1st Hari Guru…

As an alumniiiii~~~

Hi hi~

It’s been a relaxing couple of days, but hell is going start next week… Or should I say, this week. Whatever, gonna enjoy what I have now.

Last Friday, SMK Cyberjaya (SMKC) a.k.a. my old high school, held their annual Teacher’s Day celebration. My friends and I went there to take our SPM certificates, while we’re at it; crashing their party. I arrived at seven in the morning because I was too lazy to go back and forth from Putrajaya to Cyberjaya. Ate my breakfast at the canteen and krik krik. Awkward silence. I didn’t recognize anyone…

What did I do?

I went to my infamous hangout place, bilik guru. I’m a regular there you see, I don’t give a damn about that ‘Pelajar dilarang masuk kecuali ketua kelas’ sign. Ehem self-declare ehem ketua pelajar ehem.

It was hanged in front of the bilik guru door. So sweet lah these students~

Went inside, saw my teachers and voila~ I became their makeup artist for the day. This year’s theme was 1001 Arabian Nights, so everyone was busy doing their Arabian eye makeup. Too much words, let’s see the photos should we.

I did some of their makeup and dang, they look good! *self-praising on point*

We didn’t have that backdrop before! #seniorjealous
They’ve also changed the class signs. No more individual classes, all are according-by-subject classes
Our DA BOMB teacher, Cikgu Rozie’s photo is placed on the right side of the stairs and trust me when I say, IT IS FREAKING BIG! Sampai bila-bila tak kan lupa xD

After following my teachers ‘berarak’ to the hall, I was asked to sit down on the chair. The mighty chair!!! I don’t have to sit on the floor, I sat on the legendary blue chair!!! I freaked out xD I mean c’mon, it was a formal event and I don’t have to sit on the floor! Jakun okeh! Hahahahahaha xD

Bla bla bla, sorry juniors, it was boring…

None of my friends arrived yet. I talked to some people and teachers, that’s all I can do anyway.

At 9ish, the boys from Putrajaya came. We took our certificates and wait for the others to come. Boooorriiiiing… But I missed them, so it’s bearable. The girls came, then the other girl came and the other girl. We went inside the hall to meet the teachers. The boys were scared at first, they don’t want to be judge. Neither do they know that they’ll be praised by the teachers. Anak tiri remember.

Those who came minus Stepha and Rizq.

We bid our goodbyes, we went to eat lunch. We walked a lot, I mean it’s quite far, not. Guess what, the restaurant closed due to an unknown reason. I craved their butter chicken! Too baaaad. We decided to go to mamak. That’s when Danial and Amira went wild. They exchanged cars, but Amira forgot to give the key to Danial. He then chased his car which was being driven by Amira, with the help of Emir’s motorbike. It was stupid as usual. Zan, Stepha and I were being roasted inside the car. Cyberjaya is waaaaaaaay hotter than Kelana Jaya. Heatstroke~~~

Bla bla bla, we ate our lunch and voila~ Ended. Actually there’s more stories, but teheeee~ Biarlah rahasia~~~

It may not seem like a big deal, but meeting them was a break. I do love my housemates, but campus life was a bit stressful and all I see was their faces. Tidur muka tu, bangun pun muka tu. Serabut sikit.

Meeting old friends are a treat. It brings you down the memory lane, a great occasional trip that everyone needs to join. Lesson learnt on that day, go and meet your old friends more often. Its impact can be greater than you thought it’ll be.

Though I can’t meet them all, I’ve released some of my pent-up sappy self. Teheeee~

Love you guys, xoxo.






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