My little Piggy

Hi hi~

If you read my past blog post, I mentioned something about having more close friends in campus other than my housemates. Although, for privacy reason, I can’t expose them, but I don’t care anymore xD

They’re called Piggy and Shin-chan. I’m close with Piggy since my first semester, she was one of the first few person who I met on my first day. Then, I found out that she’s dating Shin-can who is in the same semester as Pres. We are soooo close with each other, that I don’t mind third-wheeling them, at all; just like how I’m always there when Kink and Payel get together ;p

So, Piggy found my blog a few days ago and she became one of my avid reader. Unknowingly, she was inspired to write her own blog. Hiks! *happy tears*

The fact that someone was inspired by me; it’s an honor. I couldn’t be happier, am touched. Since I’ve introduced them to the world, stay tune to their roller-coaster ride love story! It’s one hell of a ride, I tell you xD No offense Piggy and Shin-chan, love you two lots ❀

Do check out Piggy’s blog, she mentioned me on her first blog post! TT^TT



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