Payel is a Mo… WHAAAT?!

Hi hi~

After writing the AGM post last night, I was looking for Payel’s blog. I was helping a friend of mine by giving her links to the blogs that I like. I forgot Payel’s blog URL, so I googled ‘Farafiqa blogspot.’


My first thought when I saw the blog was, ‘Eik, she changed her blog layout.’

Then, I scroll down and a post shocked the hell out of me.


I think I almost peed in my pants when I read the first two lines.

HA! PAYEL IS A MOTHER?! WHAT THE?! ASDFFGHJKLL! *insert the ‘Scream’ painting*

It took me a while to compose myself. I know, you may think that I’m stupid. Why do you believe that it’s Payel’s blog? Well, there’s a photo of the writer and she looks like Payel. That’s why, I THOUGHT that it was her blog. I was shocked shite Sherlock! After calming down and getting back my genius mind, I tried to recall Payel’s real blog.


I did memorized it after all.

To the owner of, do forgive me for posting your blog without your permission. I was just so amaze at how dumb I was. Hahahahahaha xD

That is all for my idiotic night xD


P.S. Gonna do a PLL Season 7 MARATHOOOOOOON~ The final episode is tomorrow~ Kyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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