Raisins are hamsters’ poop.

Such a great title xD

I was planning on posting about my first week of college today, but decided to write it tomorrow. Tehee~

It’s raining outside and I’m bored. What did I do? Disturbing my brother’s life xD

He’s watching TV while eating a box of raisins. Disgusting, I know. Who eats fruit when they’re watching TV? He’s a healthy-eating junky.

  • Must eat fruits and veges everyday.
  • Apple is the first thing that enters his stomach everyday.
  • Hates fried chicken’s skin (those crunchy juicy oily full of fatness skin!  <3)

Aaaaah the list is endless. He’s the only who is not living his life to the fullest in our family. While he eats apple for breakfast, we eat mi Maggi. Kahkahkah xD

Okay back to the topic. He was eating a pack of raisins and I told him that raisins are from hamsters. They’re actually hamsters’ poop that has been preserved in sugar water for at least 10 years. At first, I didn’t think that it’ll work. I tricked him before using the same reasoning. My mom was angry back then because my brother stayed away from raisins for a few years -_-“

But guess what, he actually believes it! His expression was like, ‘should I trust her or should I not? But I don’t want to take any chances!’ He then ran to the bathroom and vomited the raisins. Hahahahahahaha xD My gosh I sounded so cruel.

He ran to my parents’ room and asked about it. My mom was mad once agaaain~ My dad was quiet tho. He’s not surprise by my mischievous manner and dads are usually more laid back, yanno.

Kikikikiki~~~ That is all for today’s mischief.




So I opened my WhatsApp and the rest is history.


Well, back then my hands were shaking so badly hence I can’t type properly leading me to sending voice messages only xD

A worrywart friend I was, I called her ASAP after seeing her message. I panicked a bit (you jumped up&down girl) and I guess I sounded a tad too excited when Fatini received my call; causing her to feel mischievous.

Basically she told me that she is the one who’s getting married and bla bla bla. Though finally she said that she’s joking and it’s actually her aunt’s wedding. Like, I don’t get why you would actually invite your classmates to your aunt’s wedding, y’know.  -_-“

Well that’s that. She said that she was moved by my actions. I sounded so happy and was so excited for her; made her felt dumbstruck-ly shocked. She was trying to prank the whole class though she got unlucky because I’m there. I was too excited… Hmph!

But see guys, small actions like that can make your friends feel like they’re loved. Even though I acted like a drama queen and you guys acted like you hated it; deep inside I know you love it :p So nah, I‘m not mad at you Tini. My life has been dull these past few weeks anyway~

And I get to feel how it’ll be when my classmates are getting married. Catastrophe I tell you. CATACLYSM! If you didn’t tell me earlier lah; about the wedding. I mean, I gotta figure out what to wear, what to give, who to bring gosh! The list is endless guys…

Meh, I will still hyperventilate even if you tell me a year earlier xD

Be prepared mes amies~

Anyhow, no matter what happen you gotta make me your wedding planner guys. I’m gonna go mad if you didn’t. Unless I’m your bridesmaid 😉


P.S. Do get to the bottom of it when you’re trying to prank me everybodeeeh. I will bombard you with questions until I’m satisfied xD

Death God wanna take what?

You know how everyone has this one story or event that causes them to laugh out loud in the middle of nowhere. Well, thanks to this story people probably think that I’m crazy since I will suddenly laugh like a crazy person.

This is how it goes…………………………………

It was during my Form 1 year, I was 13 and young and ugly and fat (you’re still fat). Unlike other classes, my friends and I have extra classes almost everyday since we were in Year 6 -_- Tiring. So, before we attended our evening classes, we were given a couple of hours to eat, rest and pray.

When we entered middle school, the praying room (surau) for girls and boys were separated. The boys’ surau is in the main mosque(?) and the girls’ surau is in the academy block.

One fated evening, it was earlier that year; the boys were praying. One ill-fated boy was pranked by his friends. His name is Afiq Mahadi or Apiqy (my weird nicknames for my friends. Poor them xD).

He was praying when it happened. While doing the sujud, a friend of ours a.k.a. Hariz Yunus the prankster said something to Apiqy.

Aku malaikat maut nak ambil your ba**s! (I am the death god and I’m going to take your ba**s!)

At that moment Apiqy was so freaking scared. He was crying and shaking in fear begging the so called ‘death god’ to spare his ba**s. Hahahahahaha xD

It became a class joke for a while. I don’t think anyone still remembers that but it is as fresh as ever in my memory. It feels like it happens yesterday XD Too bad it didn’t happened in front of me. The boys were the one who told me this story. Every time I recalled it, all hell went loose xD

Well, I guess it is not really that funny but I am LOL-ing while typing this xD


30ish vs. 1; A Class Prank Story

I had a dream last night. It’s more like a flashback than a dream. I’m not sure whether it happened in 2014 or 2015 but I laugh like crazy when it came to me xD

If you used to read my old blog, then I’m sure that you know Syamiel, right? He has been my classmate for years and he is a scaredy-cat (even though he is probably the bulkiest person in class -_-).

That’s that, so here is how the story goes…………..

Image result

It was a usual day at school. My sister have that disgusting looking fake centipede and an idea popped into my mind = disturbing my friends peaceful life. So I brought it to school and everyone was pissed. Like hell pissed!

Hahahahahahaha xD I don’t remember everyone’s reactions but I remember Syamiel’s reaction alright.

My classmates and I have been together since like forever; a decade or so. We’ve went through ups and downs together and we’ve always did things together; mostly ‘bad’ things.

Since our dear ‘macho’ boy is known for his ‘bravery’, the whole class planed to prank him that day. Thankfully Mielly dear didn’t realize that I’ve been ‘disturbing’ everyone by tossing that centipede around. Everyone was screaming and cursing, at me of course so it was a miracle that he didn’t found out. More like being slow -_-“

The incident happened after recess but first thing first I have to appologize to Syamiel’s girlfriend because I kinda flirted with him a bit; it was for the prank. 😉

Syamiel always enter the class late and when he entered the class, the whole class went silent. At first he was curios to why we were being quiet (we are a bunch of monkeys!) but we shrugged it off by saying the usual sentence

Malaikat lalu~

He then went to his table and everyone was giving me signals. I went to him while putting my right hand on my pocket (the centipede was there) and I called him in a quite flirtatious way (to attract his attentions).

“Mieeeel~”, says I as I trace his forearm while looking at him through my overly curled eyelashes.

“Hmmm?” he said while looking at me like I’ve grown a third eye.

I blinked my eyes a few time in a flirtatious manner and replaced my fingers (the one tracing him) with the centipede.

He followed my eyes when I looked at his forearms and ALL HELL WENT LOOSE!!!

He jumped I tell you! Like literally jumped! The class was in chaos with our roaring laughter. Syamiel was sitting in a corner while looking dazed. Some were saying that I should have just throw it at him and stuff.

So, after Syamiel gained his composure, Hazarizq threw the centipede at him and ALL HELL WENT LOOSE AGAIN!!!

Hahahahahahaha xD It was a priceless moment.

The same thing happened a few times but before we used a real life cockroach xD

Cruel, I know

The class tricked him again but this time it was kinder. He fell asleep during Malay Language’s class and we were in the projection room inside the library. Well, I can understand him. I mean, it was cold and dark; siapa yang tak mengantuk?

So yeah, he fell asleep and the whole class left him. As our school has a collection of sporting teachers, she played along with it as we gave our ‘thank yous’ in silent.

He woke up in daze and was panicking, I think. We didn’t really leave him. We were waiting outside a.k.a. at the library. When he went outside, I swore I could see daggers coming out through his eyes! xD

That is the story about how a 30ish classmates attacked a poor soul. It may not be that mean but for my classmates and I, it was stupidly funny. Tough actually I didn’t remember it until last night :p

Lord, I hope it wont come back to me. Karma~


p.s. Guess which one is Mielly dear (clue: FSOG)  He doesn’t look like it but he gets scared easily -_-” No harsh feeling, yeah Miel? *wink**wink**wink*