Juggling in between

Hi hi~

So… As I mentioned in earlier posts, this semester was crazy (let’s just say that it has ended, only 3 days left to kill) because of how busy I was. I’m not trying to sound like I’m the busiest student on earth, but it was definitely the busiest 3-months of my life. It felt like time was moving too slow yet too fast. One day I’m rushing to class in my sneakers and tomorrow you will see me in my formal outfit + freaking high heels, banging some higher ups’ door somewhere; or maybe seeing me in my winter outfit (for class) walking around KL like a lost puppy and jungle trekking Bukit Nanas.

True, unlike those amazing adults out there, my busyness seems like nothing, but for a student; it’s quite hard. While you have to attend those full-of-stress meetings (inside and outside of campus), you have to maintain that 4.0-GPA. I have a full-day meeting today while having a 20%-marks-for-my-course-mark presentation on the next day. Not to mention having to write down an eight pages long of essay about myself (which I’m really good at, bragging about myself) and a 30-pages-long of economy report on ‘How Inflation Affects Argentina,’ all need to be submitted by that week. Ah, don’t forget to mention about those events, I got to make sure that UFS’s biggest event a.k.a. the Festival of Ideas (FOI) went smoothly and also making sure that no one dies during the leisure event, all occurred on the same week; just one day apart.

I’m not complaining on how busy I was, I enjoyed it actually. Those crazy hustle bustles and intense conversations on how to get 50K ASAP, but it has taken a toll on my body. Firstly, Allya don’t do pimples or acne. My face is as smooth as a baby’s butt, no enlarged pores, didn’t go through that crazy acne-all-over-my-face during puberty, a very evenly toned and glowing skin, ah! The list is endless! Yes, I am bragging, but the problem is, they’re all in the past! Smooth skin my butt, I have pimples here and there, uneven and dull skin, my dark circles! I never had one in my life before! Those odd-out-of-place oil all over my face. Oh God, it’s a disaster!

The busy schedule has been toned down for now, all I have to think about for this week is my exams. Due to that, my fav doctor in the world gave me some antibiotics to make my skin healthier and for the past few days I’ve been sleeping like a log. My parents didn’t even dare to wake me up (a post on this later on) even though I was sleeping throughout the whole day.

Slept at 10 pm, woke up at 2 pm to shower and eat lunch, then took a nap(?) from 5 and woke up again at 8 to do my prayers, slept again at 10 pm. The cycle continues for two days straight. I feel a bit refreshed, though not so much, but then again, beggars can’t be choosers.

(While writing this post my dad just arrived back home. It creeps the hell out of me, what kind of person, in their right mind will open their house door at midnight when someone rings the bell? I tiptoed like a thief to check the ‘guest,’ I sighed in relief when I saw my dad xD He asked me to call his phone ASAP because he left it in the Uber that he rode. Haaiih… He always loses his phone whenever he rides taxis or the likes.)

Many of you must be wondering why I’m writing this post, when I can actually sleep and have a good night rest or study for tomorrow’s exam. Well, I kinda just woke up from an eight-hour nap, so yeah… No sleeping tonight and I have no idea what to study -_-“

To end this post, I want to say that this semester was crazy, but heck, it was the best three months of my life! Get to meet new people, get to learn new things, get to do lots of things. It may be tiring, but like usual, Allya rarely regrets her decisions and I am so not regretting my decision for volunteering myself as the president (though I became a VP). By the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, when you remember the smiles and happiness of the people around you; you’re good to go~




Say WHAT?!

Hi hi~

Soooooooooooooo…. Due to some reason I have to go to UNITAR today and somehow, it became a hectic day (got a lot of chores, not going to write everything here).

I jolt awake thanks a phone call from my mom. She wanted me to buy gas ASAP since she has to cook for this one event. I went around Precinct 8 and Precinct 9 to find that freaking cooking gas and every shop gave me the same answer.

Gas all sold out lah, dik. The new batch will come at 10, nanti.

I was like WOOOOOOOT?! Please tell me that you’re kidding and it’s a candid camera or a gotcha call, just tell me anything except gas ‘dah habis’. I woke up early and this is what I get?! I know it sounded so exaggerated; I blame my hormones, PMS -_-

After that ‘tragedy’ I went home (obviously) and my dad said that I have to get ready fast since he will drop me off at Putrajaya Central before sending my brother to school.

I arrived at 8: 40 a.m. and he expected me to be ready by 9. Well, no. The answer is a big NO, never, it’s like asking a dog to meow and purr like a feline. This and that, I ended up sending my brother to school before going to UNITAR.

When I took my shoes from the rack (to send my brother to school), my dad was half asleep on the couch but all of a sudden he was WIDE AWAKE.

He asked about the jeans that I was wearing; was it his? I was shocked and accidentally yelled “no.” He has to add that it looks freaking tight; the jeans. I get it. Like I know that I gained some weight but seriously, Pak?

You are asking me, a girl, whether I’m wearing your pants or not because it looks tight on me?!

What in the world that is so rude I can’t believe you asked that I’m insulted you are bigger than me thank you.

I was annoyed during the whole ride to my bro’s school (drove like a crazy maniac).


I am so going to lose some weight. I’ve lost a lot amount of kilos before but kinda cheated on the whole diet thingy and gained a few back xD

Gonna start it again tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that since there’s a party tomorrow. Or the day after that party, ah but there’s another party.

Basically, it’s not going to happen. Bye bye diet~


Dramatic Daughter much

Hi hi~

So this story happened during Ramadhan and it suddenly popped into my mind (I died from embarrassment).

My dad was sick. Like really sick. At first we thought that he was just down with a flu but it gets worse by the day so kita naikkan sikit penyakit; Dengue.

He hates doctors. My dad I mean. It’s not that he hates them in general; he just doesn’t like seeing one. My mom and I kept on insisting that we should go to the doctor but my dad kept on making excuses. It was very frustrating, you know. We were scared it was dengue. He even fast I tell you!

After a few days of suffering, he finally asked to go to a doctor. That was after he became freaking dehydrated (wrinkles all over his body) and lose lots of weight.

When he went to the clinic, the doctor was shocked and he ordered my dad to go to the hospital ASAP. So I prepared his things and all; they went to the hospital (my mom and dad). I wasn’t able to go since my grandpa was in Malaysia and my siblings have exams. Gotta prepare sahur and all.

This and that, two days later my mom went home and I was supposed to took care of my dad at the hospital. I went there with a family’s friend; Tante Nita.

We arrived, chit chat chit chat and it was time to go home. My dad forced me to go back but I insisted to stay. I mean my dad is known for his menacing looks but he was there laying on the bed, helpless (not to mention very clingy to my mom. Like hello, I took care of myself when I was in the hosp. before. Man; so childish when they’re sick).

Okay the drama starts here…

I cried. Well sob actually but I kinda burst. I was a bit stressed out back then. I just came back from Indonesia and I have to take care of everyone at home, more importantly I was on my period xD

In the middle of my sudden outburst; when Tante Nita was calming me down, my contact lens fell off. Like literally fell off and was stuck at my shawl.

I was like

Wuaaaa!! Tapi kan bapak kasi- Wait contact lens ku jatuh, aku pakai jap.

(wearing my lens and bla bla bla)



Wuaaaaa!!! Kalau bapak sendirian gimana? Wuaaaaa TT^TT

Basically, in the middle of crying, my lens fell off so I put them back on and start crying again. Everyone said nothing back then but when they remembered it, they’ll laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Ouch -_-“

Like hey! I gotta set my priorities straight! I forgot to bring my glasses and my lenses are the only thing I have. I’ll go blind without them! I know it’s unhygienic and all but it was an emergency. Trust me, I take a good care of my contact lenses.

Alhamdulillah my dad is healthy now (minus the fact that he needs to take the insulin medicine thingy for the rest of his life) and that incident became a bitter sweet memory. Also if my dad went to the doctor earlier and get a shot, we wouldn’t know that he have diabetes. He could just suddenly die due to high sugar level. So, it’s all thanks to Allah swt. that my dad is still alive and breathing today.

Gotta appreciate your life guys. Be grateful to Allah swt. always.


P.S. I went home in the end xD