Hi hi~

Exactly a day and six months later, I am finally writing about Pres’s birthday. Procrastination at its finest.

We’ve been planning this since the night I made Pres cried in front of his aunt’s house. I didn’t talk much with him that night, as I was busy playing with my phone. Nope, I mean yeah, I was a bit rude, showing up at people’s house uninvited and ignoring Pres. I mean, Pavi was there, he can talk all he wants with here *blowing my nails

Dear Pres, I wasn’t being rude nor bored. I was busy planning your surprise birthday bash, led by your darling girlfriend. Pavi ignored the WhatsApp group, but the event organizer within me just cannot stop planning! Love, your VP ❤

Bla bla bla, the D-day, 24th July 2017. After dividing jobs among our friends, we get to work right after class. I was in charge of cooking the meals and buying the balloons. I was not the main chef that day, Zarol was and dang, I WAS IMPRESSED!

Pres’s B’day Team

  • Team Effort: Zarol and I (‘cause we’re broke college kids with amazing talents)
  • Team Funding: Delvean (‘cause she’s the gf, so she spent the big bucks)
  • Team Decoy: Kevin, Kink, and Payel (‘cause they’re as broke as the Team Effort and have a car, but no talents – evil Allya)
  • Team Crowd: Shantan, Zana, Haris, Pavi, Amy (‘cause they came right in time for the party)

Acting nonchalant, I asked Zarol to help me out with my scholarship thingy. Unfortunately, Zarol was out smoking with Kink and Pres, but fortunately, my Pres can be quite slow, so I was able to sneak Zarol out without any problem (with a help from Kink). We went to Giant to buy the groceries and balloons, shopped for a while, only for a while because idiot me wore new shoes that day, causing me to almost lose my feet.

Zarol and the balloons

Arrived at Zarol’s house and we went straight into actions.

Our menu on that day was:

  1. Grilled chicken with bones, spread with sweetened homemade honey barbecue sauce
  2. Boiled potato, pieces of fruits added, with egg-whites cream, topped with thousand island
  3. Pasta cooked with olive oil,  added minced garlic and sauté fungi

Extravagant, aren’t they? Zarol and I are on par with those high-end restaurants, especially in the name department *hidung kembang kempis

No words needed on how amazing Zarol is. Well, it’s kinda expected; his family runs a catering business. He treated me more like a daughter-in-law than a sous chef; you got to practice being scolded at an early age he said.

Chef Zarol in action!

After Asr, the both of us went to the park near Zarol’s house and set up the place. Technically, we only put down the food xD


How we arranged the food, aesthetic much?

Delvean and Zana were the first one to arrive, after us. We waited for hours for Pres to come! Gosh! I blamed the decoy team; consisting of Kink, Payel, and Kevin. They hang out in Sunway sampai tak ingat dunia. Kau ingat nyamuk tu benci aku?! Gatal kau tau!

Okay back to the topic, Pres arrived, bla bla bla, Hariz turned on the candles too early, bla bla bla, the timing was bad, bla bla bla, Pres cried, bla bla bla, he cried some more when his girlfriend popped out from nowhere with a balloon, bla bla bla, and whatever happened after that.

Shantan also came, all the way from Seremban for his besties birthday. Pres was happy, but someone else was happier. Pffft… Lovebirds… *nope, not jealous

It was tiring, but by the end of the day, seeing the birthday boy’s smile made the fatigue goes away.

I love doing events, I really do. It’s tiring, especially unpaid event organizing or the surprise birthday ‘party’ that I usually organized for my friends. Nevertheless, their smile and tears made it all worth it! Ah, such love I have for my friends, I doubt they love me that much tho *nope, I’m not asking for a surprise birthday celebration for my upcoming 20th birthday guys. Not at all~

That’s all for this post, enjoy the photos below~



P.S. I was an idiot, who the heck wear a sweater to cook? Well, I did. Dumb dumb alert.



Soooooooooooooooooooo… I am the queen of surprises after all……………….. Stupidly that is.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I went to Seremban to meet Pavi and her family. Not only that, I was attacked by her dog. Actually, I was attacked (being loudly barked by) by two dogs. Teddy was a darling compare to the other one. The first dog that attacked me was big, black and scary. Its bark gave me the chills and it was not chained! Like wth?! Who in the world leave that dog chainless?! I was freaking scared that it’ll jumped over the fence or something.

The dog’s name is Duke, or you can just call it ‘Daryl 2.0’

Why would you call it Daryl 2.0? Well, because I was freaking attacked by Pres’s dog! (My President’s name is Daryl)

Here’s the time line.

22 July 2017 – Midnight

I finished making his present! My Pres’s b’day is on the 24th of July and since he hates celebrating his birthday, I’m going to give his present earlier! Scheisse! I don’t have an outfit! What should I wear tomorrow?! I’m meeting two of my close friends’ families for the first time! First impression matters! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Then, Aqila came to the rescue~

22 July 2017 – 8:00 a.m.

Scheisse! I woke up late! Now I have to ride the ERL! Expensive!!!

22 July 2017 – 12:00 p.m.

Arrived at Serembaaaan!!! One hand holding Pres’s gift while the other was holding boxes of donuts for the two families.

22 July 2017 – 12:30 p.m.

Krik krik krik


Why am I here again? Freaking hot! Where the hell is the Grab driver?! Wait, how can a driver come when I haven’t book a trip yet. Oh yeah, because Pres’s house is not in the freaking Grab system! Or so I thought. I misspelled them xD

22 July 2017 – 12:45 p.m.

On transit to Pres’s house~

22 July 2017 – 1:00 p.m.

Arrived~ How did I know which is his house? INSTINCT. Hahahaha xD Just kidding, NOT. Hahahahaha xD I didn’t even look at the house number to actually know which house was his. Strong instinct, remember. More like a stalker-ish friends with a creepy possessive attitude. (Sorry to all of my friends out there, you guys do know that I love you right. That’s why I’m a creep 😀 )


Krik krik krik…


Krik krik krik…

Oh how I wish it was like that! This was the scenario back then.

I got off the car, not bringing anything because I have a feeling that the house was empty. I asked the driver to wait, just in case. Because Duke was barking like no one else, even when I was still inside the car. DUKE CAN FREAKING SMELL NERVOUSNESS.

Duke: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! RAAAAWR! WOOF! (a never-ending bark)

Me: Nice doggy, good doggy, pretty doggy, handsome doggy. Where are your owners?

Duke: (another never-ending bark)

Me: Hiiiii, I’m a nice person. Daryl knows me, I stick around him like a parasite. I’m pretty sure that my scents are all over him sometimes. Nice big black dog. Where’s everyone? Doggy? Pretty please, let me press that freaking doorbell which probably is non-existent because your barks are wow!

(took a step to the front)


Me: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (imagine Pres’s neighbor shocked by a whose-voice-is-louder competition between a human and a dog. Just kidding Pres, your neighborhood was empty back then)

Duke: B*tch! Get away from here, you little twat! Goooooooooooooooo!!! (I’m pretty sure that’s what Duke barked)

Me: (ran back inside the car and then called Pres, explaining the whole situation. He was in KL, due to his rugby tournament. So I told him that I’ll just leave the food for his family  because I bought quite a lot of food for both families. Guess what, his family was in KL too -___-)

It was a disaster. Duke won’t stop barking, my phone died, I can’t book another Grab (uncle Grab, you were so kind! Lending me your phone and all, love you lots! ❤ ) and I can’t contact Pavi. Alhamdulillah, by some sort of miracle, I survived.

——- Read about what happened after that here ——-

Okay, that’s that. I thought it was over. Oklah, I gave up. I’ll just give the present to Pres on Monday; his birthday.

Nevertheless, I love surprises. I told Pres that I’ll wait for him at KL Sentral because earlier, he said that he’s going back to Seremban (he hurts his head during the rugby tournament). So automatically, I thought that he’s going back to Seremban via KTM, which station is in KL Sentral.

Aaaaah… He was at his aunt’s house, with his family, who he will go back to Seremban with later that night. Asked him for the full address, look it up via Grab. RM 5.

“Ouh, RM5. Expensive. What public transportation can I use to go there? Eh wait! RM 5?! Pres!!! Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Above were me talking to myself when checking out the Grab apps. ‘Packed’ my cousins and Pavi, shove them inside the car and go go!

After what it feels like ages, I finally found his aunt’s house. I told Pres to go out, but he didn’t believe me. I was talking loudly outside the house; through the phone. I guess my voice was too loud, Pres went outside while his mother and his aunt peeked through the door.

‘Who the heck is that person wearing all white standing outside the door?’ I’m pretty sure this went through their minds xD

Pres was shocked, a tad mad though, because he thought I came alone, at night. Then he saw Pavi and I explained to him that I came with my cousins, with one of them having the same reproductive system as he is.

Told him the reason why I came, gave him the present, went to get my things and sent my cousins back home because his mom/aunt invited us in.

I actually looked away (sending my cousins home) because Pres cried. Okay, I wasn’t planning on telling the world that he cried, but… He said, “Ouh, trust me. You will write about it and I will read it.”

Well Pres, you get what you asked *insert Allya’s cutest, most angelic smile*

After I sent my cousins away, Pres’s tears were no more; he calmed down. I was glad. I mean, I don’t want to create a scene at 10 p.m. (Allya can’t see her friends’ tears remember. Or she’ll agonized by crying hysterically)

Shook his mother’s hands, went inside the house. His dad, sister and uncle stood up. I don’t know why, but I always have this ‘business mode’ on whenever I’m nervous. I shook his family’s hands like I’m in a business meeting or something. A tad tense xD

Shook hands with his aunty who was in the kitchen; making drinks for two crazy girls. Sat on the dining table. Pavi was sitting next to Pres, while I sat in front of him. Were too nervous to calm to actually snapped a photo xD

Before I went to the kitchen, there’s this adorable little girl, blocking my way. I conversed with her for a while, but I think she was too shy to say things clearly. According to Pres’s dad, she’s the sunshine of the family. I agree on that!

Jenna/ Jena is an angel! Okay, I don’t know how to spell her name and I hate spelling people’s name wrong, so let’s just call her Angel.

After we (Pres, Pavi and I) sat on the dining table, Angel came and sat next to me. Since I love children, she’s a good distraction to calm my almost-came-out-from-my-ribcage-due-to-my-fast-heartbeat heart. Angel was an angel sent by God, just for me. She is literally a daughter that I wish I have. Ya Allah, may my daughter be as adorable as her.

Ya Allah, may my daughter be as adorable as her. Aamiin.

She’s aaaargh! No words! Too cute! And smart! And cheerful!

Truthfully, I was attached to her due to our similarities. I used to be like her when I was her age. Twin tails, cheeky, eyes full of mischievous gleam. I mean, she’s way calmer than me, but other than her lack of my super hyperness, she reminds me of my old self.

The two of us talked and talked. She said something about Pres being a monster while me being a princess. Aaaah… Sorry Pres, children are honest creatures. Angel sure knows how to smitten someone. She’ll grow into a very pretty and intelligent lady.

Writing this makes me teary somehow. Hiks, even though it was short, you left a deep impression on me, young lady. Hope we can meet again, but this time, Monster cannot come! Only princesses are allowed ❤ ❤ ❤ (poor Angel fell TT^TT she was jumping and slip on something, she hits her chin, my heart ache)

Back to my dear Pres, he was kept in the dark. We were all planning his surprise party that night (I’ll write about this later), hoping that he’ll he surprised on Monday. That’s why I was so busy typing, rather than ‘melayan’ his conversation with Pavi about their school friends.

It was late, Pavi and I had a train to catch. We bid our goodbyes, but this time I was not as tense; when I shook hands with his family members. Took photos, obviously.


Arrived at KL Sentral right on time and voila~ Eeeeeeeeenddddddd~

The next post will be about Pavi, sleeping over at my house~


P.S. Pres’s sister impressed me. I rarely find a woman, whose handshakes are as firm as her. I grew up in a family whose handshakes have to be firm, all the time; since young. So finding a woman, my age whose handshakes are as firm as mine; it makes me happy. At least it makes me feel less like a weirdo.

P.P.S. Note to self, always tell someone when you’re going to their house. You’re lucky that you didn’t ended up being a guard dog’s chew toy.

Hazarizq’s 19th Surprise.

It happened awhile back. It hasn’t been long; a few weeks ago? On the 6th of January.

A few days before the H-day (Hazarizq Day), Danial or Pen iMessaged me. He asked whether I’m free on the 6th or not. He told me that Hazarizq’s mom invited some of his close friends (I don’t think I’m that close with him, but whatever) to come to his surprise party. As I was very bored and was very free, I said yes (read the P.S. below).

I didn’t know anything about the party until a day before the H-day. I thought we’re going to celebrate it at his house, I didn’t know that we have to drive all the way to Shah Alam. I guess that’s why Pen offered himself to be my chauffeur (basically his car was our only hope, as in mine, Amira and Zan xD). The night before H-day, Mira, Zan and I were discussing on what outfit to wear. Girls -_- (Zan included xD)

Bla bla bla, it was H-day! Pen picked me up, then Zan and lastly Mira. We told Mira to walk from her house to the guardhouse since she is Rizq’s neighbor, but guess what. She did walked to the guardhouse, despite that we still have to drive to her house. Why? Well, she forgot Rizq’s present. *exaggerated eye roll*

Right after we exited Mira’s residential area, we made a pit stop at Karipap Gorilla’s stall since they three of them were starving to death (saving some space for steaks they say). Zan kindly treated us and bought 4 humongous karipap. Freaking full after that.

On the way to Shah Alam, Pen almost got into an accident at our second toll gate. So, this guy in front of us had to reverse because there’s something wrong with his smart tag. Your smart tag acting like it’s been hacked by an unknown hacker is common but reversing like you’re driving in a highway is not fine! (spot the puns guys) Pen stopped abruptly (unless he wanted to crash into the car behind), but the guy in front kept reversing like he’s in a race track.

*Car honking and BAM!*

Of course that guy had to crashed into us. It was not a huge accident, no. Just a little nudge that cause Pen to jumped out of the car (while throwing the karipap in a comical way) while looking like he’s about to kill the guy. Mira and I kinda panicked in back seat. Thousands of scenarios went through my head in those few seconds time. Alhamdulillah, Pen’s car was not scratched and our journey to Shah Alam went smoothly, OR NOT!

We arrived at the restaurant at around 6-ish. Someone suggested that we should’ve just went to this nearby mall, but hey, the party’s at 7. Waiting for one hour is no biggy, or so we thought. It was pass 7 o’clock and no one’s there. Not a single familiar face! We were tired and went back to the car to wait. Before that, I went to the reception and asked about the reservation. Guess what, the party was at eight! (we were told that the party’s at 7)

We were like asdfghjkl!!!

We start our journey early because we don’t want to be stuck in the traffic, but I guess being stuck in it was better. Haih, beggars can’t be choosers can’t they. Thankfully, Rizq’s sister came a few minutes later. Guests started to fill in the place. His family, his girlfriend also came (Janne was a darling I tell you!!! <3), his bowling friends, heck even his childhood friend from Canada came.

When Hazarizq arrived, we hid behind the resto. Janne was the one who brought the cake and somehow I ended up walking beside her. We were supposed to sing when we came out. Of course, I’m the only one who sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song LOUDLY. It was so embarrassing, but oh well.

Rizq’s was surprised and it’s all good. It was quite awkward during dinner. Since my three friends are very thoughtful, they left me there alone to sit between Hazarizq and his bowling friends. Of course I know his bowling friends. They’re my best friends.(Please note the sarcasm)

I was bored to death and so were Pen and Zan, so I decided to just talk with Janne who’s having an animated discussion with Miwaaa. She’s adorable and was nervous af because it was her first time meeting Rizq’s family. I feel you girl (though you never actually meet your boyfriend’s parents because guess what, you never had one Allya).

It was 10-ish and it was time to go home. Before we went home, we took some pictures. Of course we took some pictures. Gila ke tak ambil. While waiting for our turns (the friends), I talked with Rizq’s childhood friend. I call her Neels because that’s her Instagram’s name. I’m sorry, but I forgot your name TT^TT Thanks to her, I think I’m going to apply to Canada for my degree. Teheeee~~~ U of T, here I coooooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck guys, I want to enter Oxford, but…………. Well, uhmmmm, it’s Oxford. Haha (awkward laugh)

On the way home, haiiih… Mira and her antics are inseparable.  She almost vomited all over Pen’s car and shouting songs’ lyrics, etc. Yes guys, shouting, not singing. Then again, it was a fun ride thank to her. We sent her home first because Encik Mizan (Mira’s dad) has been calling and also Pen wanted to take this GAODIM sticker for his car from Hazarizq.

I met Janne again since Hazarizq’s had to take her home. By then, it was 11-ish. Janne was fidgeting. I pitied the poor girl. She met her bf’s family for the first time and the next thing she knew, she had to come over to his house.  Zan and I were too lazy to get out of the car, but since I saw poor Janne; I gave her moral support. We talked with Aunty Tini (Rizq’s mom) until 12-ish and Pen finally took us home. Technically, not yet. We have to stop by his apartment in Cyberjaya first. We sent Zan and he finally took me home. I think he felt quite guilty, or not, I don’t know.

On the way home from Zan’s house, I asked him about his girlfriend. Guess what my reaction was. Unluckily, I was squealing like a high school girl hearing about her crush who secretly has a crush on her. Yup, I love hearing my friends’ love story. Actually, I think I love their love story more than they do. I was very excited and proud and kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

This is the only picture that I have. I stole it from Aunty Tini’s Insta. Teheee, saya minta ye aunty 😉

That is all for today.


P.S. Plot twist: I have finals the next day. I partied late until 12 a.m. and my exam was on 8 a.m. (have to get out from the house at 6:30 a.m.) That’s why my friends felt guilty, probably xD I hope I did well on the exam though -_-“

P.P.S. I paint something for Hazarizq as his b’day present. I consulted a few of my art buddies (including AHA, yes, we’re not close but are still talking, thank God) and finally came out with the idea (also, after scrolling down his insta for hours). It took me two days to complete it. Gotta wait for it to dry, etc. It was the first time I gave my painting to someone. I feel so proud of myself. Hahahahahaha xD

Yes, I’m very proud of myself too Hazarizq *shedding happy tears*