Yeay to Seremban!

Hi hi~

It’s been a while. I’m currently ‘menjalankan’ a faithful duty as a WAU FACTOR. Wau Factor is the name for SEA GAMES, KUALA LUMPUR 2017 volunteers. Am the head of volunteers in Sunway Putra Hotel and it’s hectic xD

Okay, back to the topic. Weeks ago, to be exact, on the 22nd of July, I went to Seremban to meet Pavi and her family. It was a bit nerve-wrecking for me, as it was my first time meeting her family. I feel like her boyfriend, fidgeting and all. Truthfully, there’s another reason why I’m nervous, but let’s keep that for later.

Arrived at KTM Seremban, went somewhere else; keeping it a secret from Pavi. After the trip to that ‘place’, I told Pavi to pick me up at CIMB behind AEON which is near her house. I kinda lied to her, about where I was going for several reasons. Although in the end, I told her about it xD

Pavi and her dad picked me up. Her dad kept speaking in Malayalam, which I don’t mind but it shocked me; the fact that I understand her dad xD We went to eat at this Chinese restaurant and wow! Dang it tasted so gooooood!!! Not sure about the ‘halal-ness’ but oh well xD Then, Pavi the ever so amazing driver (glad-that-I-did-not-die-because-I-will-haunt-her-if-I-did) drove us to her house and meet her kind family~

Only one word can describe that trip, FOOOOOOOOD!!!

That’s S 2.0 that Pavi’s dad is holding. He barked like I’m a murderer since second 1 until the end. -_-

After being attacked by her dog (whom I called S2.0) and talked to her family, Pavi and her dad brought me to this infamous cendol and ABC stall. Too bad the rojak was finished.

The taste tho! Wow! The price? Triple wow!

The infamous Haji Shariff ‘Green’ Cendol! ❤
The line may seem long, but the service was fast
The most delicious ABC evaaaa!!! Not to mention that it’s only RM3! That’s less than $1!

Le cendol pulutzzz~ I don’t like cendol, so yeah xD Pavi’s dad almost killed me by stuffing me with lots and lots of foood! Am soooo coming to Seremban again!


Of course, after all of those junks, fruits are a must!

We went back after Pavi’s dad bought those fruits and yeah, it was tiring.

When we were inside the KTM, on our way back to KL Sentral to meet my cousins dear. We thought that we can rest, but…


Literally a trip for me, though I was still crazy after that. Why? Because I stupidly went to Ampang. A story which will be disclosed in my next blog post.



P.S. Pavi’s currently-pregnant-security dog loves me thoo~

This dog is adorable! She’s preggy but calm ❤

3 thoughts on “Yeay to Seremban!

  1. Unforgettable day ever with u …..Although it was a tiring day, i still managed to feed u with seremban’s famous and delicious foods.


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