99 Pieces of RM1

Hi hi~

These days, my wallet is fat. Like physically fat. Why? Well, this grocery store gave me a huge amount of money. A huge amount with a little value. Granted, RM99 is quite a lot.

A few days ago, I had to pick up Aqila from school but before that, I have to go to the clinic near my house because I desperately need to get rid of this ‘ketumbit’ on my right eye. Since I’m too lazy to park and also, I have to pick up Aqila ASAP because Arieq (Miel’s brother) is riding with us. That poor boy always went home late when he’s with us, that’s why I was in such a hurry.

Before going to the clinic, I told Fyo to buy that durian flavored ice cream that he liked (to keep him still in the car). Like I said, I was in a hurry, so I just reached whatever money I found on my desk. I didn’t realize that the money that I took was RM100 until Fyo gave me the change.

The ice cream was only RM1 and I get it, buying it with a RM100 note is a bit over the top. Though, seriously, giving me 99 pieces of RM1? I was like whaaaaaaat?!!!!

When I got home, I begged my parents to exchange the money with them. Of course they said no. Aqila gets monthly allowance and Arfyo is still on his post-operation break. Why in the world would they need that much RM1 notes, said them while laughing their a** off.

I was planning on shoving those money inside my panda-bank but uhhhhmmm… I need that RM99.

So that is how I ended up with a really fat wallet. It’s usually fat with a little amount of huge valued cash; it being full with RM1 is quite rare. Kahkahkah xD

I guess I’ll just bear with it for now xD RM1 is not so bad. I’m not so fond of it because it kinda cause me to spend a lot more money, y’know. I hate small changes owing to the fact of it’s little value. You rarely count those cash (unless you’re totally broke a.k.a. me at the end of the month) so you’ll spend it with no worries.

Although, when you got home, you realized that you’ve spent 50% of that little-value-money. Having a little of it is fine; imagine me spending 50% of that RM99 on probably useless things *eyes-brawling kinda cry*

Pray for me so that I will spend those small change wisely, guys.



Raisins are hamsters’ poop.

Such a great title xD

I was planning on posting about my first week of college today, but decided to write it tomorrow. Tehee~

It’s raining outside and I’m bored. What did I do? Disturbing my brother’s life xD

He’s watching TV while eating a box of raisins. Disgusting, I know. Who eats fruit when they’re watching TV? He’s a healthy-eating junky.

  • Must eat fruits and veges everyday.
  • Apple is the first thing that enters his stomach everyday.
  • Hates fried chicken’s skin (those crunchy juicy oily full of fatness skin!  <3)

Aaaaah the list is endless. He’s the only who is not living his life to the fullest in our family. While he eats apple for breakfast, we eat mi Maggi. Kahkahkah xD

Okay back to the topic. He was eating a pack of raisins and I told him that raisins are from hamsters. They’re actually hamsters’ poop that has been preserved in sugar water for at least 10 years. At first, I didn’t think that it’ll work. I tricked him before using the same reasoning. My mom was angry back then because my brother stayed away from raisins for a few years -_-“

But guess what, he actually believes it! His expression was like, ‘should I trust her or should I not? But I don’t want to take any chances!’ He then ran to the bathroom and vomited the raisins. Hahahahahahaha xD My gosh I sounded so cruel.

He ran to my parents’ room and asked about it. My mom was mad once agaaain~ My dad was quiet tho. He’s not surprise by my mischievous manner and dads are usually more laid back, yanno.

Kikikikiki~~~ That is all for today’s mischief.


Am I… stupid?

Hi hi~

So I am now in my room (as usual) and is or was playing with my brother. He asked me about movies that I know and we ended up playing a game.

Guess which movie is this?

So I started by giving him clues that I’m in the movie and he said Miraculous Ladybug since there’s a character named Alya in it. I then told him than my cousin is in it. He was thinking very hard since none of my cousin have ever starred in a movie before. Again, I told him that the ‘cousin’ is an animal. He guessed right away.

Kungfu Pandaaaa

Next, he asked me about his animal ‘cousin’. I blanked out. Like literally bluuur gila.

Baby Bro: It starts with the letter ‘T’, Big Kakak.

Me: ………………………………………….

BBr: The word ends with the letter ‘E’.

Me: ………………………………………….

BBr: Huuuh! The letter before ‘E’ is ‘L’.

Me: …………………………. I’m kinda blur right now so do tell baby bro.

BBr: -_-” Okay, after the letter ‘T’ it’s the letter ‘U’, Big Kakak.

Me: ………………………………………….

BBr: Why are you so stupid?! It’s turtle Big Kakak, TURTLE! T.U.R.T.L.E. Gosh!

Well…. I guess I’m kinda dumb now xD Gotta start digging those mountains of book and find my old add math books!