Yeay to Seremban!

Hi hi~

It’s been a while. I’m currently ‘menjalankan’ a faithful duty as a WAU FACTOR. Wau Factor is the name for SEA GAMES, KUALA LUMPUR 2017 volunteers. Am the head for the volunteers in Sunway Putra Hotel and it’s hectic xD

Okay, back to the topic. Weeks ago, to be exact, on the 22nd of July, I went to Seremban to meet Pavi and her family. It was a bit nerve-wrecking for me, as it was my first time meeting her family. I feel like her boyfriend, fidgeting and all. Truthfully, there’s another reason why I’m nervous, but let’s keep that for later.

Arrived at KTM Seremban, went somewhere else; keeping it a secret from Pavi. After the trip to that ‘place’, I told Pavi to pick me up at CIMB behind AEON which is near her house. I kinda lied to her, about where I was going for several reasons. Although in the end, I told her about it xD

Pavi and her dad picked me up. Her dad kept speaking in Malayalam, which I don’t mind but it shocked me; the fact that I understand her dad xD We went to eat at this Chinese restaurant and wow! Dang it tasted so gooooood!!! Not sure about the ‘halal-ness’ but oh well xD Then, Pavi the ever so amazing driver (glad-that-I-did-not-die-because-I-will-haunt-her-if-I-did) drove us to her house and meet her kind family~

Only one word can describe that trip, FOOOOOOOOD!!!

That’s S 2.0 that Pavi’s dad is holding. He barked like I’m a murderer since second 1 until the end. -_-

After being attacked by her dog (whom I called S2.0) and talked to her family, Pavi and her dad brought me to this infamous cendol and ABC stall. Too bad the rojak was finished.

The taste tho! Wow! The price? Triple wow!

The infamous Haji Shariff ‘Green’ Cendol! ❤
The line may seem long, but the service was fast
The most delicious ABC evaaaa!!! Not to mention that it’s only RM3! That’s less than $1!

Le cendol pulutzzz~ I don’t like cendol, so yeah xD Pavi’s dad almost killed me by stuffing me with lots and lots of foood! Am soooo coming to Seremban again!


Of course, after all of those junks, fruits are a must!

We went back after Pavi’s dad bought those fruits and yeah, it was tiring.

When we were inside the KTM, on our way back to KL Sentral to meet my cousins dear. We thought that we can rest, but…


Literally a trip for me, though I was still crazy after that. Why? Because I stupidly went to Ampang. A story which will be disclosed in my next blog post.



P.S. Pavi’s currently-pregnant-security dog loves me thoo~

This dog is adorable! She’s preggy but calm ❤

Impromptu to Malacca

This happened last week, the day aunty (Mazlin’s mother) passed away. I don’t want people to misunderstand that we played and enjoyed around when our friend’s mother just passed away. We went there because aunty was buried there. After that, we went out to sight-see and eat. And no, Mazlin wasn’t there because she didn’t know that her mother passed away. That’s why we went sight-seeing and all.

Malacca, we went there at 12ish in the afternoon. There were two cars, AHA’s and Apiqy’s. I was in AHA’s car, with Zan while Aiza and Didiy are in Apiqy’s car. The drive there was fun, not much drama. I sat in the front seat, as usual, acting like a co-pilot to AHA. At first, I thought that it’ll be awkward. AHA and I………….. That’s an awkward combo, I mean, after what happened. Eehem. It was great tho, no awkwardness or so. I told them about how my life was, the drama that happened, bla bla bla.

In merely one hour-ish, we arrived at Mazlin’s hometown. We were greeted by her family, but then were informed that she’ll be back later that night. It was Sunday, so we can’t stay for long. We sent our condolences and visit the grave, before going back home.

Our plan was to go straight home, but Aiza’s grandmother asked us to have dinner with her. We were okay with the idea, free dinner. Aiza’s grandma asked us to go around Malacca first because she had to cook.

After a few place-deciding meetings, we decided to go to Jonker Walk. Pffft… AHA was supposed to lead the pack, but the girl got lost XD Alhamdulillah, in the end, we (AHA, Zan and I) arrived safely at Jonker Walk.

Above were before Jonker Walk. From our parking spot to Jonker walk. Lots and lots of amazing places to take photos at! ❤

It was a fun day out, stupid people acting here and there. It’s like high school all over again. It’s been a while since we met each other, but I guess a decade long bond is not easy to break. We took photos, shopped and discover around Jonker Street until 5ish. By then, we got a call from Aiza’s dad who is of course, mad. We weren’t allowed to go to her grandma’s house and so on. So we decided to have a dinner somewhere around there.

Sent this to Aiza’s dad, as a proof that she went out with girls as well. The car was packed because of several reasons xD


Many agreed on eating ikan bakar, so we went to the nearest one. It’s called “Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung.” We passed by a lot of unique places. A place reminds me of Pres, “Kampung Portugis.” Hehehehehe

I took a photo to actually show you the traffic light countdown. Freaking long! Then I realize where I was, and took the second photo. Hahahaha xD

Again, we got lost even with the help of Waze and again, AHA was the lead xD

We arrived, chose our ‘makanan laut’ and voila~ the food was served. We ate like it was no one else business, but almost peed in our pants when we had to pay. It’s actually cheap, we got one huge ‘ikan bakar’ (I forgot the name), two huge ‘sotong’ which were cooked with two types of sauces, two jugs of fresh fruits juice, six plates of rice and a ‘sayur campur’ thingy; all of that for RM 120ish only. I mean, for that amount of food and also the view, it was worth it. Although, when you’re short on money; we’re screwed. Thankfully Zan, our hero for the day, brought his duit raya angpao. He paid them all first. Hahahahahahahaha xD

Look at the views (minus AHA, JK! Hahahaha)!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The night was still young, but I have an early morning class the next day, which of course, was canceled (I thanked you a lot Sir Im and Sir Amar! If the both of you didn’t cancel your class, I would’ve skipped it xD). Thank God, there’s a Bluetooth feature in AHA’s car. Zan and I took it over; thankfully the three of us have the same taste in music. Well, I’m not sure about AHA, but Zan and I, we’re soulmates (dua2 jiwang nak mati). If people hear it, they’ll think that the three of us were just dumped or something, macam orang putus cinta! Over gila! Hahahahahaha xD


The reunion of the Props Team! The ever so dramatic team xD Can’t believe it was five years ago tho TT^TT

We stopped at Seremban’s R&R to pray and pee. Especially peeing, because AHA, Zan, Apiqy and I had to finish those two jugs of juice thanks to Aiza and Didiy. -_____-

Tricked my friends with that xD


Bla bla bla, we went back home and voila~ the best trip ever! More like the only trip ever with my friends which is over 100 kilometers in distance… Saaad…

Nevertheless, it was sad and gloomy day, but like what Mazlin said, “Don’t be too sad, life must go on.”

That is all~ Tata~

P.S. We went to see Mazlin again on Tuesday, alhamdulillah she was okay


What really happened

Is unknown, because I blacked out. Not passed out kinda blacked out; just I can’t remember things.

Known to my circle of friends and of course, my family; I have a low caffeine tolerance, especially when I didn’t get enough sleep. Drink lots of coffee/caffeine, didn’t sleep for at least two days and voila~ Allya will have no memories of what happened until a few weeks later.

Yesterday started out fine. Was wearing this adorable white blouse and white shawl, with my black jeans and white shoes, my gold bag and RM90 gold bottle as additional accessories. I wore that outfit because its new. I mean, I don’t wear white, makes me look fat; but my heart tells me to wear it. Hmmm… I kinda regret it tho, well maybe not so much. I think it was ‘Wear Your White Shirt Day’ yesterday. The campus was filled with people wearing white tops, or at least my batch mates. I matched with Pavi, Payel, Siti, Bella and the list is endless. Though I matched the most with Pres; the only difference was our jeans. I wore black while he wore blue. I guess we really are siblings, same outfit from head to toe xD

It was a fun day, everyone missed each other, we get to eat lunch together again (no more puasa), the class was rowdy with people shouting-talking to each other. It was freaking loud, up to the point where Payel and I wanted to sue our classmates during Law class.

Ate brunch with Payel and Razif. Tricked Razif the whole day (oh God, I need to write a post about this one. He is a darling!). Had a small talk with Nacchiya. Took photos with Pavi, Amy and Miss Fariza. Attending classes, figuring out which comes first, the sperm or human? Answering Payel’s genius questions, example, “What makes us human?”

It was a great day, but a horrible night. I ate lunch with Payel and Razif at the Chicken Rice Shop, inside Giant. Met BB and Lya (BB’s gf), then we went to Subang Empire; which Payel, Razif and I regret. Sorry not sorry BB and Lya.


Let’s just say things got complicated, we screw up big time. Payel and I, or at least me, was scolded by Kink and got shoved off (until my finger bleed and my thumb nail broke. Like halloo! Kau nak bayar manicure aku ke? Mahal sis) by Pres. Almost tarnishing my clean record, suffering inside that smelly car, sending my friends to…………….


The last time I remember, I was begging Pres to come out from the hostel room. I stood there, in the boys hostel area, surrounded by boys, coaxing him to come down, quietly (by quiet I mean talking to him in my normal voice which of course can reached the second floor, because it’s Allya we’re talking about here and it was 10/11 ish at night, so yeah. The boys were looking at me like idiots from their windows) until Kink told me to shut up and there, blank.

My insomnia is back, why? I have no idea. So I haven’t got any decent sleep for a couple of days, straight. I was in my pilot mode, driven by the caffeine in my system. I’ve been drinking coffee since morning (black and strong kinda coffee, that’s why I don’t make coffee for my friends. That is also why, Payel is in charge to make the housemates coffee, because Kink almost threw up when he drank my coffee. PAHIT. Pres never said a word, but I’m pretty sure my coffee woke him up as well xD) and while we were at Subang Empire, I drank one shot of espresso.

Imagine what happened to me. My adrenaline were on high drive, haven’t eat since God knows when, lots of caffeine in my system, no sleeping. I was shaking and trembling, like those who are stoned. Technically I was high, on caffeine.

It happened a lot back in high school, tho thankfully, I don’t think I did anything bad this time. Usually, I’ll feel bad if I did crazy stunts the night before. This morning, I woke up fresh and fine from my deep slumber. I realized about the blank period after looking through my instastory. I can’t check my WhatsApp because I delete my WhatsApp every day.

I don’t remember what happened, but I think the problem has been solved. No authorities involved, Allya didn’t beat up someone nor did she raped anyone. Should be fine. Right?

Eeeeeeeeeeeeergh!!! Those who were there last night are still dead asleep! Aiyooo, what to do? I’ll just live my life then, I’ll remember it in a few weeks’ time. Though I gotta confirm something. I feel like someone kept kissing my cheek last night. I’m 101% sure it was Payel, but I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure it was Payel, it can’t be my other housemates. That’s just wrong xD Yup, I guess I became Payel’s teddy bear last night xD

That is all for today, tata~

P.S. Pres got a job! As a model! See Pres, I know you can be one. True it may be a pain in the arse, but nothing is easy in this world. Fighting!

OMG OMG OMG! I did a photo shoot with a model before! Kyaaa!!! Number 1 fan!

99 Pieces of RM1

Hi hi~

These days, my wallet is fat. Like physically fat. Why? Well, this grocery store gave me a huge amount of money. A huge amount with a little value. Granted, RM99 is quite a lot.

A few days ago, I had to pick up Aqila from school but before that, I have to go to the clinic near my house because I desperately need to get rid of this ‘ketumbit’ on my right eye. Since I’m too lazy to park and also, I have to pick up Aqila ASAP because Arieq (Miel’s brother) is riding with us. That poor boy always went home late when he’s with us, that’s why I was in such a hurry.

Before going to the clinic, I told Fyo to buy that durian flavored ice cream that he liked (to keep him still in the car). Like I said, I was in a hurry, so I just reached whatever money I found on my desk. I didn’t realize that the money that I took was RM100 until Fyo gave me the change.

The ice cream was only RM1 and I get it, buying it with a RM100 note is a bit over the top. Though, seriously, giving me 99 pieces of RM1? I was like whaaaaaaat?!!!!

When I got home, I begged my parents to exchange the money with them. Of course they said no. Aqila gets monthly allowance and Arfyo is still on his post-operation break. Why in the world would they need that much RM1 notes, said them while laughing their a** off.

I was planning on shoving those money inside my panda-bank but uhhhhmmm… I need that RM99.

So that is how I ended up with a really fat wallet. It’s usually fat with a little amount of huge valued cash; it being full with RM1 is quite rare. Kahkahkah xD

I guess I’ll just bear with it for now xD RM1 is not so bad. I’m not so fond of it because it kinda cause me to spend a lot more money, y’know. I hate small changes owing to the fact of it’s little value. You rarely count those cash (unless you’re totally broke a.k.a. me at the end of the month) so you’ll spend it with no worries.

Although, when you got home, you realized that you’ve spent 50% of that little-value-money. Having a little of it is fine; imagine me spending 50% of that RM99 on probably useless things *eyes-brawling kinda cry*

Pray for me so that I will spend those small change wisely, guys.


M2H life: An Indonesian living in Malaysia

Hi hi

As you all know (well maybe not everyone), I’m an Indonesian living in Malaysia. Those two countries are not that far. Just a 2 hours-ish flight and you’ve arrived.

I moved to Malaysia back in 2005. In the middle of August if I’m not wrong. Met new people, new friends and of course, a new environment.

 I’ve always been good with people. I know what they want and what they dislike. But, for an eight y/o (2006, my 1st year as a student in Malaysia), it’s quite scary. Before moving to Malaysia, I stayed at my grandma’s house in Malang. I finished my Year 1 of primary school there. When I arrived in Malaysia, language was my barrier. You see, I was so ‘medok’. As in my Javanese was on point! Yes, ‘was’ because I suck at it now.

When I first moved here, Malaysia and Indonesia are not in a really good relationship. This and that, alhamdulillah, my family and I found nice people here. We now have a few friendly and kind Malaysians as close friends.

My classmates and schoolmates are my favs. True, there are some ups and downs but heck! They’re the best friends anyone can have!!! Never once in my life, they ever disgrace me or insult me about my nationality. Friends, love you alllll!!!!!!!!!

Though I gotta admit, the teachers can be quite annoying. My 10 fingers are not fully open, so yeah, just a few.

I remember one time, during my Form 1 year, a teacher asked me about my nationality. I told her, I’m an Indonesian. She asked me,

“Ayah awak kerja cleaner lah?”

I said back,

“Yeah, dia boss cleaner”

My friends were furious! Like, chill lah guys. She’s insulting my dad, not yours. But yeah you get the point. My friends are sooo precious! Btw, my dad is not a cleaner guys, he’s a specialist. A specialist at scolding me. Hahahahaha xD

There’s the Indon thingy. I hate that word! Even now. I used to be freaking mad at people who said that forbidden word, but now that I know the truth, I can’t blame them. Though I still correct them.

The word ‘Indon’ was created by Indonesians themselves. Those ‘foreign’ workers named themselves ‘Indon’ so, that is why Malaysians call us ‘Indon’.

Okay, now to straightened things up, we are INDONESIAN and not Indon.

We feel very insulted if you called us ‘Indon’. If you still want to use the ‘Indon’ word then please refer that to those uneducated people. I know that I sounded rude, but that’s the truth. They called themselves that, but most of us educated Indonesians hate that word. It sounds so ugly and disgusting. It’s a total insult.

Next is the proud-being-an-Indonesian thingy. You see, I gotta admit, Indonesian tend to be so proud of our country. Even I’m proud being an Indonesian (though its freaking f****d up now). Indonesians are not like before, where its people love their country with their whole being. Indonesians these days only knew how to destroy their country’s reputation (well, not all of them. Some people are doing great things for our country). You may call me stupidly proud for loving my country, but hey, if we’re not the one who protects our country; then who will?

You may not feel it if you’re living in Indonesia. Though if you live abroad; that’s a different story. Ironically, my school always celebrated Malaysia’s Independence Day on the 17th of August which falls on Indonesia’s Independence Day. I will try to skip it if I can, but that’s impossible. I’m needed everywhere xD jk.

Do you have any idea how painful it was? I don’t know, maybe it’s because of my high patriotism spirit; I cried every time. Sometimes, I have to be the flag bearer you see. I declined, but I was still forced to do it (see, I’m irreplaceable guys xD). Every time the Jalur Gemilang was raised, I’ll cry. Call me over the top, but hey, I just love my country too much.

When you live abroad, you tend to not take things for granted.

So, why am I writing this actually?

It is because someone said something about my love for my country. I live in Malaysia and I love it here. Moving to Malaysia was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I grew up here, have nice friends and great acquaintances. True, not everyone is as lucky as I am, but Malaysia is not that bad. I went back to Indonesia and stayed there for 5 months ish and trust me when I say that I don’t want to live there. Yeah, I love my country but the crowdedness. Dang. I live in Cyberjaya&Putrajaya. Probably one of the cleanness and most quiet place in Malaysia, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful.

Malaysia’s great, but Indonesia is where my heart is. I may hate its crowdedness, nevertheless, I love it with all my heart. It’s one of the things that I will put my life on the line for (and can get very mad if you insult it). It’s my country and I am allowed to love it like a fool. If you can love a boy like an idiot, why can’t you love your country?

What I want to say here is that, Malaysia and Malaysians are great (though gotta to admit, Malaysians can be freaking rude. My mom’s friends were traumatized to come here again due to the local people rudeness) and they’re also changing for the better.

You should not judge people’s love for their country as well. What’s wrong with being overly proud? True, your country may be quite sh*tty sometimes but hey; which country doesn’t?

There’s a lot of Indonesian expatriate here in Malaysia and not all of them are bad. Look at me. The Indonesians students before me were stupid scheisse but somehow, I manage to leave a good impression to Malaysians in my school. Heck, I wouldn’t be getting one of the best student award if I’m bad, right? I’m not trying to brag. I just want to tell you what I feel about this whole Indonesia-Malaysia thingy.

If humans and aliens (superman a.k.a. Henry Cavill, the hottest superman alive! <3) can coexist, why can’t these two countries love each other? Well, the situation is better now than before. But humans are greedy creatures.

“I need more! I want more! Give me more!” said Allya who wants more ice cream (or more fats in her body xD)

That’s all for today.


P.S. Do forgive my messy writing and grammar. I’m so sleepy right now but I wanna write something. Degil. Hahahahaha xD

P.P.S. I wrote this for fun. Not to start a war. This is my PERSONAL OPINION. Others may have different opinions. I’m a young girl who haven’t live long enough to know about the world. Do forgive me if I said something insulting. Again, it;s MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’m not representing the whole Indonesians who live in Malaysia. Nope, not going to be responsible for shouldering a million of people’s opinion.