Who’s Dating Who?

*An update from yesterday’s post*

Those human beings are being cruel. People only want to believe what they want to believe. News A said A and News B said B, it is two different things, but usually people will believe the juicier one without caring about the individuals involved.

It was already stated that Payel and the Malaysia’s minister have nothing to do with each other. She’s a victim in this situation. I get it, people keep saying she’s riding the road to famous-dom by using the minister’s name, but hey, there’s not all too it. Do you think about the burden that comes with it?

She is being cursed by people, bombarded with questions regarding the news, weird people messaging her, heck some even cursed at her because she’s not accepting their friend request on Instagram.

The minister himself has put an end to the flames of questions by releasing an article saying he is in fact, single and ready to mingle; not in love and ready to be off the market.

Payel is one of the strongest girl I know, but the world is a scary place. People, strangers should just back off and mind their own business. True, her Instagram post was a bit misleading, but that doesn’t give people the right to judge her. We make mistakes all the time, also, who knew a single photo with a famous person cause the country to be in a havoc. Well, Payel is an intelligent beauty, she deserve to shake her country with her presence.

End of the rambles, please stop this whole cyber-bully. Just in case you bullies out there do not know, we can take legal actions and the one at lost will be you.

Hi hi~

First thing first, Indonesia is in a crisis, terror attacks here and there. I was in this depressing mood the other day, when something funny happened.

My school friends suddenly bombarded me with questions about Payel. I mean, I get it, they knew her because she’s a friend of mine, but what’s with this sudden interest? I haven’t been keeping up with the news that day because all that popped into my notification were about the bombing incidents.

A few hours after I ignored my friends’ questions, I finally got an answer. Payel was all over the news xD She was the rumored girlfriend of this one young minister from Malaysia. I cracked out loudly! No wonder my friends were suddenly interested in her. She’s a beauty, yes, but for people to actually ‘sebok’ about her life, that’s something.

To my dear Payel, if you’re reading this, you made my day girl! Legit, it was hilarious, but it surprised me at first. Don’t forget, I have to be your wedding planner, okay! Hihihihihihihi, the end of this year is also fine, the deadline can be reach xD

This is something that I will remember forever and something that I want to jot down; keeping a record of my friends’ histories. One day, they’ll have no choice but to remember their past. Haks.


P.S. They’re not in a relationship.

P.P.S. The news was posted in Utusan Malaysia as well and is all over Youtube! My dad just sent me a link to the video. Who knew the girl whom I shared a single sized bed almost every night for three months ended up being Malaysia’s most searched girl xD



Hi hi~

As you all know, Malaysians were busy yesterday (9th May 2018) and a lot are currently in joy. I am not a Malaysian, but I can feel their happiness. Imagine being disappointed by someone who was supposed to protect you, the PRU14 result will go down in history.

Tun Mahathir Mohamad is Malaysia’s most well-known prime minister (for his greatness). Known for his achievements in building most of Malaysia’s iconic places. For Indonesians, Tun Mahathir Mohamad was our president’s, Pak Soeharto; one of his close friend. Well, honestly, I’m not sure whether they’re friends or not.

One thing for sure, those two amazing people plus Lee Kuan Yew are known as the old-guard of the older generation in South East Asia and unfortunately for Indonesia and Singapore; both of our guardians have passed away, but Malaysia on the other hand are entering a brand new era with the help of their long-time guardian. The tiger economies; Tun Mahathir Mohamad can finally show us his claws again, this time I hope he will pierced his claws way deeper than he did before so Malaysia will be fine for at least another 50 years, if God is willing.

So why the 13 years later?

I first moved to Malaysia back in mid-to-almost-the-end of 2005. Back then, the prime minister was Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. I was only a six year old girl, who was a bit interested in politics, but hey, what does a six year old know? Years passed, I grew up, became more mature, learnt new things, basically, I changed. Although, I was not the only one who changed, Malaysia did too. Some parts were better, but some were worse. Thankfully, most of the people I know went through it all successfully.

I’ve experienced around two elections in Malaysia, three including this one. As for the first two elections, I was still a school student, my knowledge was limited and in our tradition, a teen who is too obsessed with politics is no-no. Fortunately, Allah swt. gave me the chance to experience this whole PRU14 thingy (even though I’m currently in Indonesia) and as I’m more intelligent than I was before, this time around, I can understand most of the things that are happening.

Indonesians are in for a feast next year, as it’ll be our turn to vote; to choose our president. Indonesia’s politics and people are way more twisted than Malaysia’s. I love my country, I really do, but sometimes, I really wish we can just follow Malaysians. Follow the good example and prevent the bad from happening, Indonesia’s youth should act their age for once. Don’t dress like a 30 y/o when in fact you’re only 20 but with the mind-set of a high schooler. I’m not saying all youth in Indonesia are like this, I’ve met a lot of them who are mature enough to handle critics and crude remarks, but those who are still ‘immature’ should prevent themselves from getting into politics because trust me, they’re an embarrassment.

Okay hmmm… Such a negative paragraph. It was supposed to be a happy one.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Tun Mahathir Mohamad and also to my fellow Malaysian friends who voted for him (or support him as most of my friends are only 20 y/o and Malaysia’s legal age is 21). That loud cheer from Indonesia is from me. I am ecstatic and I can’t imagine how happy most of my friends are. I hope everything will turn out for the better for Malaysia and one day, I wish to brag about how I get to witness this historical moment.

The moment when a 92 (almost 93) year old man who had served his country for 22 years rises from his slumber, with full vigour to make his country a better place, not only for the current generation, but also for the future generation. His spirit and passion is something I long for; I wish I can have as much oomph as he does and I hope Indonesia will be next; to have such a historical moment where the citizens fully believe in the change a leader can make.

That is all for today, tata~

P.S. I love how the brand new parliament have like everything. From legends to younguns, men to women. Aaaaah~ This calls for a celebration!


Past – Future

Hi hi~

I’m back in Malaysia, finally! But I have to go back to Indonesia in two weeks. Hiks. This was not the original post I wanted to publish, but oh well~

I just arrived home after meeting a school buddy of mine. It has been around six months since I last met this friend. We talked and talked. Thanks to that, I am now sitting in my room, writing this post with a relieved heart.

True, I did receive a not so good news from this friend of mine, but there’s just something calming about meeting an old buddy. I’ve realized this for quite some time now; my school friends are my happy pills.


Befriending them was not a choice, but staying in contact with them, thinking about them, praying for them, they’re all mine to decide. A friend or two may have scarce themselves, but the rest are still bonding and I hope we will still be so in the future, aamiin.

I wrote about this in one of my previous post, about how much my school friends meant to me. Graduating from high school was a blast, but it also left an empty spot in my heart, thus when I met one of them, the spot healed. We didn’t do much, didn’t spend much.

I’ve found my stress reliever.

I can talk as much as I want ✔

I can be myself  ✔

I can hear about the latest gossip (about my friends) ✔

Also, you can just meet up with them anywhere and anytime (as long as both parties are free). Although it’s not exactly the same; it’ll be like the past.

I am hoping, as much as I love these annoying creatures, how much I care for them, how much I cherish them; they’ll think of me in the same way. It’s fine if they don’t, it’s fine if they have someone else, as long as they’re happy, s’all good.

Gosh, I sound so creepy xD It’s like reading an obsessed fan’s fan letter xD

Dear future Allya, if you’re reading this, do remember on how much these people meant to you. Once in a blue moon, taking them for granted is fine and letting go of those who want to be let go is also fine, but no matter what, probably, half of your great and joyful memories are filled with them.

The PAST, the reason why I am how I am today. Filled with joy and sorrow, but a never-ending care. The place where I seek comfort in.

The PRESENT, the good and the bad. My motivator and Achilles heels. The place where I seek comfort in.

The FUTURE, the reason why I am striving hard. For wanting everyone to succeed and live a peaceful life. The place where I seek comfort in.

As you can see, other than my family, they’re the one I want to find comfort in. I find people who want to get rid of their high school memories as dummies. No matter how painful school life was, there’s always a happy moment (unless you’re a pessimist, no offense to pessimist out there) and you have to thank those experience as they make you who you are today. And your children will be that pitiful soul who never get to meet their parent’s school friends, meaning, they will have less life-experience talk. Boring.

You learn from the past. The happy can be kept, for it to be open on a bad day and the sad can be a lesson, to make you wiser.

One of the key to be successful is to see a silver lining in every dark cloud. I am not a successful person myself, but I pat myself on the back for being able to see the good in everything. It lowers the stress level and you’ll feel like you’re walking on a flower petals road (anime style, with petals flying everywhere and pop! Your destined love is in front of you) because your heart is filled with positive energy.

I should stop, this is getting nowhere.

Again, one of my biggest wish is for us (my school friends and I) to stay close forever, in hoping, everyone will succeed together and we can finally brag about it. Just kidding! Let us all be billionaires who will succeed in life and Jannah! Let’s be that crazy group of alumnus that will rock the world~


P.S. I am no perfect friend myself. Sometimes, even when I know my friends are in trouble, I didn’t do much. I am not ignoring them, but sometimes I heard their problems from other people. Unless it’s life-threatening, I don’t want to bother their life unless they want me to. As burdensome my life is (trust me, I’m kinda like burden-free these days), there will always be a space for your shenanigans, my friends. I’ve been making this ‘room’ for more than a decade, so there should be enough space for everyone (unless all of you decided to become serial killers, this one I can’t help xD)

Sleepy Over With Pavi~

Reposting this because there’s this b*tch called ‘glinch,’ posted 25/01/2018.

Hi hi~

Finally, the long overdue post! How long has it been? *face palm

Continuing from the past, when I visited Pavi in Seremban and surprised the hell out of Pres by popping out in front of his aunt’s house like a mushroom on a rainy day.

Pavi and I reached home around midnight-ish, much to my parents’ dismay, as I was supposed to come back together with my cousins. We arrived, planned our outfits (Pavi borrowed my clothes uoollls~ Pavi the adorable petite girl wore my humongous clothes) for tomorrow as we’re going out with my aunties and cousins, talked for a while and slept. The next day, it was a normal routine, nothing too extraordinary.

My whole family (- my dad) and Pavi went to IOI City Mall and boy, Pavi was excited! It was her first time there, you see. We ate and shopped (well, obviously, I did most of the shopping. More like, I’m the only one who shopped xD) and play around. Again, nothing weird.

Fast forwarded to that night, I have to go to Pavilion with my cousins and Pavi was worn out. With a heavy heart, I left her back at home to become my sister’s play toy. Neither that I know; they hit it off really well! Duh, they’re both born after the first born. Words I choose to use xD

The trip to Pavilion was boring, which was odd, because I love Pavilion, but the incident that occurred back at home was hilarious. Pavi called a friend of ours and boy was he shocked! From the very beginning, that friend of ours thought that Aqila (my younger sister) was me. According to him, our voice sounds the same, the way we talked, our accent; they’re the exact replica of each other. Ew. When we met that friend a few days later, he still can’t believe that he was talking to Aqila and not me. Ergh, boys xD

Nothing much really happened during the sleep over, the next day, we went to campus like usual and that’s all. Hahahahaha xD Just enjoy some photos below~

Well isn’t she pretty<3


P.S. Sorry for the bad post quality. I’m in a slump and it has been a while since I last write something. Do forgive me, I will write more often to practice my writing.

Triggered Memories

Hi hi~

A few minutes ago, I finished watching this one movie. The movie was divided into a few movies(?) or so. I sound so dumb, but yeah. The last part of the movie was out, watched it, disappointed, though, I shed tears during the ending.

There is this one movie that I have been wanting to watch since I was 15. It was a spin off from a book which I’ve known since the young age of 13, but I only began reading it during my last year of middle school. Cici/Ardella, my darling BFF read it first, then she told me it was a fine, fine book. You freak! That thing is not something a 15 years old should read! Oh well, who cares.

The both of us become obsessed with it! We’ve probably read the book a gazillion times. We practically memorized the whole series. You have no idea how excited we were when we found out that a movie was in the making. From the casting to the first shooting and to the private life of the actors. We knew it all. We were screwed, in a way.

The first movie was released in 2015. We were 17, Cici and I went to different schools, as usual, but we were like monkeys! Jumping up and down, enthusiastic as the premiere date was getting closer. Nevertheless, heaven brought its peace upon us. To prevent two crazy 17 y/o girls to watch such movie, it was banned in Malaysia. I know you can probably guess the movie by now. It’s my favourite book, uoolllsss!

Bla bla bla

As usual, I’m not really fond of the movie premiere. So there I was, sitting, laying down watching the last part of the trilogy, the cut one, thus resulting in a very disappointed Allya. It was fun, I was laughing, literally reciting each line in the movie (memorized the whole book), but during the ending, I cried.

My favourite song was playing (from the movie) and they played back those clips from the first movie until the last. You see, I have a very terrible, troublesome, annoyingly annoying case of saying goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I’m bad with it. Especially when it gave me lots of memories.

As they playback the memories-clip thingy, my own memories started to move, it geared up. Yes, memories are machines xD

I remember those days where I read that book during those long but packed morning assemblies. I remember the time I told my classmates on how good those books actually are, if you look at it from a different perspective. How they made fun of me, how I made fun of them back, how we insulted each other’s fetishes.

Talking about how college life will be? How working life will be? How marriage life will be?

Other than the last part, all of us have now experienced it. From that same-cycle-everyday student to a never-the-same-event-in-a-row kind of person; my classmates and I have grown. We’ve experienced things we never knew existed. We meet new people, there’s also a new environment, new tasks. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, your school friends are just there for you; no matter how hard you tried to remove them.

As you’re reading this, you must think, ‘This girl is crazy, you can’t have that much connection with your school friends.’ But hey, we’re just close, alhamdulillah.

Look at it this way, you’ve been seeing that person for a decade, every single day, yes, sometimes even during the weekends. You talk to them, you laugh with them, you fight with them, you experience grief and sorrow, but also pure bliss, happiness. One day, bam, they’re just gone and you’re out of your comfort zone. Unless you’re just an oddball, you’ll miss that weird, tingly sensation of being with those forced-to-be-friends-but-ended-up-being-our-good-friends-since-we-see-each-other-everyday friends. What?…

I love college, I really do, but there is just something about being with your school friends. The last time you met them was a year ago, maybe, but there is no tension, no awkwardness. It feels comfortable, calming, stress-free; unless there’s a drama going, which will not be cute anymore as we’re 20 y/o this year.

Whenever I feel stressed out about life, I reached out to them. They’re my comfort zone, as creepy as it sounds, I’m so going to stick with you forever, guys! I will leach on like a parasite, remember Science Form 3? Yeah, I’m going to be that.

As this book and movie have been with me for quite sometimes; my friends have been with me for a long time. The memories I have, good and bad, they made me who I am today. You can’t just get rid of it and I don’t want to. My stories with them are a tale which I want to pass on to my children, possibly to my grandchildren as well. My whole life was filled with them, they play a huge part in my life, other than my family.

I don’t miss that everyday-school routine, but I do miss their laughs, their jokes, their sassiness, their dumbness, their everything. I’m holding back my tears as I’m typing this post.

This movie was supposed to be my happy pill, but why do I feel sad? Then I remembered, my schoolmates are my happy pills, this movie reminds me of them. A group of people whom I used meet every day without a doubt, but now, we can only see each other in the cyber world. After all, we are CYBERjaya’s graduates. *laughing at my own puns*

The movie may disappoint me, but the ending did its justice. It made me realize on how important memories can be. They’re my treasure, they made me grow, and they taught me love do extend beyond family members.

My schoolmates, I am blessed with such an amazing group of friends. I hope we can create our own legacy and help those who are in need. As everyone is special in a different kind of way, let’s create an empire!

Fighting! And I miss you guys, a lot! ❤