To Live, or To Die Together.

Ever wonder how you’ll die, or your friends; maybe family? I am scared of it, death I mean. Of course everyone will go through it; you’ll think about 101 ways to avoid it, but once its front of you; you don’t know what to do. That’s me.

No, alhamdulillah my time has not come yet, but I don’t know about this friend of mine. Will ‘A’ survive of will ‘A’ … I hope not, nauzubillahminzalik!

Dear ‘A’,

Hi, I know you know who I’m writing this to. I’m too shy to give this to you personally. Yeah… I can be shy too, you little twat. Others may not see it, but you are the best friend anyone can have, a great listener and story teller too. You’re one of the very few people who trust me unconditionally; that’s why you’re placed near my heart. I know, I may not have the best first impression and as rare as you are; it was changed for the better.

Time passed, we did basically everything together. Eating, hanging out, laughing, crying, heck we even became sleeping buddy. Without me noticing, you’ve become someone important in my life. A friend I’m brave enough to share about my life.

It was a happy time, no, it will always be like that. You’ll be healthy soon and I will be there with you, to fight whatever sickness it is. Allya the drama queen promise to always put a smile on her face for you; I will not shed any tears. In return, you have to be strong. I know you’re a very determined, hard-headed and cunning person. You hate losing and you will not lose this battle.

I will always back you up, except when we’re fighting of course. I will not take you for granted, I’m going to love you unconditionally from now on. I don’t want to regret anything, I want to spend as much time with you and others, but you mostly. When things get hard, always remember, that I will honestly, truthfully, whole heartedly love you, forever; no matter where I am.

My dear little twat,

I don’t know when you’ll read this, but I hope by then, we’re still in the same page; still laughing together like idiots. Truthfully, I don’t know what I’ll do without you, for now at least because your existence is too obvious that it scares me. But hey, I’m the one who lets you in. Even if I’m not with you, do remember that I’m near, then I’ll do the same. Thank you for trusting me and like usual, love ya. Let’s go on a trip should we, after all of this is over. That’s why you have to stay healthy, for everyone, for yourself, for me. Should we book the ticket now? Plane tickets can’t be refunded, yanno. Again, I will love you, until MY dying days, insyaallah.

Love, your easy-to-tell-things-to friend.

Oh God, I sounded like I’m confessing my feelings -_-“ But meh, ‘A’ can be a girl or a guy, or both xD You’re used to it, right ‘A’? #kawanygover



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