrol station to fill up the gas. Kink turned off the engine while refueling (so much to Pres’s displeasure) and it was all good, until it was time to start the engine.


We panicked, hell, we’re in the middle of a petrol station at a peak hour (going-back-from-work time) and the car just won’t start. A kind worker helped us, while the four (Pres, Kink, Payel and the worker) them pushed the car out of harm’s way; I navigated from inside. After it was nicely parked, I went to the mart to buy some food because it has been ages since we last ate. Bought some breads and drinks. While I was shopping, a few nice people came over and helped with the car. Alhamdulillah it was fixed, temporarily.

We went home, drenched from the rain and freezing to death because of the cold AC. While talking about the AC, we were quite worried when the car’s windows were still fogged even when the AC was already on. It was a bit hot as well and as I suspected, we didn’t press the AC button xD We turned on the AC without pressing its ON button. Get it? Hahahahahahaha xD

It was a fun trip, we arrived at UNITAR safely. Poor Sir Erry had to wait for us. We promised him to give the car back at 2 p.m. It was 8 p.m. when we returned it -_-“

See the difference between the morning and night outfit? Other than Payel, the 3 of us were drenched in the rain. So we borrowed Kink’s outfits which we haven’t return yet xD

Yeah, I guess that’s all for that meeting. It may sounds boring to you, but for the four of us; it was intense. We had our first meeting with outsiders, we skipped the budget bidding and an important meeting, Sir Erry’s car a.k.a. our ride broke down TWICE. In the end, it was a great memory! A fun day. I’m glad that we went to Kink’s house; imagine if the car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

I hope when my housemates read this, they’ll reminiscence that day and feel happy again. I know it has been a hellish week, but do remember those fun and crazy rides as well.