Reminiscing Old Times

Hi hi~

I know, I know. I promised that the next post will be about my sleep over with Pavi, but things are hectic and yeah. I’ll just write about it, next time.

So, I was scrolling down my old blog because I want to convert them to PDF; for the sake of memories. I cried, I laughed, I cringed, yes, mostly cringed.

OMG! I remember that day!

Gosh, the hell was I thinking?!

I can’t believe they did that?!


Wuaaaaaa!!! I miss those dorks! TT^TT

Those are some of the scenarios. One thing for sure though, I was so immature back then. Especially when it comes to my love life. Pfftt.

Like I always said, I’m screwed when Allya-the-love-struck-idiot is back. The 24/7 tomato-red Allya, submissive Allya, I-can-not-see-him-without-blushing-even-though-he-is-1-km-away Allya, the ever-so-stuttering Allya, the my-self-esteem-is-all-over-the-floor Allya. Dear God, it is so not me!

My writings, don’t get me started about my grammar.


My grammar is way better now, comparing to before. The qualities of those posts are terrible as well. Not to mention those photos! UGLY was tattooed all over my forehead! I want to delete them all, but knowing that my school friends like to read it sometimes (and bloody cried); I’ll just keep it for old times’ sake.

Eeeergh, I’m still cringing. How did I manage to wake up at 4 a.m. to make some packed lunch for me, hoping that Syamiel will praise my cooking?! Stupid Allya! The present Allya will even skip her exam for some sleep! What is wrong with you, young lady?! You’ll forget him in a few years time, and ended up being best buddies (more like insulting buddy).

There are those stupid school dramas. Why Allya? Why?!

Hahahahaha xD

Nevertheless, it made me who I am today. My past may not be filled with rainbows and golds, but they’re a part of me. Something that I will not trade for anything in the world. I’m thankful for those who are still with me now, but those who left; you’re still in my mind.




Becoming too ‘manja’

Who? Who became annoyingly spoilt? Tehee~ It’s me.

I am not one to ‘mengada’ with people. I don’t mind people being all clingy, acting like a baby, but for Thor’s sake; I don’t do those things. Well, at least not before.

To summarize it all, before college, I was the guardian angel/Satan’s mistress to people around me. They’ll seek me for comfort and asked for advice (tho most of the time, I’m the source of their agony), they belief in me (not trust) and most importantly, my friends know that Allya the big sister will always be there for them; to protect them.

If they got into a fight, I’ll beat up whoever the opponent was (even when my friends are wrong. Bad, I know. Am extremely bias), when someone said bad things about my friends, I’ll make sure that person who bad-mouthed them will suffer for the rest of their life (only I can talk bad about my friends) and when we’re out in the cold world, I will make sure everyone was safe. I’ll walk on the side-nearest-to-the road path, I’ll make sure I’ll be hit first when crossing the road,  I’ll bring all of those heavy things; I’ll protect them from harm’s way.

Although, it all changed when I entered college. Particularly, during my semester 2. I am treated like a princess. Maybe it’s a normal thing, but I do feel flattered by whatever they are all doing. Alhamdulillah, I’m blessed with guy friends who are total gentlemen. Never once, those male in my campus ever let me bring heavy things. They care for me like how a girl is suppose to be treated. I mean, I’m not saying that the guys from school are bad, they’re adorable, but maybe they’re just used to see me as someone who’ll protect them; not one to be protected.

Sadly, I became too comfortable with this whole situation. When I met my school friends, I get offended by what they did or said. The old Allya wouldn’t mind about it at all. Heck, she’ll probably laugh it off without feeling bad. However, the current Allya almost cried.

When facing a troublesome situation, the girl who not only collected herself, but are also leading 800 people; she was shaking when answering the phone. I mean, I get it if I’m shaking because I lied, but I was blurting out the truth for God sake! I kept blabbering; ‘uhhhmmm’ was often said as much as I inhale. Ergh! The old me can tell you a story about some person’s life; a non-existence person while sounding like that person is my best friend! (not something that I should be proud of, but you get the point yeah)

She is becoming softer and more sensitive. I should get myself together. Gotta find that old Allya back (only the positive sides please). I love being pampered by people around me, but I should not delude myself. Okay, delude is not the word, but whatever xD

True, I love being treated like a woman, but I shouldn’t be mean to friends who didn’t treat me as such. It’s not their fault, they know the old Allya, not the new. So I can’t blame them for that. Regardless, I love all of my friends!

❤ ❤ ❤ Love you all lots! ❤ ❤ ❤


P.S. I know this is a random thing to write. I just feel like writing, that’s all. Again, bear with me please xD

P.P.S. I am becoming too dependent on Pres as well. Before, everyone was depending on me; the ever so independent woman. Now, I’m disgusted at how much I depend on Pres. No offense Pres, none of them are your fault. I love being your VP, you treat me well and thanks to you, I get to experience being a follower, leaded by a great person. But gurl, you gotta get yourself together and rule on! Oppps, I mean live on~

Hazarizq’s 19th Surprise.

It happened awhile back. It hasn’t been long; a few weeks ago? On the 6th of January.

A few days before the H-day (Hazarizq Day), Danial or Pen iMessaged me. He asked whether I’m free on the 6th or not. He told me that Hazarizq’s mom invited some of his close friends (I don’t think I’m that close with him, but whatever) to come to his surprise party. As I was very bored and was very free, I said yes (read the P.S. below).

I didn’t know anything about the party until a day before the H-day. I thought we’re going to celebrate it at his house, I didn’t know that we have to drive all the way to Shah Alam. I guess that’s why Pen offered himself to be my chauffeur (basically his car was our only hope, as in mine, Amira and Zan xD). The night before H-day, Mira, Zan and I were discussing on what outfit to wear. Girls -_- (Zan included xD)

Bla bla bla, it was H-day! Pen picked me up, then Zan and lastly Mira. We told Mira to walk from her house to the guardhouse since she is Rizq’s neighbor, but guess what. She did walked to the guardhouse, despite that we still have to drive to her house. Why? Well, she forgot Rizq’s present. *exaggerated eye roll*

Right after we exited Mira’s residential area, we made a pit stop at Karipap Gorilla’s stall since they three of them were starving to death (saving some space for steaks they say). Zan kindly treated us and bought 4 humongous karipap. Freaking full after that.

On the way to Shah Alam, Pen almost got into an accident at our second toll gate. So, this guy in front of us had to reverse because there’s something wrong with his smart tag. Your smart tag acting like it’s been hacked by an unknown hacker is common but reversing like you’re driving in a highway is not fine! (spot the puns guys) Pen stopped abruptly (unless he wanted to crash into the car behind), but the guy in front kept reversing like he’s in a race track.

*Car honking and BAM!*

Of course that guy had to crashed into us. It was not a huge accident, no. Just a little nudge that cause Pen to jumped out of the car (while throwing the karipap in a comical way) while looking like he’s about to kill the guy. Mira and I kinda panicked in back seat. Thousands of scenarios went through my head in those few seconds time. Alhamdulillah, Pen’s car was not scratched and our journey to Shah Alam went smoothly, OR NOT!

We arrived at the restaurant at around 6-ish. Someone suggested that we should’ve just went to this nearby mall, but hey, the party’s at 7. Waiting for one hour is no biggy, or so we thought. It was pass 7 o’clock and no one’s there. Not a single familiar face! We were tired and went back to the car to wait. Before that, I went to the reception and asked about the reservation. Guess what, the party was at eight! (we were told that the party’s at 7)

We were like asdfghjkl!!!

We start our journey early because we don’t want to be stuck in the traffic, but I guess being stuck in it was better. Haih, beggars can’t be choosers can’t they. Thankfully, Rizq’s sister came a few minutes later. Guests started to fill in the place. His family, his girlfriend also came (Janne was a darling I tell you!!! <3), his bowling friends, heck even his childhood friend from Canada came.

When Hazarizq arrived, we hid behind the resto. Janne was the one who brought the cake and somehow I ended up walking beside her. We were supposed to sing when we came out. Of course, I’m the only one who sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song LOUDLY. It was so embarrassing, but oh well.

Rizq’s was surprised and it’s all good. It was quite awkward during dinner. Since my three friends are very thoughtful, they left me there alone to sit between Hazarizq and his bowling friends. Of course I know his bowling friends. They’re my best friends.(Please note the sarcasm)

I was bored to death and so were Pen and Zan, so I decided to just talk with Janne who’s having an animated discussion with Miwaaa. She’s adorable and was nervous af because it was her first time meeting Rizq’s family. I feel you girl (though you never actually meet your boyfriend’s parents because guess what, you never had one Allya).

It was 10-ish and it was time to go home. Before we went home, we took some pictures. Of course we took some pictures. Gila ke tak ambil. While waiting for our turns (the friends), I talked with Rizq’s childhood friend. I call her Neels because that’s her Instagram’s name. I’m sorry, but I forgot your name TT^TT Thanks to her, I think I’m going to apply to Canada for my degree. Teheeee~~~ U of T, here I coooooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck guys, I want to enter Oxford, but…………. Well, uhmmmm, it’s Oxford. Haha (awkward laugh)

On the way home, haiiih… Mira and her antics are inseparable.  She almost vomited all over Pen’s car and shouting songs’ lyrics, etc. Yes guys, shouting, not singing. Then again, it was a fun ride thank to her. We sent her home first because Encik Mizan (Mira’s dad) has been calling and also Pen wanted to take this GAODIM sticker for his car from Hazarizq.

I met Janne again since Hazarizq’s had to take her home. By then, it was 11-ish. Janne was fidgeting. I pitied the poor girl. She met her bf’s family for the first time and the next thing she knew, she had to come over to his house.  Zan and I were too lazy to get out of the car, but since I saw poor Janne; I gave her moral support. We talked with Aunty Tini (Rizq’s mom) until 12-ish and Pen finally took us home. Technically, not yet. We have to stop by his apartment in Cyberjaya first. We sent Zan and he finally took me home. I think he felt quite guilty, or not, I don’t know.

On the way home from Zan’s house, I asked him about his girlfriend. Guess what my reaction was. Unluckily, I was squealing like a high school girl hearing about her crush who secretly has a crush on her. Yup, I love hearing my friends’ love story. Actually, I think I love their love story more than they do. I was very excited and proud and kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

This is the only picture that I have. I stole it from Aunty Tini’s Insta. Teheee, saya minta ye aunty 😉

That is all for today.


P.S. Plot twist: I have finals the next day. I partied late until 12 a.m. and my exam was on 8 a.m. (have to get out from the house at 6:30 a.m.) That’s why my friends felt guilty, probably xD I hope I did well on the exam though -_-“

P.P.S. I paint something for Hazarizq as his b’day present. I consulted a few of my art buddies (including AHA, yes, we’re not close but are still talking, thank God) and finally came out with the idea (also, after scrolling down his insta for hours). It took me two days to complete it. Gotta wait for it to dry, etc. It was the first time I gave my painting to someone. I feel so proud of myself. Hahahahahaha xD

Yes, I’m very proud of myself too Hazarizq *shedding happy tears*


30ish vs. 1; A Class Prank Story

I had a dream last night. It’s more like a flashback than a dream. I’m not sure whether it happened in 2014 or 2015 but I laugh like crazy when it came to me xD

If you used to read my old blog, then I’m sure that you know Syamiel, right? He has been my classmate for years and he is a scaredy-cat (even though he is probably the bulkiest person in class -_-).

That’s that, so here is how the story goes…………..

Image result

It was a usual day at school. My sister have that disgusting looking fake centipede and an idea popped into my mind = disturbing my friends peaceful life. So I brought it to school and everyone was pissed. Like hell pissed!

Hahahahahahaha xD I don’t remember everyone’s reactions but I remember Syamiel’s reaction alright.

My classmates and I have been together since like forever; a decade or so. We’ve went through ups and downs together and we’ve always did things together; mostly ‘bad’ things.

Since our dear ‘macho’ boy is known for his ‘bravery’, the whole class planed to prank him that day. Thankfully Mielly dear didn’t realize that I’ve been ‘disturbing’ everyone by tossing that centipede around. Everyone was screaming and cursing, at me of course so it was a miracle that he didn’t found out. More like being slow -_-“

The incident happened after recess but first thing first I have to appologize to Syamiel’s girlfriend because I kinda flirted with him a bit; it was for the prank. 😉

Syamiel always enter the class late and when he entered the class, the whole class went silent. At first he was curios to why we were being quiet (we are a bunch of monkeys!) but we shrugged it off by saying the usual sentence

Malaikat lalu~

He then went to his table and everyone was giving me signals. I went to him while putting my right hand on my pocket (the centipede was there) and I called him in a quite flirtatious way (to attract his attentions).

“Mieeeel~”, says I as I trace his forearm while looking at him through my overly curled eyelashes.

“Hmmm?” he said while looking at me like I’ve grown a third eye.

I blinked my eyes a few time in a flirtatious manner and replaced my fingers (the one tracing him) with the centipede.

He followed my eyes when I looked at his forearms and ALL HELL WENT LOOSE!!!

He jumped I tell you! Like literally jumped! The class was in chaos with our roaring laughter. Syamiel was sitting in a corner while looking dazed. Some were saying that I should have just throw it at him and stuff.

So, after Syamiel gained his composure, Hazarizq threw the centipede at him and ALL HELL WENT LOOSE AGAIN!!!

Hahahahahahaha xD It was a priceless moment.

The same thing happened a few times but before we used a real life cockroach xD

Cruel, I know

The class tricked him again but this time it was kinder. He fell asleep during Malay Language’s class and we were in the projection room inside the library. Well, I can understand him. I mean, it was cold and dark; siapa yang tak mengantuk?

So yeah, he fell asleep and the whole class left him. As our school has a collection of sporting teachers, she played along with it as we gave our ‘thank yous’ in silent.

He woke up in daze and was panicking, I think. We didn’t really leave him. We were waiting outside a.k.a. at the library. When he went outside, I swore I could see daggers coming out through his eyes! xD

That is the story about how a 30ish classmates attacked a poor soul. It may not be that mean but for my classmates and I, it was stupidly funny. Tough actually I didn’t remember it until last night :p

Lord, I hope it wont come back to me. Karma~


p.s. Guess which one is Mielly dear (clue: FSOG)  He doesn’t look like it but he gets scared easily -_-” No harsh feeling, yeah Miel? *wink**wink**wink*