… (Part i)

Hi hi~

I know, I know.

I promised to write about this and that, but life has been packed and the roller coaster ride was wow!

Here I am, feeling bored, but not in the mood to write. That leaves us with me rambling about whatever I want to type.

While I’m typing this, I’m doing an OKBaby marathon~ I’ve been busy and had no time to watch them, they’re so cute! I’m going to write a post about them, but meh. Someday. I don’t want to break anymore promises (I DO NOT BREAK PROMISES IN REAL LIFE), thus I will end today’s post.



Miscalculates finger

Hi hi~

I actually want to post about the Darevolution AGM thingy, but this story is too dumb to be hidden.

It happened a few minutes ago, I was surfing the internet, stalking my boyfriend (Shawn Mendes) while poking my teeth with my nails. I’ve done it, often. Poking my teeth with my nails, but I don’t think that I’ll do that again, or not. I’ll still probably do it again xD

Poke poke poke pooooooooooooeeeeeeeek!

My finger miscalculated its target and my index finger’s nail, in a dangerous angle, cut through my left upper gum. The pain was surprising and I relaxed for a moment, until I feel blood coming out from my mouth. After spitting all of that blood, I touched the ‘damaged’ area with my tongue. Ouch, I definitely can’t eat much this Hari Raya. My gum, its ripped for good.

I’m typing this while smiling, grinning like an idiot. Told my mom about it, she was worried at first, but laugh at me after hearing the real story. She said something about how I will be more childish than my children. I kinda doubt that, NOT. Hahahahahaha xD I may be more mature than people my age, but when Allya the Mischievous creature appeared, all hell went loose.

I’ll probably be the type of mother who will do pranks on her children every now and then. I hope my future husband is a kind and strict type, or I’ll probably ‘pijak kepala’ him. Then again, I’m quite strict when I need to be one. Aaaaaaaah, meeeh, complicated.

Hmmmmmm… I wonder what kind of mother will I be? It’s going to be interesting, finding out what I’ll become  xD

Tata~ Gonna suffer~ Torn gum~ No food~

A blur

You know that feeling when your mind just stop working. I’m writing this while hoping that none of my housemates will read it. These past few months was hectic. My schedule was packed, with both studying and UFS’s matters. True, I’m a strong person mentally, but I think I’m reaching my limit.

If you read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’m in the middle of my sem break. Although, there’s none for my housemates and I. It was fine, until now. We’re supposed to gather back at Kelana Jaya by next week and I’ve planned everything, but it just disappear. I was in a blur earlier, staring into the wall kind of blankness. Then, I started crying, sobbing like a little child whose candy has been taken away from her. In the middle of that emotional distress, I messaged a friend. I told that person about my sudden blur state, not knowing what to do.

Babbling about it, I stopped. Everyone have burdens, I don’t want to add my friends’ burdens; they have enough. Furthermore, I’m the one who jumped into the scene, knowing what I‘ll face ahead.

It happened while I was packing my luggage. I don’t know what to pack, heck, I don’t know what outfit I should wear next week. It got me thinking, what the hell am I doing right now? Why do I have to stay over at Kelana Jaya next week? Why can’t we just do it from our perspective home? Why? Why? Why? Endless whys.

Releasing my distress while writing this post, hoping that no one will read it; it calms me a bit.

Crazy it may sound, I think I need a break from everything. I need to see the doctor, need to spend more time being a college student. I want to act my age, without caring about anything but my pointers.

The last time I had a decent sleep was before I became the VP, am not complaining though, because I know that my Pres’s burdens are heavier. I promised myself not to add anything to his already-heavy-responsibility, but I guess I’m not strong enough. After this, I’ll have to be stronger, for everyone. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life, being strong, so what’s with the sudden breakdown?

Aaaah… I know… I think it’s because of my views. I haven’t see or being with any hot guys these days. Teheee~ Let’s lighten up the mood should we?

You gotta admit, hot guys are da bomb! Especially if they’re kind and hmmmm… I don’t care if they’re straight or not, as long as you’re an eye candy, then I’ll be fine. I’m not trying to be a hoe here; studies did show that handsome male lowers down female stress level.

Uhuuu, I just got a message from Pen’s gf, asking me to go out tomorrow. I think I’ll take on that offer. Gotta go outside and chill around, cuci mata~ Ceh, though Pen will probably come as well tomorrow, the chance of meeting new guys is going to be as thin as my patience.  Oh well, beggars cannot be choosers. Toodles world~


3 hours toilet break

Hi hi~

This tragic tragedy happened months ago. I was watching PPL and have a sudden urge to pee. After peeing (too much details, Allya), I did my wudhu to do Maghrib prayer. I didn’t lock the toilet’s door because no one was home (except my siblings), neither did I know that I’ll be stuck in that place for 3 hours.

Announcement, I have two rooms now. One for me to sleep in and one for me to do my work (art work, etc.) I was in the sleeping room which is located downstairs. I was thankfully, stuck inside the toilet on 1st floor.

I didn’t panicked at first, but after a few minutes; cold sweats man. I screamed for my sibling’s help. If I can’t destroy that door knob; I’m pretty sure they can’t even leave a dent on it. What did I do? I asked them to passed my phone and laptop through this tiny-grilled window.

The magical ‘pass-me-my-stuff-through-here window’

The question that everyone’s asking. No guys, I don’t bring my phones nor laptop inside the toilet -_-‘

I called my parents, grandparents, uncles, heck I whatsapp-ed my 5 Sc1 classmates (hoping that those who lived in Putrajaya can help me, but I guess they can’t -___-), but there’s no avail.


I want to break that door knob, but I was scared that my dad will scold me. After watching three episodes of PPL, I finally destroy that door knob. I hit if from the inside and my dad gave the final blow. Dang, thank God our neighbours are all away that night or they’ll think that a bomb blew up in my house.

We destroyed it in the end

During those three hours of coldness and dampness, I was thinking about my life (yeah, like how cool would it be if I’m as pretty as those girls in PPL) and remember lots of things (Uhhhmmm Shavvin, you have pictures-of-hot-aussie-guys overdue here). It made me realize on how lucky I am to have a nice house that can shelter me and a nice place where I can call school/university.


Well, that’s that. My writing skills suck these days. I’m going to read more books (not wattpad nor fanfics, a real physical book which title is not Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy)


Juggling in between

Hi hi~

So… As I mentioned in earlier posts, this semester was crazy (let’s just say that it has ended, only 3 days left to kill) because of how busy I was. I’m not trying to sound like I’m the busiest student on earth, but it was definitely the busiest 3-months of my life. It felt like time was moving too slow yet too fast. One day I’m rushing to class in my sneakers and tomorrow you will see me in my formal outfit + freaking high heels, banging some higher ups’ door somewhere; or maybe seeing me in my winter outfit (for class) walking around KL like a lost puppy and jungle trekking Bukit Nanas.

True, unlike those amazing adults out there, my busyness seems like nothing, but for a student; it’s quite hard. While you have to attend those full-of-stress meetings (inside and outside of campus), you have to maintain that 4.0-GPA. I have a full-day meeting today while having a 20%-marks-for-my-course-mark presentation on the next day. Not to mention having to write down an eight pages long of essay about myself (which I’m really good at, bragging about myself) and a 30-pages-long of economy report on ‘How Inflation Affects Argentina,’ all need to be submitted by that week. Ah, don’t forget to mention about those events, I got to make sure that UFS’s biggest event a.k.a. the Festival of Ideas (FOI) went smoothly and also making sure that no one dies during the leisure event, all occurred on the same week; just one day apart.

I’m not complaining on how busy I was, I enjoyed it actually. Those crazy hustle bustles and intense conversations on how to get 50K ASAP, but it has taken a toll on my body. Firstly, Allya don’t do pimples or acne. My face is as smooth as a baby’s butt, no enlarged pores, didn’t go through that crazy acne-all-over-my-face during puberty, a very evenly toned and glowing skin, ah! The list is endless! Yes, I am bragging, but the problem is, they’re all in the past! Smooth skin my butt, I have pimples here and there, uneven and dull skin, my dark circles! I never had one in my life before! Those odd-out-of-place oil all over my face. Oh God, it’s a disaster!

The busy schedule has been toned down for now, all I have to think about for this week is my exams. Due to that, my fav doctor in the world gave me some antibiotics to make my skin healthier and for the past few days I’ve been sleeping like a log. My parents didn’t even dare to wake me up (a post on this later on) even though I was sleeping throughout the whole day.

Slept at 10 pm, woke up at 2 pm to shower and eat lunch, then took a nap(?) from 5 and woke up again at 8 to do my prayers, slept again at 10 pm. The cycle continues for two days straight. I feel a bit refreshed, though not so much, but then again, beggars can’t be choosers.

(While writing this post my dad just arrived back home. It creeps the hell out of me, what kind of person, in their right mind will open their house door at midnight when someone rings the bell? I tiptoed like a thief to check the ‘guest,’ I sighed in relief when I saw my dad xD He asked me to call his phone ASAP because he left it in the Uber that he rode. Haaiih… He always loses his phone whenever he rides taxis or the likes.)

Many of you must be wondering why I’m writing this post, when I can actually sleep and have a good night rest or study for tomorrow’s exam. Well, I kinda just woke up from an eight-hour nap, so yeah… No sleeping tonight and I have no idea what to study -_-“

To end this post, I want to say that this semester was crazy, but heck, it was the best three months of my life! Get to meet new people, get to learn new things, get to do lots of things. It may be tiring, but like usual, Allya rarely regrets her decisions and I am so not regretting my decision for volunteering myself as the president (though I became a VP). By the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, when you remember the smiles and happiness of the people around you; you’re good to go~