Last meeting

It was held last Monday. Reason? Because we have to conduct the Darevolution Annual Grand Meeting on Wednesday.

It was attended by the Pres, VP, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Head of Divisions and Director and Asst. Director of events. It was a short one, officially, it lasted only 30 minutes. We extend it unofficially xD

We played a game, it’s called mafia. We played it first before having to conduct the games on Wednesday. It was fun and dumb xD A great day to end something. I had mixed feelings. It felt sad, but happy. Everyone was having fun, so I didn’t want to ruin it by being sappy. Though it was quite obvious that I was not in the mood. I was being quiet the whole time…

Saaad… Final meeting for January semester… And end of an era, huh…

I don’t know what else to write about that day. Wasn’t feeling it much, because yeah… My boyfriend (Shawn Mendes) cheated on me… #gilabayang

BUBUR LAMBUK; A Malay Tradition

Hi hi~

I’m not really bored. I have a test tomorrow; statistic, promised myself that I’ll finish my law assignment by this week, worrying about tomorrow’s Darevolution Annual Grand Meeting (yes, bye bye to my VP position) and wondering why I am single.

Girls just wanna have some fun~ Well, I want to write, so no one can stop me ;p

Last Friday, my campus did this free Bubur Lambuk thingy. They use #weallpayunglagi as their slogan or something.


It was fun, lecturers from all faculties came down and help out, as well as students. Though I think that UNITAR Foundation School (UFS) students are the most chaotic one. Riots I tell you! Noisy bunch of monkeys, freed from the UNITAR zoo. But hey, we did help, a lot.

I came down to help at around 10ish, after my class with Sir Im. I forgot what class it was, but Sir Arvin being Sir Arvin, he signed me up for the program (without my permission of course). Meh, I like it anyway.

We have to make at least 2500 Bubur Lambuk and when I entered the kitchen, wow! It was as hectic as ever. Just like during the Kem Pencabahan (idk how to spell it xD) Minda lunch and breakfast preparations.

Currently, I was the only student and as the youngest person in the kitchen, I helped them fast. Tick tock tick tock, time passed. One by one, students came by to help and more UFS’s students also came. We were one of the very few people who stayed behind until the end. Heck, I’m glad that I was wearing a casual outfit. Casual Fridaaaaaaaaay~~~

Though it was a pain when my sweater got wet because I had to washed those huge appliances. I mean, I don’t mind being wet, but I was supposed to give out those Bubur Lambuk a.k.a. meeting outsiders with an I-have-been-slaved-in-the-kitchen-for-hours outfit; it’s a big NO-NO. Kalau jumpa jodoh macam mana?! Lari, sis!

Okay, back to the topic. UFS have the youngest students, the baby of the university, thus we got the furthest spot. We have to give out the Bubur Lambuk at Petronas Batu 3, Shah Alam. Again, as we were the youngest in the team, we had to transfer around 250ish Bubur Lambuk MANUALLY from the common room (lv2) to the parking lot (lvB1). While others get trollies, we had our powerful manpower and also, they have Allya The Girl with Monstrous Strength.

The trip was fine, except for the part where the van had to stop for a gas or should I say, diesel stop. Damn… The smell was bad, freaking bad! We almost died! (definitely exaggerated)

We set a small table in front of Mesra (Petronas convenience store) and distribute the Bubur Lambuk by going to vehicles around.

I really like this photo, Payel looks sooo pweeetty~

Sir Arvin and Sir Ron had other ideas. They went to the exit of Petronas and gave out the Bubur Lambuk to the passerby. It looks fun, trying to kill yourself while doing good deeds, so I followed them. Later, Arif (Nonok) came as well. We suffered for a while but after gathering a number of crowds, the others followed us as well. Let’s kill ourselves together, yeah xD

By the end of the day, I was dead tired and I’m pretty sure everyone was worn out as well. Nevertheless, the smiles on those people who received the Bubur Lambuk was a great reward.

UNITAR Foundation School on the loooooose~

It’s the holy month of Ramadhan, where good deeds are repaid by a lot more pahala than usual. Not to mention that cooking for those who are fasting are a noble thing to do. Gotta admit, I’m not a saint, I don’t think I have that much pahala, so it was a great opportunity for me to give happiness to people and also to help me to enter Jannah, which of course, is not easy.

That night, I was too lazy to do Tarawih, but hey, what’s the point of you doing good deeds but leaving one of the greatest gift of Ramadhan? There’s also no class on Saturday, so yeay!

(Truthfully, I complained the next morning. I slept for 16 hours straight because I got my period that night, after Tarawih. Fuh! The next morning, it felt like my body was punched here and there. The soreness, oh God. Eeeeeeeergh!)

Apapun, saya tidak menyesalinya!

Teheee~ I guess that is all for today.


P.S. The title said a Malay tradition because I’ve realized it for sometime now, that here in Malaysia, a few days before the 1st of Syawal (Hari Raya Aidilfitri), especially the last 10 days of Ramadhan; they like to give out Bubur Lambuk. Though I’m not sure why. I mean, I don’t know why they’re giving out Bubur Lambuk and not Nasi Lemak. If we were to talk about the costing, Bubur Lambuk is quite hard to make and the ingredients are quite pricey as well. I’ll do my homework and research some more~

Wattpad much

Hi hi~

It has been two weeks since class started. Life is good, yeah. S’all good. Everything is back to normal, except for the fact that I’m isolating myself from the world…


To those who doesn’t know what Wattpad is, I suggest you to download it and use it to the fullest! Oh God! My private library is full of my guilty pleasures! >///,\\\<

I first stumbled upon Wattpad two years ago, in 2015. I think I downloaded it because Cici wrote a story and post it on Wattpad, or maybe I downloaded it because of its amazing contents of fanfiction. I don’t know and I’m not sure how it started, but it’s one of the two reasons.

Wattpad and I were inseparable, especially during my stay in Indonesia. It was my one and only friend. We kept hanging out 24/7 until I officially became a college student. I stopped reading Wattpad because things were just hectic. I forgot about its existence for a while, I’m sorry my dear friend TT^TT

This obsessive reading of mine started again a few weeks ago; in the middle of my non-existence semester break. I was bored and lazily opened the Wattpad app.


From that moment on, I was addicted to it. I read it anytime and anywhere. I read it before I went to bed, as well as on the bus, even though reading on a moving vehicles messed up with my head a bit. I didn’t know it was that bad until today.

I came to campus quite early and the class was empty, what did I do? Continue reading a Wattpad story of course. Tick tock tick tock tick tock, Sir Ron, my psychology lecturer barged in, which kinda surprised me. I look up blurly and snapped out of my reverie after Sir Ron asked, “Are you okay ah, Allya?”

It struck me that class is starting and is already packed with my friends. The blocked noises come to my hearing sense, the auras of living creature was felt through the air. I was stunt, I didn’t move nor speak. I was too deeply sucked into Wattpad world. I feel bad towards my surroundings. I hope I didn’t ignore anyone who greeted me ‘good morning’ because guys, I really didn’t feel your presence. All I can remember was, imagining the female lead in the Wattpad story as me a.k.a. Allya being pampered with love and lux by a hot young billionaire.

Sadly, I don’t want to stop xD It’s getting worse, I admit, but hey, bukan selalu. So, if you say ‘hi’ to me but are being ignored, please don’t feel offended because I’m currently not in this world. Thank you. Hahahahahaha xD

Toodles for now. I have a Wattpad story to read, tata~

Was it 2 or 3?

Hi hi~

So… the first week of semester 3 is coming to an end. It was bearable. No one died, or vomited pieces of their lungs. Though most of us are quite depressed. Our results are out and most of our pointer drops. The only one whose pointer increases is Kink.

Mine dropped by 0.13. I know, I’m still in the dean’s list, but stiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllll… Haih, bersyukur saja…

I have to write a report about last sem’s activities, club activities. I wrote them all smoothly until I reached the part about place surveying. The team and I surveyed Bukit Nanas for the leisure event before choosing the place. I vividly remember that we went there thrice before the event, but I can’t seem to recall the third time.

I asked Pres about it and he said that we went there thrice, but he too can’t remember the third one. If it was only me, then fine, but Pres even said that we went there three times.

What is this memory? When did we go there? With whom? Why did we go there?

Those questions are replaying in my head.

1st survey

We went there for the first time and it was chaotic. We got lost, we don’t know where we are. Basically we got lost in the middle of KL. All of us are in our usual ‘winter’ campus attire and we had to walk for miles and miles, not to mention jungle trekking as well.

By the end of the day, we were worn out. Despite those craziness, it was fun.

What’s memorable on that day was Pres’s sleeping habit. He slept everywhere. Zatul also got hurt on that day because we were not wearing proper shoes. We were supposed to only meet the management and then went back home, that’s why we were not prepared.

Those who came along. Shantan, Pavi, Zatul, Yuni, Kavin, Marsha and Pres. Obviously me as well.

2nd survey

Only five people went there this time. Pres, Shantan, Kavin, Pavi and I. I was too lazy to go, but leaving those three guys alone to survey the place. Hmmm… Not a good idea.

The boys turn into monkeys. Hanging from one monkey bar to another. It was not as tiring because we wore appropriate clothing. We also had our lunch around Bukit Nanas’s area. It was an expensive simple lunch.


3rd survey

Blank… I have no memory about it, but I feel like we did go there for the 3rd time. I feel like on the event day itself, was my 4th time coming to Bukit Nanas. Though, when? What happen?

It’s killing me inside! I don’t have a memory about it, but it feels real. I feel like it happened. Haiih… Ntahlah, whatever lah. I’ll just write two reports about. Meeeh~


A terrible case of…


Diarrhea and I are in a love and hate relationship, but this time, it is annoying me endlessly. It occurred last night, in the middle of tarawih. Even before I went to the mosque, I had a bad stomach ache, but I ignore it. It bearable until the 4th rakaat of tarawih. I feel like throwing up, worse of it all, I want to fart sooo badly!

You know that moment where you just can’t hold back that gas that’s trying to get out from your body. I hold it in, hoping that it will not came out, or at least, it will not make any sound nor smell. Disgusting, I know, but hey, everyone ‘kentut’ alright.

I think it was during the 7th rakaat where I let it out xD Of course I continued my prayers or it’ll be so obvious that I dropped a smoke bomb. I can’t think straight and I’m in desperate need of a toilet break. The moment the imam finished reciting the du’a, I dragged my sister and bulldozed everyone who tried to passed by me. When I reached the exit, there’s this adorable little girl playing around, blocking the exit. I’m so sorry little child, but I jumped above her. I was desperate okay!

I reached the toilet and it was freaaaaking full! There’s another toilet, though I don’t want to go there. It’s located next to the mortuary, so yeah. Tak tenang nak membuang xD

In the end I didn’t go to the toilet, I pestered my family to go back home ASAP and aaaaah…. It was heaven on earth when I arrived.

Although, I thought that it’s just a onetime kind of thing. Who knows that I’ll be suffering from it until now. Eeergh… The pain is real. I’m used to suffer from diarrhea, but this time, its worse.

Nevertheless, I feel better now after pranking someone.








Karma is a biach, but whatever xD

 That is how disgusting my tarawih the other day is. Haks.


P.S. Now I know why I’m down with diarrhea. I’m allergic to rice and my stomach is sensitive to spicy things. I ate a huge amount of Nasi Kerabu with extra spiciness yesterday. Haks, padan muka.