Hi hi~

If you’re my old friends, then I’m sure you know how bad my messaging problem is. By bad I mean like bad, BAD! Typos, sending wrong things to the wrong people. Ya Allah, it’s a disaster.

I saved lots of examples, though I’m too lazy to find them, but here’s one.


Ok, this was not fully my fault. Pres was the one who said the sentence, even after I warned him. Viola~ I sent a weird sounding message because of that. I’m pretty sure he wanted to punch me in the face right at that moment. C’mon, it’s a group full of lecturers!

Typos are my worst enemy. People could really misunderstand me. Once, I sent something weird to Payel. It was supposed to be an innocent message, but turned awry. If she doesn’t know me better, she would’ve kill me by now.

There’s also a time where Lesbong literally tried to pushed me off a cliff because of it. She was so frustrated, up to the point where she thinks that I’m an annoying little creature.

That’s that. I feel so guilty right now. I was helping a friend with his relationship and freaking sent the wrong message to the wrong person! I accidentally sent it to a group chat. Me wanna kick myself in the guts! I made it looked like I’m the one who wrote those things, even though all I did was checking it. The guilt! Uhuuu!!!


That happened before I changed Pres’s name, and I think I changed my housemates’ name after that incident. He knows my ‘bad’ habit and likes to ‘layan’ me. The same thing happened during Nody’s b’day. I sent her a message saying that I’m on my way to her working place, heck I even sent a weird sounding voice message. Nody was really shocked when I arrived, because it was unexpected. It shocked me more, like halloooo, I sent you messages kut. Haiiih… My life…

To those who will be chatting with me in the future, let me apologize earlier. I am trying to fix these bad habits, but it takes time. My carelessness. That’s why I have to delete my conversations every single night, or it’ll become a freaking mess.

Uhuuuu, I feel bad for everyone. I’m sorry guys TT^TT



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