M2H Life: Embrace your heritage

Such a vague title huh. To those who didn’t know, I’m an Indonesian who has been living in Malaysia since mid-2005. It should be around 12 years since I first came to Malaysia; to live, not for a holiday. A lot of things have changed and most of them are bearable. The Indonesians-are-all-poor mindset has disappeared gradually. True, some are still narrow minded, but they’re a minority.

My name, it’s quite unique; spelling of my middle name. Meh, even my first name is a rare sight. My birth name was ‘ALLYA MUCHAERANY, but it has gotten longer now and the apostrophe has been removed. Currently, my name is ALLYA MUCHAERANY MULYONO; Mulyono is my dad’s last name and though before I didn’t like the sound of it, I kinda like it now. It sounds so Indonesian, so traditional and I love traditional.

The name ALLYA is a variation of the spelling ALIYA. Meaning? A high-ranking person, a superior. That’s why I am who I am today. A person who likes to be on the top, well except now, because I’ve reached my quota of body dividation.

MUCHAERANY is my best dream and worst nightmare. Unless you’re an Indonesian, or German; people won’t pronounce it correctly. It’s pronounced as MU-HAI-RANI, silent the ‘C’ or just act like it’s not there. The ‘C’ is there because my dad’s first name has a ‘C’ in it; MOCHAMAD.

This name was given by my grandmother, who tends to give my other cousins weird sounding name as well. The MUCHAE part is because I was born on the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram. 11th May, 1998 (Monday) – 14th Muharram 1419.

Okay the MUCHAERANY part is kinda long. The Rany part of MUCHAERANY means queen. Rani is an energetic self-starter, capable of sustain a fast pace with strong leadership and qualities. A real motivator a.k.a. ME. Teheee~ That is why, in my official signature, I don’t use the ALLYA name and use RANEE instead. Like, I’m a freaking queen, world! #gilabayang

Next, the MULYONO part. I used to dislike it, because it sounded so Indonesian, like ew. Although, as I grew up, I took a liking to it. It’s like an Indonesian heritage or something. The name MULYONO is a Javanese word for ‘mulia’ or noble. I don’t know, maybe I was narrow-minded before, but hey, not everyone can get this name; so why aren’t you proud of it, Allya? Idiot. I came to accept it because yeah, no matter what happen, MULYONO is my last name that can’t be changed and I seem to love my country more, so I want to keep a part of my country with me (you look like a freaking ASEAN girl and you obviously have Indonesian blood in your DNA, what more do you want Allya?!)

To summarize my name, it means ME. The current me, the past me and insyaallah, the future me. A noble woman with crazy amount of confidence who needs to be the best (1st place is a must, except when it comes to studying and sport. Teheee~ For those two categories, especially the last one; I don’t mind losing, at all) and is always itching to lead.

Like they say, your name will define who you are, so choose your children’s name wisely people. Too strong and the child will be burdened, but a weak name can drag down the child. My name is balanced, with my soft middle name.

Ooookaaay… Maybe my name is not so soft after all.

Those three names all have something in common, superior. Aaaah… No wonder my superiorness is a bit over the top. Blame my parents and grandparents. Hahahahahahahaha xD Just kidding~

I guess that is all for my name. It’s a bit boring, or a pompous post, but yeah. I just want to tell the world why I changed my Instagram name from @allyamuchaerany to @allyamulyono; heck people kept asking, even my best friend. That doesn’t make sense, just bear with me xD


P.S. My name was supposed to be Siti Allya, but I’m glad that didn’t happen. No offense to those named Siti, you guys are amazing ❤


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