Miscalculates finger

Hi hi~

I actually want to post about the Darevolution AGM thingy, but this story is too dumb to be hidden.

It happened a few minutes ago, I was surfing the internet, stalking my boyfriend (Shawn Mendes) while poking my teeth with my nails. I’ve done it, often. Poking my teeth with my nails, but I don’t think that I’ll do that again, or not. I’ll still probably do it again xD

Poke poke poke pooooooooooooeeeeeeeek!

My finger miscalculated its target and my index finger’s nail, in a dangerous angle, cut through my left upper gum. The pain was surprising and I relaxed for a moment, until I feel blood coming out from my mouth. After spitting all of that blood, I touched the ‘damaged’ area with my tongue. Ouch, I definitely can’t eat much this Hari Raya. My gum, its ripped for good.

I’m typing this while smiling, grinning like an idiot. Told my mom about it, she was worried at first, but laugh at me after hearing the real story. She said something about how I will be more childish than my children. I kinda doubt that, NOT. Hahahahahaha xD I may be more mature than people my age, but when Allya the Mischievous creature appeared, all hell went loose.

I’ll probably be the type of mother who will do pranks on her children every now and then. I hope my future husband is a kind and strict type, or I’ll probably ‘pijak kepala’ him. Then again, I’m quite strict when I need to be one. Aaaaaaaah, meeeh, complicated.

Hmmmmmm… I wonder what kind of mother will I be? It’s going to be interesting, finding out what I’ll become  xD

Tata~ Gonna suffer~ Torn gum~ No food~


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