They were mad, freaking mad at me; Nana and Nody. Hell, Nana wants to kill me the next time we see each other. So why are they trying to kill me? Well…

As you all know, my life was a bit hectic for the past few months and I was a softie, unlike my usual old self. Nody didn’t say it straight to my ace, only Nana did, for now; but according to Nana, Nody was furious. The both of them are nonchalant type of  people. They don’t care about how others are, but the fact that Nana screamed into my ear about my health, both mentally and physically; I know that I’m screwed.

You worried about others too much!

You don’t care about yourself!

Stop pushing yourself to the limit will you!

When Nana called me, Kink and Pres was near. I even asked them to confirm it to her that I love going to the doctor. She ‘ugut’ me, saying that she will call my mom if this keep on going. She kept shutting my mouth and kept ‘membebel’ until my ear bled.

Although, I wasn’t mad. I actually feel sad. Those two, especially Nana, don’t really care much, but the fact that she reached her limit and blew up… Yeah… I think I should slow down. No, I will slow down. This happened, that happened. Not only those two, my other friends are annoyed/worried at me. Even the I-do-not-care-about-the-world Syamiel was pissed at me. Pen was annoyed, his girfriend whom I just met and see only once was worried about me. Ardella is of course, being Cici, was acting cool about it, but I know that she’s hurting to see me like this.

I don’t feel tired, no, I feel tired, but it’s bearable. Though according to people around me, I should stop. Obviously, I can,t stop, though I’ll try to lessen my bussyness. C’mon guys, you know how I am. I’ll also be the old cruel Allya back. The kind of person who orders people around, being bossy and all.

I guess I was being selfish. I kept telling myself to be strong for others, but in the end, I ended up worrying them. I’ll be stronger and I will lean on people more now. Love yaaa~



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