This post was written after that BB and Lya incident, but I forgot to post it -_-“

Deep shit trouble, that’s what we’re in. Hoping that everything is over, but who knew that it’ll be the end of us as well.

A bump. I hope that is all. What this is all about. If it’s really ruined, I’ll ruin those two.

Laughter, anger, tears. Getting scolded, being lied to, embarrassed.

It’s been less than five months, but these people, I love them lots. Maybe not up to the point where I’ll die for them yet, but it was fast; less than a year and I am lonely without them.

Is it a sign? Maybe Allah didn’t want me to get hurt much, when I have to leave them. Or maybe, we’ll be closer than ever after this. Who knows. Life is a mystery after all.

That is all, tata.

Pffffft… Such a dramatic post. We’re okay now, btw. True, it may not be the same as before, but it’s fine. We’re fine. I don’t know whether we’re closer or not, but the bond will forever be there, insyaallah. If any of you break this bond or leave me, I’ll drag each one of you by the hair and lock you up somewhere. Ceh, said the person who’s leaving soon. Hypocrite.


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