Embrace your heritage

Such a vague title huh. To those who didn’t know, I’m an Indonesian who has been living in Malaysia since mid-2005. It should be around 12 years since I first came to Malaysia; to live, not for a holiday. A lot of things have changed and most of them are bearable. The Indonesians-are-all-poor mindset has disappeared gradually. True, some are still narrow minded, but they’re a minority.

My name, it’s quite unique; spelling of my middle name. Meh, even my first name is a rare sight. My birth name was ‘ALLYA MUCHAERANY, but it has gotten longer now and the apostrophe has been removed. Currently, my name is ALLYA MUCHAERANY MULYONO; Mulyono is my dad’s last name and though before I didn’t like the sound of it, I kinda like it now. It sounds so Indonesian, so traditional and I love traditional.

The name ALLYA is a variation of the spelling ALIYA. Meaning? A high-ranking person, a superior. That’s why I am who I am today. A person who likes to be on the top, well except now, because I’ve reached my quota of body dividation.

MUCHAERANY is my best dream and worst nightmare. Unless you’re an Indonesian, or German; people won’t pronounce it correctly. It’s pronounced as MU-HAI-RANI, silent the ‘C’ or just act like it’s not there. The ‘C’ is there because my dad’s first name has a ‘C’ in it; MOCHAMAD.

This name was given by my grandmother, who tends to give my other cousins weird sounding name as well. The MUCHAE part is because I was born on the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram. 11th May, 1998 (Monday) – 14th Muharram 1419.

Okay the MUCHAERANY part is kinda long. The Rany part of MUCHAERANY means queen. Rani is an energetic self-starter, capable of sustain a fast pace with strong leadership and qualities. A real motivator a.k.a. ME. Teheee~ That is why, in my official signature, I don’t use the ALLYA name and use RANEE instead. Like, I’m a freaking queen, world! #gilabayang

Next, the MULYONO part. I used to dislike it, because it sounded so Indonesian, like ew. Although, as I grew up, I took a liking to it. It’s like an Indonesian heritage or something. The name MULYONO is a Javanese word for ‘mulia’ or noble. I don’t know, maybe I was narrow-minded before, but hey, not everyone can get this name; so why aren’t you proud of it, Allya? Idiot. I came to accept it because yeah, no matter what happen, MULYONO is my last name that can’t be changed and I seem to love my country more, so I want to keep a part of my country with me (you look like a freaking ASEAN girl and you obviously have Indonesian blood in your DNA, what more do you want Allya?!)

To summarize my name, it means ME. The current me, the past me and insyaallah, the future me. A noble woman with crazy amount of confidence who needs to be the best (1st place is a must, except when it comes to studying and sport. Teheee~ For those two categories, especially the last one; I don’t mind losing, at all) and is always itching to lead.

Like they say, your name will define who you are, so choose your children’s name wisely people. Too strong and the child will be burdened, but a weak name can drag down the child. My name is balanced, with my soft middle name.

Ooookaaay… Maybe my name is not so soft after all.

Those three names all have something in common, superior. Aaaah… No wonder my superiorness is a bit over the top. Blame my parents and grandparents. Hahahahahahahaha xD Just kidding~

I guess that is all for my name. It’s a bit boring, or a pompous post, but yeah. I just want to tell the world why I changed my Instagram name from @allyamuchaerany to @allyamulyono; heck people kept asking, even my best friend. That doesn’t make sense, just bear with me xD


P.S. My name was supposed to be Siti Allya, but I’m glad that didn’t happen. No offense to those named Siti, you guys are amazing ❤


99 Pieces of RM1

Hi hi~

These days, my wallet is fat. Like physically fat. Why? Well, this grocery store gave me a huge amount of money. A huge amount with a little value. Granted, RM99 is quite a lot.

A few days ago, I had to pick up Aqila from school but before that, I have to go to the clinic near my house because I desperately need to get rid of this ‘ketumbit’ on my right eye. Since I’m too lazy to park and also, I have to pick up Aqila ASAP because Arieq (Miel’s brother) is riding with us. That poor boy always went home late when he’s with us, that’s why I was in such a hurry.

Before going to the clinic, I told Fyo to buy that durian flavored ice cream that he liked (to keep him still in the car). Like I said, I was in a hurry, so I just reached whatever money I found on my desk. I didn’t realize that the money that I took was RM100 until Fyo gave me the change.

The ice cream was only RM1 and I get it, buying it with a RM100 note is a bit over the top. Though, seriously, giving me 99 pieces of RM1? I was like whaaaaaaat?!!!!

When I got home, I begged my parents to exchange the money with them. Of course they said no. Aqila gets monthly allowance and Arfyo is still on his post-operation break. Why in the world would they need that much RM1 notes, said them while laughing their a** off.

I was planning on shoving those money inside my panda-bank but uhhhhmmm… I need that RM99.

So that is how I ended up with a really fat wallet. It’s usually fat with a little amount of huge valued cash; it being full with RM1 is quite rare. Kahkahkah xD

I guess I’ll just bear with it for now xD RM1 is not so bad. I’m not so fond of it because it kinda cause me to spend a lot more money, y’know. I hate small changes owing to the fact of it’s little value. You rarely count those cash (unless you’re totally broke a.k.a. me at the end of the month) so you’ll spend it with no worries.

Although, when you got home, you realized that you’ve spent 50% of that little-value-money. Having a little of it is fine; imagine me spending 50% of that RM99 on probably useless things *eyes-brawling kinda cry*

Pray for me so that I will spend those small change wisely, guys.


<3 Grandmas

Hi hi~

I had a fun week! How about you guys?

There’s this drama thingy, talks, report card day and so on. Uhm, yeah, my univ still have a report card day guys. Pretty awkward, not! I mean c’mon, when you’re being praised by your lectures like crazy in front of your parents; that’s a lovely sight. Especially when the lecturer praising you is known for his bluntness. Yeeeeshhh!!! It’s freaking pleasurable! Hahahahaha xD

That’s that. So, ever since I have a phone, it’s a monthly routine for me to call each one of my grandmas. Well, grandpa too but he ignored my calls today, so I will not talk about him in here (merajuk). The calls can last up to an hour or just a few minutes kinda of calls.

Nevertheless, every time the phone calls end, it’s always a metaphorical moment for me. Okay, that sounds wrong. I’m not happy because we ended the call! I love talking to my grandmas! It’s the words that they said before ending the calls which makes me ecstatic.

Why? Because I’ve made their day, or so they said…

By the end of each call, they will never forget to say ‘thank you’ to me. They thanked me for calling them. I told them that it’s a granddaughter’s job to call their grandmas. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for them, getting a call from their granddaughters can even heal their current sickness. TT^TT

When they first said that to me, I felt bad. Like hell bad! All I can think about was how much of a terrible granddaughter I was. Though after time passed, I realized that they’re really grateful for our calls. They said ‘thank yous’ not so that we can feel bad about ourselves; it is to let us know on how much they love us. If they don’t love us, why would they say that? If they hated us, they wouldn’t even answer our calls for heaven sake.

I have four healthy living grandmas and one healthy living grandpa. No, none of my grandpas did polygamy. I just happened to have lots of grandmas and lots of grandpas; from around the world, somehow. However, I love them all equally. How can I not? They all love me lots, and now it’s time for me to return all the love that they’ve given me.

I’m not a really good child to my parents, but I’m an angelic angel who was sent from above to my grandparents as a beautiful present, with bows and ribbons too (and sparkles and blings and bla bla bla).

Kah, so exaggerated -_-‘

What I’m trying to say here is, call your grandparents guys. You may think they’re fine as they’re receiving money from your parents, but no! It’s not that hard to call them. If I can call all of my grandparents who are in Indonesia while I’m in Malaysia; why can’t you call them?

Don’t take them for granted. I used to be able to see them every week before, but now, I can hardly see them once a year. Since I’ve lost lots of my grandparents, I’m planning on treating them who are still reachable in this world as much as I could.

They may act like it’s nothing big but hey, you never know. When I got my first pay check from a part-time job, I gave some to my grandparents. Nothing much, just a very tiny little amount.  Heck, they’re a mere nothing for my grandparents. The amount, I mean. Neither did I know that they treasure it a lot.

For example, according to my uncle, my grandpa hangs or maybe even framed the money that I gave him. He told my uncle that it’s the first time that his first granddaughter earned money by using her own effort; so he will never use it. It’s very precious he said. It was hard for me to hold back my tears since I don’t want to cry on a lovely night. Everyone was having fun back then, I don’t want to ruin the fun. —ends up talking about my grandpa—

Thus, that is how I realized that sometimes, well usually most of the times; grandparents love their grandchildren more than their own children. If they can give up their lives for their children; they can sell their souls to the devil for their grandchildren. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Unless you killed someone; you will not be scolded. Your parents are the one who’ll ended up being scolded.

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW FUN THAT IS?! Seeing your parents getting scolded for scolding you? Aaaaah, the satisfaction ❤ ❤ ❤

I guess that is all for today.


Women in Indonesia

First thing first, I would like to apologize if I offend you in anyway when you’re reading this post. Do forgive me.

An odd title, I know. What makes me feel like writing about it? Well…

I accidentally stumbled across a website for expatriates who live (or used to lived) in Indonesia and there’s a post about Indonesian women. While I’m quite flattered by their compliments about our beauty; our attitudes on the other half are not really like that. At first, I thought that site was the only one to describe Indonesian women like that but I did my research and damn… It was a brand new level kind of weird.

Before telling the world about our attitudes, those foreigners praised our natural beauty. Glowing olive skin, huge eyes, not-so-flat chest and bum, jet black hair and petite frame. Why, thank you for those compliments  ❤ Nope, I’m not describing myself guys, it’s written all over the internet, believe me.

But when I read the attitude sections, I feel kind of insulted.

We Indonesians have a lot of races. We have Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, Balinese aah the list is endless. Though not a lot of foreigners knew about it but us Indonesians, depending on our races; have different characteristics and attitudes. Let’s talk about the differences between the races later on since I don’t know much about them. Though one thing for sure, our attitudes don’t really varied much now. It’s the 21st century guys -_-“

So, what the foreigners described is what you called ‘Typical Jakarta Women’ not ‘Indonesian Women’. Screw that, what they’re describing are actually women who wants white/ Caucasian men (bule) since they think that all bule are rich.

I agreed on how Indonesian women tend to fuss on how they look and spent a whole lots of money on beautifying themselves (salons, spas, clothes, bags) since I am too like that but! I have no idea why they called us as obedient, not-wanting-to-argue-for-anything-or-anything kind of girl, basically a freaking submissive. I dare you to call me a submissive if we ever meet (don’t worry; I don’t do those kinky FSOG thingy, yet XD).

I’m honoured when they say that we are one hell of a driver, a great mother, a great wife,  a great cook and so on but WE ARE NOT OBEDIENT PETS who will bow down and lick your feet! Nope, big mistake, huge.

You may say that I’m not like those women since I lived abroad but just like my Indonesian friends here in Malaysia; my family and friends in Indonesia are the same. We’re one hell of a fighter. We bark and bite back when provoked but with grace (though in my case, I look like Satan’s mistress).

So when I read that those expatriates said they love Indonesian women not only for their beauties but also for their stupidly submissive self, I snapped.

Well, I know that not all Indonesian women are like those who are around me. Yes, there are a lot of women like the one that the foreigners explained but not all Indonesian women are like that. What I’m kinda pissed about is the fact that they made it sound like all Indonesian women are a some kind of fragile exotic pets that they can play around with. Hell no man.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I am not frail.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I am not an idiot.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I will defend myself and argue back if I don’t agree with something (or if something is wrong).

I’m an Indonesian woman but plus those great qualities, am the same as other women in the world.

Some people may get mad because of this post. I am a pure Indonesia(not) woman and I am proud to be one. As I said earlier, I wear my heart on my sleeve thus I will say what I hate and what I like openly. I wrote this not to blame the expatriates or anything, I just want the world to know that Indonesian women are not only exotic looking but we also have a brilliant mind(mine is filled with sarcastic remarks xD) and a great pride.

That’s all.


P.S. I know I like to joke around for wanting a hot young billionaire but I’m not that materialistic. I just wrote it for fun; I’m a simple kind of girl. If you’re patient, faithful, a Muslim who can lead me to the right path, tall, dark, handsome, funny, a hearts and flowers kinda guy, preferably rich, then I’m good. Hahahahaha XD Just kidding~ I’m describing an alien guys, like what kind of man is like that? Do call me if you’re like that though. Here’s my number +6011 **** **** Hohohohohohohoho XD

P.P.S. Who doesn’t want Christian Grey (minus his kinky scheisse)? Well, straight man xD

Bogor’s ChinaTown

 Ok this is way overdue but oh well…

A few days (or weeks) before I went back to Malaysia, I went to Bogor’s Chinatown (idk its real name, I kept on calling it Chinatown) with my grandma, uncle and cousin.

That place is crowded. Definitely not a place for you to learn how to drive (D-2 and my instructor thinks that it’s a good idea for me to drive there. I aged 10 years!). People, cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles all in one tiny little space (the Chinatown is near Kebun Raya Bogor and Pasar Bogor; you can imagine the crowd -_-“).

So, on the way there, there are a few mascots that walked around. Some are cute but some are downright creepy.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
What are you? Pooh, Mickey and Ipin?

When I arrived, it was noon and my stomach was rumbling. I have no choice but to find something to eat (this is a total excuse; I will find food first no matter what). There is this restaurant that my mom loves. She has been eating there ever since she moved from Malang to Bogor and dang! I understand why she loves it so much.

One of my fav food is fried rice. I literally eat fried rice wherever I go (be gone lactose intolerance) and of course I ordered a plate of fried rice. Man, it tastes so good! The price makes the taste even better! A huge portion of fried rice and a few shrimps for only Rp 20k (>$3); heck where can you find such a delicious-but-cheap fried rice? Do tell me if you know one 😉

Don’t wanna talk (or write) too long, here are some photos~

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The resto

(Below are Es Campur, Ayam Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Es Teh Manis. My fav foods! <3)


Stalls(?) around Chinatown


They sell antique cameras, fireworks, fruits, fritters, remotes, knives, fishes and a lot more ‘useful’ things.

After fueling up the fuels, I went to Pasar Bogor to buy some souvenirs aka wooden bracelets. I’ve been looking for the bracelet all over the place and my aunt told me that they sell it there.

I went there and became overly excited. They have lots of junk foods sold in bulks, accessories sold in bulks (I swear my country love to sell things in a bulk), adorable looking sewing stuff shop, oh and not to mention a lot of ‘dead’ animal bodies all over the place. *note the sarcasm*


As Allya is a jerk, she became moody after getting what she wants. While waiting for her grandma to stop shopping (for dead animals), she dragged her uncle and cousin outside to snapped some pictures; of her of course~

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Kebun Raya~~~
A panda between 2 lions
The big red gate

Well, I guess that is all about this place~ And they sell this delicious green tea (which I forgot to buy in bulks TT^TT) that they say it is good for your body. I maintained my weight thanks to this tea. Hmmm, if I didn’t drink it, I’ll probably be 80 kg or something xD

P.S. The Chinatown’s name is Suryakencana.