Heroine Shikkaku~

Translated, its Disqualified Heroine or Rejected Heroine in English. I read the manga when I was younger. Well not really that young, I was 14/15 ish back then. It was a sweet manga, but I haven’t finish reading it because it took the translator a long time to translate it… Aaaaah… The pain of waiting for a translation, heck there’s a complete manga that I have been waiting since I was 10, but it’s English translations are still incomplete. True, I learnt Japanese before, but my kanji and katana are bad. Capital B.A.D.

Back to the story, so I just found out that they made a movie spin-off. IT WAS SO GOOD! Heck, it’s one of the best movie-based-from-manga spin-off I’ve ever watch! The actors and actresses were so into characters, the props, lightings! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Though I don’t want to blabber about the movie’s qualities, I want to share about the plots.

Taken from Asianwiki,

’Hatori Matsuzaki is a female high school student. She has a crush on her childhood friend Rita Terasaka and believes he will eventually choose her as her heroine, but Rita Terasaka begins dating Miho Adachi. Meanwhile, the most popular male student, Kosuke Hiromitsu takes an interest in Hatori Matsuzaki.’

Basically, Hatori loves Rita and vice versa, but they’re too scared to confess their love. I gotta, admit, I prefer Hatori to be with Kosuke, but oh well~

When Rita got his first girlfriend, Miho Adachi, Hatori was thinking about 101 ways to get rid of her. Sounds cruel, but she’s an idiot, so yeah. Even from the very beginning, I never liked Adachi, acting all weak and innocent; the worst evil creature on earth! True, Hatori was mean in a stupid way at first, but she’s an angel at heart. Letting go of the boy that she likes, putting on a happy façade, feeling happy as long as Rita is happy.

The plot twist was during the bon odori, the firework festival.

During the firework festival, I feel you Hatori.
I. AM. GOING. TO. SAY. THAT. Pfttt.. Liar, you’ll pee in your pants before you say it, Allya.

Hatori confessed, both her and Rita kissed. It’s a krik krik situation, considering Rita was still dating Adachi, but hey, I won’t judge. They held hands throughout the whole night. It was fun, until Adachi the serpent ruins everything the next day.

The evil b*tch! Acting all weak. Hellloooo! Can’t you be independent, so not worth my time.

Fortunately for Hatori, Kosuke came to the rescue, drenched in rain ❤ ❤ ❤ He helped her to climb out from that deep dug pit and give her all the loves she needs.

Bla bla bla, Rita stayed with Adachi while Hatori dated Kosuke. Again, it was a fun time, until their school trip. Finally, Adachi confessed her wrong doings to Rita and Hatori told Kosuke about where her heart really lies on.

Hatori went to meet Rita and vice versa, they met and voila~ They live happily ever after.

My summary sucks, but it left a deep impression in my heart.

If you know me, or have been reading my old blog, you’ll know that I like Syamiel for 7 years. Ooops, Allya have no shame now admitting to that because yeah, it’s all in the past~ I read the manga during the time where well, I don’t know. In conclusion, I don’t get the manga at first, like why the hell would you wanna do that Hatori?! I get the I-am-happy-as-long-as-he-is-happy part, but WHY ARE YOU NOT ACCEPTING KOSUKE? And WHY ARE YOU KISSING SOMEONE ELSE’S BOYFRIEND? For God sake, it was an alien concept for me.

Pffft… As I get older a.k.a. now, I kinda understand Hatori. She’s been in love with the guy for a decade and suddenly some random chick stole him from her. Like hallloooooo, she basically raised the guy. Now I understand how mothers around the world feel.

Why is she not leaning towards Kosuke in the beginning? Well, the heart wants what it wants. You can’t force yourself to love someone. If you’re lucky, it’ll end well, but if not… It’s going to be painful.

Personally, for me, the greatest form of love (love between lovers and not family) will be staying happy even when you were hurt. Okay that doesn’t make sense. What I’m trying to say here is that, one-sided love is the strongest type of love, especially if you love that someone one-sidedly for a long period of time. Listen to that Mielly, you should be proud that someone like me loved you like that before ;P

Loving someone unconditionally even when that someone doesn’t even know your existence. Being happy for his happiness. It saddens you, no, just like how a vampire is killed, seeing him smiling, loving another girl feels like someone just stab you in the chest with a stake. Ouh, dear God the pain is unbearable, but it’s okay because he is happy. Call it stupid, but hey, to all people out there who have been through a one-sided love, they will get me.

I promised myself to tell the next person who I will love openly, with full confidence, barge head on with your feelings. Meh, bullshit. It doesn’t work that way. I gave out a lot of love advices, but look at me, I learnt from mangas, animes and dramas. Haks. I may have all the confidence of the world, but when it comes to love, I suck, BIG TIME. From high-level-until-it-reached-the-sky-even-through-the-outer-space kind of confidence, when it comes to love, my confidence will be at the most inner part of the earth surface thingy.

True, I am not that average looking, but when I’m in love, I feel like I’m the ugliest girl ever lived. I can’t even look at the person who I like. Heck, I can’t even look at Syamiel before; I’ll ran off even when he’s 1km away. Though look at us now, staring contest is our favourite kind of contest because I will always win~

Forget blusher, my cheeks are always glowing red. Errgh! Why are you like that Allya?! Now it makes me cringe, whenever I remember the past me who were in love with Syamiel. Aduuuuh. Maluuu. Allya iz zo ztupidz.

Aaaaah… The good old days where love was in the air. Where love was not that complicated. My pure love. Ahaks. One more thing, Mielly dear, sorry that I kept mentioning your name. I mean, you’re the only one I have ever liked, so yeah… Bear with me, or find me a hot young billionaire for a chance 😉

To wrap things up, this movie taught me a lot about love. Even when Rita founds out that Adachi tricked him, he still thanked her. It shows that respect is a must-have quality in everyone. As for Adachi, she forgave Rita and also Hatori, when they kissed. Kosuke, striving and changing into a better person for the girl he loves, but keep on being better even after being dumped by her.

Lastly, our heroine, Hatori, stupid idiot for not confessing earlier. Padan muka you lose Rita for a while, your mistake. Though in the same time, great woman, loving someone whole-heartedly without getting anything in return except for heartache. Stupid, for kissing someone’s boyfriend, but bravely confessing her feelings. Going for what she wants, not caring about the world, Atta girl!

Rita’s words to Hatori when he finally confessed,

“Are you fine with that? I’m empty, you know, I’ve always hurt you, I am coward too.”

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! So sweeeeeeeeeet!!! Diabetes!!!!!! Kena potong kaki!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Funny, romantic, idioticly stupid and reality. Heroine Shikkaku is worth the watch!

I guess that is all for my ‘review’ about the movie. Not really worth the read, but hey, I just love writing about my thoughts~


P.S. If you realized it, I kept using the word ‘like’ and not ‘love’ when it comes to Syamiel. For me, love is something I can say to everyone I love. My family, friends, adorable cute things. But for ‘like’, it’s a heavy coated word. ‘Like’ means a great form of love towards someone-who-I want-to-be-with-for-the-rest-of-my-life kinda word. Currently, Mielly is the only receiver of the word, haks. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD SHEIKH MUHAMMAD SYAMIEL KHUZAIFAH. You were liked by me, Allya the Great! Hahahahahahaha xD He is soooo going to kill me if he reads my blog. Teheee~ Ingat aku kesah :p

P.P.S. Below are some of my fav lines~

Every girl needs a Kosuke in her life! I wanna put the kabe-don scene, but I can’t because my wordpress is the normal plan TT^TT Google it!!! The kabe-don scene! I died! ❤ ❤ ❤
When Hatori ‘gave up’ on Rita xD

The first photo is the perfect description of girls friendship. Boys, we do share every single small details that you probably notice; it doesn’t exist. Or do they? Because girls confused you a lot xD And the second photo is the type of friend I am. You hurt my friend? I’ll torture you, not to death, because you’ll feel no pain after death.

Yezzzzzzzaaaaaaa!!! Each one of us is the main character in our own life! We should not try to be others because hey, everyone is different.


I just finished watching Naruto Shippuden episode 473, where Team 7 works together to defeat Kaguya.

I cried. Like pillow-is-wet kind of cry. You may think that I’m exaggerating but there’s a reason why.

I first watched Naruto when I was 7/8 and that is when I first met my friends who are still my friends now.

Tik tok tik tok a decade has past.

Naruto has ended (he becomes hokage. Everyone got married, got children, all grown up) and now we are not together anymore; my friends and I. It’s weird you know, not being able to see someone you see everyday everyday anymore. We can still meet each other yes, but that too is hard.

Truthfully, I don’t miss school. At all.

Though I miss hearing them screaming, playing, joking around.

I don’t miss waking up early in the morning or sleeping late but I do miss the moment where those gloomy mornings become bright by seeing them. Not being able to sleep well but feeling energized seeing your friends’ behavior.

I’ve tried not to get too attached to them since I know nothing is forever but it was hard. We grew up together, play together, get punished together, heck even going through puberty together (remember those ugly days guys. We are not cute potatoes, you gotta admit. We were freaking ugly. At least some of us were).


Since the first time I saw them; they’ve now grown into fine young men and women.

Dah boleh jadi mak and ayah orang dah 😀

I’ve realized that my friends meant a lot to me after I started watching Naruto again when I was in form 4.

Who says that Anime teaches you nothing?

I do know that I won’t be here if it weren’t for them. I’m a foreigner but they still treat me with respect and never once they used my citizenship against me. I’ve got a few Indonesian friends and they aren’t as lucky as I was.

I have great friends, great school and great teachers. They backed me up if something happens. They tried to put me in any activities existed even though they know I am not allowed to enter (since I’m a foreigner).

They fought through hardships with me, for me.


Trust me, I wouldn’t be standing there, on the stage getting a huge reward if it weren’t for all of them.

That’s that. Another thing that I realize after watching Naruto is we are soon going to be the old generation.

We used to be children, new generation. Now, our era is almost over; we’re going to have children of our own soon.

We will not be following examples anymore but we have to give them out. To the new generation.

I know that people may think I’m stupidly dramatic for thinking about such things when I was only 16. But hey, it is true.

We are not getting any younger.

We’ll become the old generation once we have children of our own. Even if we don’t have one of our own, we will still be one when we start working.

We have to get our certificate then work. When we work, we are the one building the world. We may have to start from the bottom but everyone successful is not spoon fed.

We have to give great examples to them (new gen).

Gotta show them that mistakes are good but make sure it’s not often.

Gotta show them that life can be cruel but when you have the right people with you; it’s bearable.

Gotta make them feel save, protected, loved.

Our predecessors have not done a really good job and we should all learn from it. Though we are still called the new gen; we need to start changing to be a better person now!

There will always be flaws as we are not God but at least let’s make this world a better place for our future children and grandchildren (or we can just leave that to our children :P).

Our era is near (its ending and beginning). We are the successor to the world we are living in now. It (the world) may not be that great but I guess our predecessors think it is good enough already -_-“

That is one hell of a rambling thanks to Naruto sappy episode xD




Naruto is what?!

Okay, for your information, I’m an avid otaku. People tend to disbelieve that since my daily nature shows other wise. What is that suppose to mean -_-

So, as you all know(let’s just say that we’re all Naruto fans), Naruto and Hinata (my main OTP <3) have 2 children together. A boy and a girl. Basically everyone from the old generation have children and these children are called the new generation.

This and that, years have passed since Boruto The Movie (Naruto world) and guess what, a new manga serialization about Boruto is out. Though it’s not written by Kishi; he is the main supervisor.

People were complaining about the new art style (especially Sasuke’s hair). Though personally, I don’t really mind it; It’s not as good as Kishi but hey, everyone’s hand is different.

Back to the topic. I first read about the spoilers in Tumblr. They said that Naruto and Hinata will die and bla bla bla. I don’t believe it as I haven’t see any of the manga spoiler.

I told my friend who is an avid fan about it a.k.a. Danial when suddenly a notification popped up and I accidentally clicked it.

Voila~ It was the newest Boruto manga (in Korean). I sent it to Danial and then read the manga myself.

My korean is not that good so I can only figure some words but I didn’t find anything that shows Naruto will die. Still, I’m in shock (obsessed fan remember). I can’t really remember what I told Danial (I’m too lazy to take my iPad; its upstairs) but I do remember complaining about it. It goes something like this:-

Peeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! (Pen=Danial) What the heck is this?! Like, Naruto can’t die! That’s just absurd!

He answered me back by saying that it was a good thing as it can increase the market sales. That evil creature! How could he?!

Like dia tak sedih ke? I’ve been watching Naruto since I was 7 but stopped thanks to the scene where Sasuke abandon Sakura. Years have past and in 2014, my cousin dear, Salma/ Ame forced me to watched it. I was reluctant at first but since I was suffering from chicken pox and dengue after that (I didn’t went to school for like a month); thus I was bored af so I decided to watched it. And heck my finals result were soooo bad that my Chemist teacher ignored me until like, 3-4 months later xD

Sadly, that result stays until my SPM xD


I strayed off too much. While everyone has been saying that Naruto is dead or will die (I’ve read the Eng ver.), I don’t think he will.

Remember the time when everyone was saying that Naruto will die in Boruto The Movie? Yeah, I think that it’ll be like that (I hope TT^TT) Maybe Naruto was sent of to some other dimension, again.

Just from the first page we can see that Boruto must have been freaking strong. Well, at least he looks strong. But how can he not? Just list the people who became his sensei.

Kawaki vs Boruto battle in Konoha

As for Boruto’s Byakugan, some said that Hinata probably die too while protecting Naruto and some even said that Himawari gave her eyes or something (this fandom love angst too much).

I think, I repeat, I THINK, my PERSONAL opinion on this is that maybe Hiashi died and gave his eyes to his grandson. MAYBE.

Or maybe Hanabi gave her eyes. Again, MAYBE. But I hope that Boruto got it from Toneri because he felt indebted to Boruto’s parents. I hope that this is a yes. Aamiin~

I’m depressed now. Like you can’t die Nardooooooo!!! Nor anyone else at that!!!!! This is why I wish that Naruto wouldn’t have a continuation. The old generations are getting old. Someone will probably die right TT^TT

I am too quite disappointed at the manga. Like, I don’t need a manga version of Boruto The Movie, y’know -_-

Oh well lah.

Though this is my fav part from the manga xD

Temari and Ino must have been one hell of a mom xD