McD 24/7

Hi hi~

Part 2 of our crazy meetings.

Truthfully, I don’t remember what happened xD Basically my housemates and I have to discuss something about the run. After dragging Pres and Kink out of their beds, we went to McD.

We held the meeting for like 5 minutes and everyone went their own ways, or in this case, I’m stuck with Pres because Kink wanted some alone time with Payel.

I think it was the first time where Pres and I actually have deep talk. It was late, we sat outside, rain was pouring down. It sounds sweet, but when the place was dark and deserted; I’m glad no ghost popped out. We talked and talked until we went inside to disturb those two.

I don’t know how many box of cigarettes he finished that night *eye rolling*

When we went inside, Kink and Payel went somewhere, or was it Pres and Kink; I forgot -_-” Cut me some slack will you, it was 2 in the morning! Waay passed my bed time.

Bla bla bla, there was this part where Pres and I were left all alone again, but this time we were inside. I was looking for a charity that we can give the profit of the run to when I stumbled upon this YouTube video.

I cried, then I asked Pres to watched it. He cried, which surprised me. After we finished the video, Kink and Payel arrived and we watched the video again. The three of us except Payel cried xD Such emotional creatures, we are.

When they’re starting to sell the McD breakfast, Pres and Kink went to buy some. I was left with Payel and the both of us fell asleep for a while, but before that, she played around with my phone.

The guys woke us up and I guess it counts as breakfast since the both of us just woke up from our short sleep xD Kink was freaking excited about it. He loves McMuffin sausage with eggs, you see. So his excitement was adorable.

Our breakfast. My stomach can’t really accept it, macam sahur je. I mean, look at the time! xD

We ate and at around 7 a.m. we went back home and slept until who knows when. It was hilarious, and it was during this time that I promised myself to write about every single meetings that were stupidly stupid.

It’s a bit boring, but the fact that we stayed at McD from midnight until sunrise was funny. It didn’t happen just once, remember my birthday story. Stayed there from 11 p.m. until 9 a.m.

Crazy as it sounds, it was fun. Tiring but fun, those good old days where we can joke around and laugh around without caring much about the world. The burdens are tiring us out, I hope we’ll last long.

I miss those three TT^TT


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