Darevolution Annual Grand Meeting (JUN SEM)

Hi hi~

Finally, the long waited post about Darevolution Annual Grand Meeting! I’m currently doing the laundry, am waiting for those dryers containing my clothes to stop spinning.


The meeting was held on the 21st of June, Wednesday at Auditorium 1, Level 2, UNITAR International University, Tierra Crest, Kelana Jaya. It was attended by all UFS students, from semester 1 to semester 3; with some additional alumni and also lecturers.

It was a hectic day for me, you can see my schedule below.


After successfully dividing myself, I arrived at the auditorium right on time and was told a shocking news. My dear semester 2 colleagues are dumb ass crazy. Okay that’s rude, but they deserve it. Well some of them. When they were asked about their not-inside-the-auditorium friends, they told us (Madam Farah and I) that everyone went back home.

Why? Well, according to semester 2, section 3 students, they were supposed to have Economy class that time, so Madam Farah gave them a green light to skip the meeting. Cunningly, some (basically 90%) sem 2 students took advantage of that and disappear into the thin air.

Idiotically, those section 3 students told us that Sir Man gave them the permission to skip his class (through WhatsApp) and join the AGM. Liars those creatures! Why did I call them liars? First, Sir Man don’t just let people skip his class (except me, because I’m a darling) and second, HE DO NOT GIVE OUT HIS PHONE NUMBER TO STUDENTS, so automatically, he didn’t inform anyone about him cancelling his class via WhatsApp. Madam Farah and I panicked. Halllllllloooo!!! This is Sir Man we’re talking about here! We do not want him to turn back into Pres’s semester batch mean old lecturer!

I went to his office with Ariff BB(because he’s from sem 2, section 3), panicking of course. I brought my homemade cookies as well, to tame the lion (jk, I gave out cookies to my lecturers and he was the last one I found) and fortunately, everything went well. BB was kinda shocked that it was as easy as pie.

Ehem, I have an announcement to make BB, I’m his adorable student; of course he loves me and is kind to me. *smiling like an angel while BB puked* Heck, Sir Man and I even talked and joked around together, with him being him, shipping me with a certain someone. Eeeeergh, him and Payel are the same. *exaggerated eye rolling*

That’s settled, we went down, bla bla bla. Madam Farah did the opening, Timun gave out instructions about the game, the students divided into groups and me being the person who was in-charge of the microphone, gila bayang all the waaaaaaaaaaay~


We kinda drag the game and were a tad late; starting the re-election. Bla bla bla, I have to become the MC for the election. Sitting casually on the stage, in front of 200+ students, staring at me. Gulp. Nervouse. Not. But I still drag Pres into it (more like begged him and attacked him with my round and cute and sparkling eyelashes-on-fleek eyes). He had Account class (from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. I swore I saw his soul leaving his body) earlier and joined us a in the middle of the game. I was tooo into the game, menggila bayang, that I didn’t even realize his arrival.

Our last job as the President and Vice-president. Hiks. Sad.

Aaaaaaaaaawh!!! We were so cute! Having a photoshoot session in front of them UFS students with Timun as our photographer. I guess we are currently the only Pres and VP who have this much chemistry xD

When they start nominating names, I was a tad sad when no one actually said my name, but when Payel and Kink were being nominated; hell, I was too giddy and excited. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

The election for the president starts, and the result was a bit tempered by Pres

Payel became the Presideeeeeeeeeent with Kink as her VP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was soooooooo happy, I had to control myself. If it were just my housemates and I inside the hall, I would’ve jumped up and down, hugging, kissing, kicking, loving, smacking those two! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, c’mon! Payel and Kink’s love story is waaaay more interesting that Brangelina’s one xD

Also, Pres and I were kinda shocked and flustered. Housemates aaaalll the waaaaaaaay~~~

Taken right after the announcement

I COULD NOT BE ANY PROUDER! I am not even sad that I didn’t become the president.

Heck, I was quite sad when my mom prayed that I will not get any position, but I forgot about them all. It was amazingly funny and odd. I mean, what are the odds?! If I were to give up those two positions to anyone, it’ll be to them. They’ve been with us (Pres and I) throughout the whole ordeal. They saw us suffering, the sacrifices that we made. Those sleepless nights, endless reports, who knew that it’ll be their turn next. *evil laugh*

New Pres and VP ❤

So it seems like I’ve been writing for more than 20 minutes and my clothes are all dry up. Left the self-service laundry place and continue my OKBaby marathon that I’ve been neglecting this year while eating chocolate lava mug cake with this Indonesian syrup~


I promised Kink that I’ll guide him thoroughly. He was scared shite, it’s not even cute. Don’t worry Kink, I don’t know about Pres, but I’ll help you out as much as I can. We’re not kinkies for no reason~

Don’t worry, you’ll still laugh like me by the end of the semester 😉


I know it’s weird, still addressing Daryl as Pres, but I’m used to name him as Pres in my blog; I guess I’ll continue with that.

I called Payel ‘Pres’ the other day. She was like, “Ew, that sounds so wrong!” Hahahahahaha xD I don’t know lah which part of it is wrong, but I get her. It feels weird xD

To my dear Payel and Kink,

I’m sure it was a surprise for you two, getting those positions (Kink yes. Payel, not so much) but trust me when I say that, insyaallah, you two have a great team this semester. You’ll both do great! I wrote a long arse essay for you two the other day, so yeah. Malas nak tulis lagi. Don’t ever think that I feel sad for not getting those positions! Don’t feel guilty! If it were other people, yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer, but you two are one of my closest friends in campus and I am very, extremely proud of you.

Payel, you’re amazing, gurl! You can handle this organization with gracefulness, geeraaaaand!

Kink, you’re not so bad yourself. You can do lots, but most importantly, take a good care and support your president.

Pres and I were known to be the President and the Vice-president with the most chemistry, I hope you guys will be the best pair in the history of Darevolution and I know you can! You guys are, after all, our predecessors. ❤ ❤ ❤

Love, ex-VP.

Hiks, this is sad. No more crazy meetings, no more skipping classes, no more calling dozens of people one by one, no more formal dressing up. Heck, I’ll still do those things. Charity run remember.

Though, there will be no more Pres and VP TT^TT

Pres posted this on his Instagram after the meeting. Hands down, it is the sweetest thing he ever done for me, in public. *cries tears and blood* I guess there will be no more sappy VP cry-calling in the middle of the night after this. I know you’ll miss that Pres, but sorry, our time is over *blowing my newly manicured nails* #VPyangsangatGILABAYANG Hahahahahahaha xD



Yeah, I know I wrote that essay looking thing, but the fact that he posted that for the world to see *happy tears all over the place, again*

I guess that was all for the AGM. Things happened afterwards, but let’s just say that it’s not important. I don’t want to talk about the bitter part, let’s just share the happy part, should we.

From left to right. Ex-pres, ex-vp, Madam Farah (our advisor), President, Vice-president, Secretary


The ex-vp and her ex-treasurer and ex-asst. treasurer. Ouh and there’s BB behind us.


Us, spamming Sir Erry’s new phone. Taking selfies in front of them students, again xD Marsha, Timun and I just love each other, we can’t even. HAHAHAHAHA XD

The main attraction that day, TIIIIIIMUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!! XD

I guess that is all for that meeting~

The last event and meeting, with my status as Darevolution, UFS’s Vice-president. Or not. Officially, Pres and I are still the president and the vice-president until July/August ish. Haks, so only the two of us are allowed to go to the presidential meetings, those official thingy and what not. Ceh.



Last meeting

It was held last Monday. Reason? Because we have to conduct the Darevolution Annual Grand Meeting on Wednesday.

It was attended by the Pres, VP, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Head of Divisions and Director and Asst. Director of events. It was a short one, officially, it lasted only 30 minutes. We extend it unofficially xD

We played a game, it’s called mafia. We played it first before having to conduct the games on Wednesday. It was fun and dumb xD A great day to end something. I had mixed feelings. It felt sad, but happy. Everyone was having fun, so I didn’t want to ruin it by being sappy. Though it was quite obvious that I was not in the mood. I was being quiet the whole time…

Saaad… Final meeting for January semester… And end of an era, huh…

I don’t know what else to write about that day. Wasn’t feeling it much, because yeah… My boyfriend (Shawn Mendes) cheated on me… #gilabayang

Was it 2 or 3?

Hi hi~

So… the first week of semester 3 is coming to an end. It was bearable. No one died, or vomited pieces of their lungs. Though most of us are quite depressed. Our results are out and most of our pointer drops. The only one whose pointer increases is Kink.

Mine dropped by 0.13. I know, I’m still in the dean’s list, but stiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllll… Haih, bersyukur saja…

I have to write a report about last sem’s activities, club activities. I wrote them all smoothly until I reached the part about place surveying. The team and I surveyed Bukit Nanas for the leisure event before choosing the place. I vividly remember that we went there thrice before the event, but I can’t seem to recall the third time.

I asked Pres about it and he said that we went there thrice, but he too can’t remember the third one. If it was only me, then fine, but Pres even said that we went there three times.

What is this memory? When did we go there? With whom? Why did we go there?

Those questions are replaying in my head.

1st survey

We went there for the first time and it was chaotic. We got lost, we don’t know where we are. Basically we got lost in the middle of KL. All of us are in our usual ‘winter’ campus attire and we had to walk for miles and miles, not to mention jungle trekking as well.

By the end of the day, we were worn out. Despite those craziness, it was fun.

What’s memorable on that day was Pres’s sleeping habit. He slept everywhere. Zatul also got hurt on that day because we were not wearing proper shoes. We were supposed to only meet the management and then went back home, that’s why we were not prepared.

Those who came along. Shantan, Pavi, Zatul, Yuni, Kavin, Marsha and Pres. Obviously me as well.

2nd survey

Only five people went there this time. Pres, Shantan, Kavin, Pavi and I. I was too lazy to go, but leaving those three guys alone to survey the place. Hmmm… Not a good idea.

The boys turn into monkeys. Hanging from one monkey bar to another. It was not as tiring because we wore appropriate clothing. We also had our lunch around Bukit Nanas’s area. It was an expensive simple lunch.


3rd survey

Blank… I have no memory about it, but I feel like we did go there for the 3rd time. I feel like on the event day itself, was my 4th time coming to Bukit Nanas. Though, when? What happen?

It’s killing me inside! I don’t have a memory about it, but it feels real. I feel like it happened. Haiih… Ntahlah, whatever lah. I’ll just write two reports about. Meeeh~


Where it began; MBPJ

Hi hi~

I promised myself to write down about every single crazy meetings that I went through, but I’ll just write a few; the most interesting one is of course, our first meeting with outsiders a.k.a. Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

Thanks to this meeting, my housemates and I became close and the rest is history. The meeting was supposed to be held on this certain day, but we were ditched by the person who’s guiding us. We were pissed, I mean hello, we waited for hours and were in formal outfits! Though like they say, there’s a silver lining in every dark clouds; it was all worth it.

Our theme was ‘cicak’ poop during that the-meeting-was-cancelled day~

The meeting with MBPJ was then postponed to the next week. I asked Sir Erry to lend us his car and surprisingly, he said yes. Bla bla bla, we went to MBPJ. Pres was driving, I was the co-pilot and those two lovely creatures were being cozy with each other at the back seat (they’re only sitting, nothing else. Or are they? *smirk*). I consumed a few shots of black Americano that morning, though I didn’t get high; which of course, was weird. I drank coffees because I didn’t sleep well that night and Pres said that he injured his shoulder when he played rugby. Like, are you crazy, I’d rather drive through those traffics than putting my life on the line by letting a sick person drive. Although, fortunately, he was good to go.

We arrived at MBPJ and entered the building after looking around for a parking spot. We managed to snag one at the second or the third floor of this tall parking lot. I was in my freaking-tall-stilettos high heels and I have to go down the stairs, climb it, walking on those the rocky pathways. It was hell, but I gotta keep my cool, so yeah…

While the girls were fixing our makeup, they’re of course doing their thing xD (credits to Pres for this photo, took this from his ig because I’m too lazy to find it)

Back to the topic, we dressed up to the nines and thanks to that, we were able to enter the building easily.


Pres and Kink were making jokes about how we’ll meet those old men who likes to ‘lepak’ at coffee shop while drinking hot Kopi-O, nevertheless, in reality; we met kind and polite ladies. According to those two boys, they’re the balik-awal-sebab-nak-masak-untuk-anak-dan-suami type of women a.k.a. a great wife and a loving mom. Alhamdulillah, it went well.

In the middle of the meeting, the four of us argued on where to eat. Kink wanted to eat at Paparich and Payel agreed, but she said it’s up to us (Pres and VP). I told them I want to eat at Texas Chicken and Pres backed me up, so automatically, we won~

While eating those oily chickens, Kink… Let’s just say nothing happened. It’s boring, so forget about it.

Bla bla bla, we ended up stranded at Kink’s house. We were late for the bidding and were also late for the higher committees meeting. Why? Because Sir Erry’s adorable purple car broke down. He had warned us earlier, that his car is a bit weird, but we didn’t expect it to stop working when we borrowed it! The alarm won’t stop blaring. We tried this and that, but it’s still not working. I ran around Kink’s neighborhood, bare footed (Hell, I will not run in those heels) to ask for helps.

Alhamdulillah, a kind neighbor gave us a hand. He checked the car and informed us that the battery’s dead, as in, it’s empty. We again, panicked. None of us had cash (we were supposed to pay the Texas Chicken with card, but the machine was broken, so we used up most of our cash) and we need at least RM 200 to buy a new battery.

Just like a savior, Kink’s mom arrived at the right moment. I drove both Kink and Payel to the nearest ATM. They withdraw some cash, we went home, I picked Pres and the kind guy who helped us, bring them to the nearest ‘bengkel kereta’, went back to Kink’s house again and voila~ The sent-from-heaven-by-God guy installed the battery and the car’s engine starts. But it was too good to be true. While the engine can be turned on, the alarm was still beeping. I think it was Pres who pulled of the device that caused the noise.

It was late, raining; so we hurriedly went back to campus. But, the tank was almost empty, furthermore, UNITAR is quite far. Thus, we went to the nearest petrol station to fill up the gas. Kink turned off the engine while refueling (so much to Pres’s displeasure) and it was all good, until it was time to start the engine.


We panicked, hell, we’re in the middle of a petrol station at a peak hour (going-back-from-work time) and the car just won’t start. A kind worker helped us, while the four (Pres, Kink, Payel and the worker) them pushed the car out of harm’s way; I navigated from inside. After it was nicely parked, I went to the mart to buy some food because it has been ages since we last ate. Bought some breads and drinks. While I was shopping, a few nice people came over and helped with the car. Alhamdulillah it was fixed, temporarily.

We went home, drenched from the rain and freezing to death because of the cold AC. While talking about the AC, we were quite worried when the car’s windows were still fogged even when the AC was already on. It was a bit hot as well and as I suspected, we didn’t press the AC button xD We turned on the AC without pressing its ON button. Get it? Hahahahahahaha xD

It was a fun trip, we arrived at UNITAR safely. Poor Sir Erry had to wait for us. We promised him to give the car back at 2 p.m. It was 8 p.m. when we returned it -_-“

See the difference between the morning and night outfit? Other than Payel, the 3 of us were drenched in the rain. So we borrowed Kink’s outfits which we haven’t return yet xD

Yeah, I guess that’s all for that meeting. It may sounds boring to you, but for the four of us; it was intense. We had our first meeting with outsiders, we skipped the budget bidding and an important meeting, Sir Erry’s car a.k.a. our ride broke down TWICE. In the end, it was a great memory! A fun day. I’m glad that we went to Kink’s house; imagine if the car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

I hope when my housemates read this, they’ll reminiscence that day and feel happy again. I know it has been a hellish week, but do remember those fun and crazy rides as well.




A blur

You know that feeling when your mind just stop working. I’m writing this while hoping that none of my housemates will read it. These past few months was hectic. My schedule was packed, with both studying and UFS’s matters. True, I’m a strong person mentally, but I think I’m reaching my limit.

If you read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’m in the middle of my sem break. Although, there’s none for my housemates and I. It was fine, until now. We’re supposed to gather back at Kelana Jaya by next week and I’ve planned everything, but it just disappear. I was in a blur earlier, staring into the wall kind of blankness. Then, I started crying, sobbing like a little child whose candy has been taken away from her. In the middle of that emotional distress, I messaged a friend. I told that person about my sudden blur state, not knowing what to do.

Babbling about it, I stopped. Everyone have burdens, I don’t want to add my friends’ burdens; they have enough. Furthermore, I’m the one who jumped into the scene, knowing what I‘ll face ahead.

It happened while I was packing my luggage. I don’t know what to pack, heck, I don’t know what outfit I should wear next week. It got me thinking, what the hell am I doing right now? Why do I have to stay over at Kelana Jaya next week? Why can’t we just do it from our perspective home? Why? Why? Why? Endless whys.

Releasing my distress while writing this post, hoping that no one will read it; it calms me a bit.

Crazy it may sound, I think I need a break from everything. I need to see the doctor, need to spend more time being a college student. I want to act my age, without caring about anything but my pointers.

The last time I had a decent sleep was before I became the VP, am not complaining though, because I know that my Pres’s burdens are heavier. I promised myself not to add anything to his already-heavy-responsibility, but I guess I’m not strong enough. After this, I’ll have to be stronger, for everyone. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life, being strong, so what’s with the sudden breakdown?

Aaaah… I know… I think it’s because of my views. I haven’t see or being with any hot guys these days. Teheee~ Let’s lighten up the mood should we?

You gotta admit, hot guys are da bomb! Especially if they’re kind and hmmmm… I don’t care if they’re straight or not, as long as you’re an eye candy, then I’ll be fine. I’m not trying to be a hoe here; studies did show that handsome male lowers down female stress level.

Uhuuu, I just got a message from Pen’s gf, asking me to go out tomorrow. I think I’ll take on that offer. Gotta go outside and chill around, cuci mata~ Ceh, though Pen will probably come as well tomorrow, the chance of meeting new guys is going to be as thin as my patience.  Oh well, beggars cannot be choosers. Toodles world~