McD 24/7

Hi hi~

Part 2 of our crazy meetings.

Truthfully, I don’t remember what happened xD Basically my housemates and I have to discuss something about the run. After dragging Pres and Kink out of their beds, we went to McD.

We held the meeting for like 5 minutes and everyone went their own ways, or in this case, I’m stuck with Pres because Kink wanted some alone time with Payel.

I think it was the first time where Pres and I actually have deep talk. It was late, we sat outside, rain was pouring down. It sounds sweet, but when the place was dark and deserted; I’m glad no ghost popped out. We talked and talked until we went inside to disturb those two.

I don’t know how many box of cigarettes he finished that night *eye rolling*

When we went inside, Kink and Payel went somewhere, or was it Pres and Kink; I forgot -_-” Cut me some slack will you, it was 2 in the morning! Waay passed my bed time.

Bla bla bla, there was this part where Pres and I were left all alone again, but this time we were inside. I was looking for a charity that we can give the profit of the run to when I stumbled upon this YouTube video.

I cried, then I asked Pres to watched it. He cried, which surprised me. After we finished the video, Kink and Payel arrived and we watched the video again. The three of us except Payel cried xD Such emotional creatures, we are.

When they’re starting to sell the McD breakfast, Pres and Kink went to buy some. I was left with Payel and the both of us fell asleep for a while, but before that, she played around with my phone.

The guys woke us up and I guess it counts as breakfast since the both of us just woke up from our short sleep xD Kink was freaking excited about it. He loves McMuffin sausage with eggs, you see. So his excitement was adorable.

Our breakfast. My stomach can’t really accept it, macam sahur je. I mean, look at the time! xD

We ate and at around 7 a.m. we went back home and slept until who knows when. It was hilarious, and it was during this time that I promised myself to write about every single meetings that were stupidly stupid.

It’s a bit boring, but the fact that we stayed at McD from midnight until sunrise was funny. It didn’t happen just once, remember my birthday story. Stayed there from 11 p.m. until 9 a.m.

Crazy as it sounds, it was fun. Tiring but fun, those good old days where we can joke around and laugh around without caring much about the world. The burdens are tiring us out, I hope we’ll last long.

I miss those three TT^TT

Where it began; MBPJ

Hi hi~

I promised myself to write down about every single crazy meetings that I went through, but I’ll just write a few; the most interesting one is of course, our first meeting with outsiders a.k.a. Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

Thanks to this meeting, my housemates and I became close and the rest is history. The meeting was supposed to be held on this certain day, but we were ditched by the person who’s guiding us. We were pissed, I mean hello, we waited for hours and were in formal outfits! Though like they say, there’s a silver lining in every dark clouds; it was all worth it.

Our theme was ‘cicak’ poop during that the-meeting-was-cancelled day~

The meeting with MBPJ was then postponed to the next week. I asked Sir Erry to lend us his car and surprisingly, he said yes. Bla bla bla, we went to MBPJ. Pres was driving, I was the co-pilot and those two lovely creatures were being cozy with each other at the back seat (they’re only sitting, nothing else. Or are they? *smirk*). I consumed a few shots of black Americano that morning, though I didn’t get high; which of course, was weird. I drank coffees because I didn’t sleep well that night and Pres said that he injured his shoulder when he played rugby. Like, are you crazy, I’d rather drive through those traffics than putting my life on the line by letting a sick person drive. Although, fortunately, he was good to go.

We arrived at MBPJ and entered the building after looking around for a parking spot. We managed to snag one at the second or the third floor of this tall parking lot. I was in my freaking-tall-stilettos high heels and I have to go down the stairs, climb it, walking on those the rocky pathways. It was hell, but I gotta keep my cool, so yeah…

While the girls were fixing our makeup, they’re of course doing their thing xD (credits to Pres for this photo, took this from his ig because I’m too lazy to find it)

Back to the topic, we dressed up to the nines and thanks to that, we were able to enter the building easily.


Pres and Kink were making jokes about how we’ll meet those old men who likes to ‘lepak’ at coffee shop while drinking hot Kopi-O, nevertheless, in reality; we met kind and polite ladies. According to those two boys, they’re the balik-awal-sebab-nak-masak-untuk-anak-dan-suami type of women a.k.a. a great wife and a loving mom. Alhamdulillah, it went well.

In the middle of the meeting, the four of us argued on where to eat. Kink wanted to eat at Paparich and Payel agreed, but she said it’s up to us (Pres and VP). I told them I want to eat at Texas Chicken and Pres backed me up, so automatically, we won~

While eating those oily chickens, Kink… Let’s just say nothing happened. It’s boring, so forget about it.

Bla bla bla, we ended up stranded at Kink’s house. We were late for the bidding and were also late for the higher committees meeting. Why? Because Sir Erry’s adorable purple car broke down. He had warned us earlier, that his car is a bit weird, but we didn’t expect it to stop working when we borrowed it! The alarm won’t stop blaring. We tried this and that, but it’s still not working. I ran around Kink’s neighborhood, bare footed (Hell, I will not run in those heels) to ask for helps.

Alhamdulillah, a kind neighbor gave us a hand. He checked the car and informed us that the battery’s dead, as in, it’s empty. We again, panicked. None of us had cash (we were supposed to pay the Texas Chicken with card, but the machine was broken, so we used up most of our cash) and we need at least RM 200 to buy a new battery.

Just like a savior, Kink’s mom arrived at the right moment. I drove both Kink and Payel to the nearest ATM. They withdraw some cash, we went home, I picked Pres and the kind guy who helped us, bring them to the nearest ‘bengkel kereta’, went back to Kink’s house again and voila~ The sent-from-heaven-by-God guy installed the battery and the car’s engine starts. But it was too good to be true. While the engine can be turned on, the alarm was still beeping. I think it was Pres who pulled of the device that caused the noise.

It was late, raining; so we hurriedly went back to campus. But, the tank was almost empty, furthermore, UNITAR is quite far. Thus, we went to the nearest petrol station to fill up the gas. Kink turned off the engine while refueling (so much to Pres’s displeasure) and it was all good, until it was time to start the engine.


We panicked, hell, we’re in the middle of a petrol station at a peak hour (going-back-from-work time) and the car just won’t start. A kind worker helped us, while the four (Pres, Kink, Payel and the worker) them pushed the car out of harm’s way; I navigated from inside. After it was nicely parked, I went to the mart to buy some food because it has been ages since we last ate. Bought some breads and drinks. While I was shopping, a few nice people came over and helped with the car. Alhamdulillah it was fixed, temporarily.

We went home, drenched from the rain and freezing to death because of the cold AC. While talking about the AC, we were quite worried when the car’s windows were still fogged even when the AC was already on. It was a bit hot as well and as I suspected, we didn’t press the AC button xD We turned on the AC without pressing its ON button. Get it? Hahahahahahaha xD

It was a fun trip, we arrived at UNITAR safely. Poor Sir Erry had to wait for us. We promised him to give the car back at 2 p.m. It was 8 p.m. when we returned it -_-“

See the difference between the morning and night outfit? Other than Payel, the 3 of us were drenched in the rain. So we borrowed Kink’s outfits which we haven’t return yet xD

Yeah, I guess that’s all for that meeting. It may sounds boring to you, but for the four of us; it was intense. We had our first meeting with outsiders, we skipped the budget bidding and an important meeting, Sir Erry’s car a.k.a. our ride broke down TWICE. In the end, it was a great memory! A fun day. I’m glad that we went to Kink’s house; imagine if the car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

I hope when my housemates read this, they’ll reminiscence that day and feel happy again. I know it has been a hellish week, but do remember those fun and crazy rides as well.





It was unexpected, but expected. Being used by people, that happen. Getting used by someone you respect; that’s harsh. A reality to faced, it is no more ours; maybe. Sharing happiness together, as well as sorrow.

Happiness ✔

Sorrow ❌

It’s time like this, I wish that we’re still at Kelana Jaya, so that we can comfort each other. Bad things always come at the most ‘wrong’ time, which is why it’s negative. Harsh truth, but we got to chin up and face the world. Others may not see it, but I do. I can see it, I feel it, I experience it; the hard work.

Staying strong together is the only thing we can do now, as well as living our lives; going with the flow. Only we can understand each others’ pain. Although hopefully, it can be lessen by others.

It’s a part of growing up. Ups and downs. It’s shaping us; we’re being shaped into a better person. We did our best and none of us know that it’ll end this way, maybe.

Let’s slay it and strike for better stuffs, uolls~


Girls’ Night Out

Hi hi~

It’s semester break. Me and my housemates are stuck in campus. Meetings after meetings. We’re kinda screwed, but that’s how life is. Not complaining tho, it’s fun and productive.

Today, we have a lunch meeting with Sir Erry. It’s supposed to be the four of us, but Kink and Payel went to bed after Subuh, so only Pres and I attended it. Since it’s a lunch meeting, the venue was at Kedai Sebelah. Yup, the name of the restaurant is Kedai Sebelah. Unique. Sir Erry ate, but the two of us didn’t (which we regretted later on). We talked about these and those and bla.

We had to hurry back to the campus because we were supposed to meet the CCO and Madam Amira wants the proposal to show it to the CEO. I panicked a bit since the proposal was not finished yet. Thankfully I finished it on time, Madam Farah checked it and voila~ Print it.

Kink and Payel were late. Like freaking late. It annoyed us a bit, but hmmm… Housemates kan, gotta forgive one another. We met the CCO, the CEO approves, we got the sponsorship letter, GREEN LIGHT and go~

The meeting ended quite early, unlike yesterday. By seven, the four of us were sitting at Murni Discovery, waiting for our foods. It was a hassle choosing a place to eat, or to cook. We were too lazy, so eating out it is.

Once we were full, we went back home and the craziness starts. Payel made Nescafe for everyone (black coffee for me) and we ended up lazying inside her room. Pres was supposed to go back to Seremban and Kink to KL, but we were having a heart to heart talk, so they decided to stay. It was dumb and funny at first, though thanks to me, the waterworks start.

We were playing 20 questions; nevertheless, ended up only answering two questions which brought everyone to tears, especially me and Pres. The two of us got too emotional that it was sad to see. I’m not sure about Kink, but Payel cried as well. It’s a sensitive topic; it stabbed us in the heart. Like a lightning strike, we were overcome with guilt and regret.

Let’s not talk too much about the sad part, here’s the stupid but fun part.

The boys went down to buy some cigarettes and they promised us to play makeup after that. The first victim was me. Kink did my makeup and I WILL NEVER LET HIM TOUCH MY FACE AGAIN! I get that he’s a first-timer, but does he has to poke my eye and did my eye shadow like I was punched in the eye? It was a horrid picture.


After Kink did my makeup, I did his and while at it, Payel was doing Pres’s face. I finished Kink’s makeup quite fast and I continued to do Pres’s eye makeup. It was a ‘beautiful’ picture. Two grown women turning two macho men into ‘macho’ men.

I don’t think I’ve ever write about how I walked around with lipstick on my teeth. A few months back, I was hanging out at campus with Kink and met new people. I talked with them, walked here and there with them, without realizing that there’s lipstick on my teeth. When I’ve removed the lipstick (I found out about it when I was trying on Sofia’s lipstick), Kink told me that he’s too lazy to tell me that I have lipstick on my teeth. I WANT TO KILL HIM at that moment. The embarrassment was hmmmm…

Today, while putting on some lipstick on me, he freaking put it on my teeth! Like my teeth was painted purple. Haiiih…

Bla bla bla, here’s some of the photo.


Kink did Payel’s makeup as well, but she deleted all of her photos. Too bad, so not cool lah Payel ni -_-

That’s all for today, tata~

P.S. According to Pres, this must not be known to outsiders. Imagine that, the President and the Asst. Director of Darevolution, dong such horrid things xD Meh, I’ve filtered the photos. There’s a lot to show, but gotta keep my housemates’ dignity in tack. After all, reputation is all a man has~


Nineteen B’day Bash

B’day bash my arse. It was nothing like a birthday party, but it was a warm day.

If you read my earlier post, you know that I spent my night and morning with Amyr and Farrel. We decided to go to Putrajaya because of several reasons. Although, in the end we forgo the idea because we were too tired. It was 6ish in the morning when Kink, Farrel and I decided to go back home. Before going back, Kink called Daryl and Daryl asked Kink to wait for him. Obviously we didn’t leave Kink alone in McD.

So Daryl said that he’ll arrive in 40 mins, but his 40 mins are freaking long. I slept like a log at McD, covering myself with Kink’s jacket, looking like a homeless person. Farrel and Amyr were watching Tangled while laughing like children, bad children because they’re way past their bed time.

When Daryl arrived, my mom Whatsapped me saying that she wanna make Soto for everyone because I told her earlier that we’re going to Putrajaya. I forgot to inform her, the plan was cancelled and damn, I was screwed. With puppy-eyes that obviously didn’t work, I pleaded them to go back home with me. There were few groans, but we went to Putrajaya in the end xD

We waited for the bus, we reached my house, we slept. Hahahahahaha xD There’s something else in between, but they’re not interesting.

After eating out breakfast, my mom told us to sleep because we look like zombies and boy did we sleep. We passed out instantly (that’s Farrel and Amyr. Daryl and I slept lightly) until my mom woke us up for lunch. We ate lunch, bla bla bla and decided to sleep again, or not.

We actually have a lunch meeting and an official meeting that day. We bailed out from the lunch meeting and were late for the official meeting, more like it was cancelled.

Back in the house, Farrel told us to just take a nap and relax, but Daryl and I were eager. I’m so going to trust her 6th sense after this, on the way back to campus, we got a message saying that the meeting was cancelled. We were like……………………………

We were too tired to complain. We went back home and sleep. Farrel and I slept from 5 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. I don’t know about the other two boys, but I think they woke up quite early and sleep again. Farrel and I set our alarm at 7:30 p.m. but hey, what’s the fun in that xD

I am now writing this after showering with a rumbling stomach begging for attention because there’s no food around. I’m too lazy to go down because I’m literally alone. No one is awake… Saad…


Nevertheless, just like how it’s always been when the four of us are together; unexpected. It may not be the best birthday ever, but it’s the warmest. My family except my dad and  my housemates a.k.a. my crazy ass friends all in one place. We didn’t interact much, but somehow, it warms my heart. Ihiiiii!!! Love you guys!!! Too bad we won’t be together on my next birthday TT^TT —> Reality hits me hard.


Before we drift off to dream land~