Was it 2 or 3?

Hi hi~

So… the first week of semester 3 is coming to an end. It was bearable. No one died, or vomited pieces of their lungs. Though most of us are quite depressed. Our results are out and most of our pointer drops. The only one whose pointer increases is Kink.

Mine dropped by 0.13. I know, I’m still in the dean’s list, but stiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllll… Haih, bersyukur saja…

I have to write a report about last sem’s activities, club activities. I wrote them all smoothly until I reached the part about place surveying. The team and I surveyed Bukit Nanas for the leisure event before choosing the place. I vividly remember that we went there thrice before the event, but I can’t seem to recall the third time.

I asked Pres about it and he said that we went there thrice, but he too can’t remember the third one. If it was only me, then fine, but Pres even said that we went there three times.

What is this memory? When did we go there? With whom? Why did we go there?

Those questions are replaying in my head.

1st survey

We went there for the first time and it was chaotic. We got lost, we don’t know where we are. Basically we got lost in the middle of KL. All of us are in our usual ‘winter’ campus attire and we had to walk for miles and miles, not to mention jungle trekking as well.

By the end of the day, we were worn out. Despite those craziness, it was fun.

What’s memorable on that day was Pres’s sleeping habit. He slept everywhere. Zatul also got hurt on that day because we were not wearing proper shoes. We were supposed to only meet the management and then went back home, that’s why we were not prepared.

Those who came along. Shantan, Pavi, Zatul, Yuni, Kavin, Marsha and Pres. Obviously me as well.

2nd survey

Only five people went there this time. Pres, Shantan, Kavin, Pavi and I. I was too lazy to go, but leaving those three guys alone to survey the place. Hmmm… Not a good idea.

The boys turn into monkeys. Hanging from one monkey bar to another. It was not as tiring because we wore appropriate clothing. We also had our lunch around Bukit Nanas’s area. It was an expensive simple lunch.


3rd survey

Blank… I have no memory about it, but I feel like we did go there for the 3rd time. I feel like on the event day itself, was my 4th time coming to Bukit Nanas. Though, when? What happen?

It’s killing me inside! I don’t have a memory about it, but it feels real. I feel like it happened. Haiih… Ntahlah, whatever lah. I’ll just write two reports about. Meeeh~



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