I Am Who?

Before I start my rumblings, let me tell you about myself. I know, I know, there is the ‘about me’ menu up there but they’re just vague details. So this is how the story goes.

On the 11th of May, 1998, a sudden outburst of an over-the-top-ear-piercing cry can be heard. An adorable girl was born in the middle of a chaos as the first born of a couple; Mr. Mochamad Arief Mulyono and Mrs. Yossilia Kinarni. She was a premature baby as she was born 2 months earlier than expected. Miraculously, the baby was huge, like huge HUGE! I guess that is why Allah swt. let her out early.

A promise was made between the wedded couple that if a daughter was born; the father will give the daughter her name and vice versa. The Allya was given by the father and the Muchaerany was given by the grandmother. Thus, the name Allya Muchaerany was created.

As the couple didn’t want to check the child’s gender (the doctor wouldn’t let them), the mother who wanted a son prepare a whole lots of blue-coloured products for the baby though ironically the cute baby girl looked like a boy when she was born (imagine a big fat red round baby). When the baby was born, the ‘cruel’ father reconfirmed the baby’s gender with the mother (who was equally cruel -_-). He just can’t believe that such a ‘cute’ baby was his daughter (How dare you, Pak!)


   Top from left to right: Her annoying little sister, her dad, her

Bottom from left to right: Her mom and her prankster little brother

Her dad is actually taller but there is this genius inventor who invented heels 😉

 She’s a spoiled brat alright -_-‘

For years since then, the baby grew out to be a cheeky little girl with a tomboyish attitude.

Skirt? Hair clip? Pink-coloured shoe?

What the heck are those?

Karate? Sneakers? Ugly-looking-but-comfortable pants (which I still use ’till now)?

Heck, yeah!

She can be easily mistaken for a guy when she was younger.
Although, as she grew older (and bigger a.k.a. fatter), her ladylike behavior shines through. It shines tooo much that the teachers from her school doesn’t give a damn about her breaking school rules anymore a.k.a. terrorizing the school uniform.

• Wearing make up to school? ✓
• Wearing tudung bawal or shawl during P.E.? ✓
• Wearing different types of shoes (according to occasions and her mood)? ✓
• Bringing iPad, iPod, hand phone and laptop to school? ✓
• Listening to iPod during study hours? ✓
• Wearing forbidden outfit (ex. some random jersey and jeans)? ✓
• Wearing her official Unit Beruniform uniform according to her taste? ✓

Gosh the list is endless!

Was she a bad student?

Nope, she is actually a good student who has a really smooth mouth~ She slips through detentions and scoldings as smooth as a slippery eel.

As if those were not bad enough, imagine a leader with that kind of attitude. A slippery eel with a bad temper and a whole-load of forceful strength. It’s not as bad as it sounds (maybe). I mean, if she’s a bad leader, she wouldn’t be awarded with the best leader award, right? (I swear I didn’t bribe those people)

This and that, I graduated from SMK Cyberjaya on October 31st in this one hall located at Putrajaya, thanks to my huge efforts (jk, thank you everyone who made SMKC’s 2015 Graduation Day a success :D) and I am now on a loooooong holiday before the hellish university days is going to start.


During graduation with my decade long friends (well, some of them)


That is all about me; just for today 😉



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