Juggling in between

Hi hi~

So… As I mentioned in earlier posts, this semester was crazy (let’s just say that it has ended, only 3 days left to kill) because of how busy I was. I’m not trying to sound like I’m the busiest student on earth, but it was definitely the busiest 3-months of my life. It felt like time was moving too slow yet too fast. One day I’m rushing to class in my sneakers and tomorrow you will see me in my formal outfit + freaking high heels, banging some higher ups’ door somewhere; or maybe seeing me in my winter outfit (for class) walking around KL like a lost puppy and jungle trekking Bukit Nanas.

True, unlike those amazing adults out there, my busyness seems like nothing, but for a student; it’s quite hard. While you have to attend those full-of-stress meetings (inside and outside of campus), you have to maintain that 4.0-GPA. I have a full-day meeting today while having a 20%-marks-for-my-course-mark presentation on the next day. Not to mention having to write down an eight pages long of essay about myself (which I’m really good at, bragging about myself) and a 30-pages-long of economy report on ‘How Inflation Affects Argentina,’ all need to be submitted by that week. Ah, don’t forget to mention about those events, I got to make sure that UFS’s biggest event a.k.a. the Festival of Ideas (FOI) went smoothly and also making sure that no one dies during the leisure event, all occurred on the same week; just one day apart.

I’m not complaining on how busy I was, I enjoyed it actually. Those crazy hustle bustles and intense conversations on how to get 50K ASAP, but it has taken a toll on my body. Firstly, Allya don’t do pimples or acne. My face is as smooth as a baby’s butt, no enlarged pores, didn’t go through that crazy acne-all-over-my-face during puberty, a very evenly toned and glowing skin, ah! The list is endless! Yes, I am bragging, but the problem is, they’re all in the past! Smooth skin my butt, I have pimples here and there, uneven and dull skin, my dark circles! I never had one in my life before! Those odd-out-of-place oil all over my face. Oh God, it’s a disaster!

The busy schedule has been toned down for now, all I have to think about for this week is my exams. Due to that, my fav doctor in the world gave me some antibiotics to make my skin healthier and for the past few days I’ve been sleeping like a log. My parents didn’t even dare to wake me up (a post on this later on) even though I was sleeping throughout the whole day.

Slept at 10 pm, woke up at 2 pm to shower and eat lunch, then took a nap(?) from 5 and woke up again at 8 to do my prayers, slept again at 10 pm. The cycle continues for two days straight. I feel a bit refreshed, though not so much, but then again, beggars can’t be choosers.

(While writing this post my dad just arrived back home. It creeps the hell out of me, what kind of person, in their right mind will open their house door at midnight when someone rings the bell? I tiptoed like a thief to check the ‘guest,’ I sighed in relief when I saw my dad xD He asked me to call his phone ASAP because he left it in the Uber that he rode. Haaiih… He always loses his phone whenever he rides taxis or the likes.)

Many of you must be wondering why I’m writing this post, when I can actually sleep and have a good night rest or study for tomorrow’s exam. Well, I kinda just woke up from an eight-hour nap, so yeah… No sleeping tonight and I have no idea what to study -_-“

To end this post, I want to say that this semester was crazy, but heck, it was the best three months of my life! Get to meet new people, get to learn new things, get to do lots of things. It may be tiring, but like usual, Allya rarely regrets her decisions and I am so not regretting my decision for volunteering myself as the president (though I became a VP). By the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, when you remember the smiles and happiness of the people around you; you’re good to go~




Pres & VP

Hi hi~

It’s been a while since I last write something. This semester is coming to an end, so my schedule is empty, a bit. So what is the cause of those hectic-ness? Well….

I’m now a VP for the student council, UFS. How did I became one? This is how the story goes.

One day, a meeting was being held for all of the foundation students. The ever-always-late Allya enter the venue while everyone were choosing a president. Then, the ever-always-high-self-confidence Allya raised her hand, to nominate someone. She nominated herself. As usual.

There were three candidates and we have to gave a speech in front of everyone. I went first, because the other two gentlemen were being, well, gentle. The other two are, Daryl (Sem 3) and Ariff BB (Sem 1), so the voting occurred, bla bla bla, I lost to Daryl. Why? Because he’s oozing off testosterone and there’s a lot of creature who love it there… Such a sore loser xD

Bla bla bla, I used to hate Daryl because of several reasons. Only one reason actually, but it’s a huge one. I tried to murder him before, but this and that happened; voila~ we became close.

I actually respect him as a leader. Like hello, this is Allya. I don’t just accept random people as my leader, but he’s good. So yeah, Allya approves. We went through lots together and sometimes, we only have each other to lean on.

From the main target of my hatred, he became my respected president and now, my always-smiling-like-an-idiot friend. That’s how amazing the world is. One moment I want to kill him, but the next moment, we’re eating together while laughing our arse off xD

So yeah, thanks to that, I have meetings 24/7. Heck I’m so going to write about our crazy meetings! Hahahahaha xD

My dear president, Daryl John Sta Maria, you should be proud that I write a post about you. It sucks, but oh well, I haven’t been writing for a very long time. Hehehehe, I’m sooo going to take over that crown in a while.

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I just found this photo, and it looks so sweet, so I wanna post it. No double meaning intended, but I wish someone could look at me like how the president is looking at his VP. Haks. Sedih…