Girls’ Night Out

Hi hi~

It’s semester break. Me and my housemates are stuck in campus. Meetings after meetings. We’re kinda screwed, but that’s how life is. Not complaining tho, it’s fun and productive.

Today, we have a lunch meeting with Sir Erry. It’s supposed to be the four of us, but Kink and Payel went to bed after Subuh, so only Pres and I attended it. Since it’s a lunch meeting, the venue was at Kedai Sebelah. Yup, the name of the restaurant is Kedai Sebelah. Unique. Sir Erry ate, but the two of us didn’t (which we regretted later on). We talked about these and those and bla.

We had to hurry back to the campus because we were supposed to meet the CCO and Madam Amira wants the proposal to show it to the CEO. I panicked a bit since the proposal was not finished yet. Thankfully I finished it on time, Madam Farah checked it and voila~ Print it.

Kink and Payel were late. Like freaking late. It annoyed us a bit, but hmmm… Housemates kan, gotta forgive one another. We met the CCO, the CEO approves, we got the sponsorship letter, GREEN LIGHT and go~

The meeting ended quite early, unlike yesterday. By seven, the four of us were sitting at Murni Discovery, waiting for our foods. It was a hassle choosing a place to eat, or to cook. We were too lazy, so eating out it is.

Once we were full, we went back home and the craziness starts. Payel made Nescafe for everyone (black coffee for me) and we ended up lazying inside her room. Pres was supposed to go back to Seremban and Kink to KL, but we were having a heart to heart talk, so they decided to stay. It was dumb and funny at first, though thanks to me, the waterworks start.

We were playing 20 questions; nevertheless, ended up only answering two questions which brought everyone to tears, especially me and Pres. The two of us got too emotional that it was sad to see. I’m not sure about Kink, but Payel cried as well. It’s a sensitive topic; it stabbed us in the heart. Like a lightning strike, we were overcome with guilt and regret.

Let’s not talk too much about the sad part, here’s the stupid but fun part.

The boys went down to buy some cigarettes and they promised us to play makeup after that. The first victim was me. Kink did my makeup and I WILL NEVER LET HIM TOUCH MY FACE AGAIN! I get that he’s a first-timer, but does he has to poke my eye and did my eye shadow like I was punched in the eye? It was a horrid picture.


After Kink did my makeup, I did his and while at it, Payel was doing Pres’s face. I finished Kink’s makeup quite fast and I continued to do Pres’s eye makeup. It was a ‘beautiful’ picture. Two grown women turning two macho men into ‘macho’ men.

I don’t think I’ve ever write about how I walked around with lipstick on my teeth. A few months back, I was hanging out at campus with Kink and met new people. I talked with them, walked here and there with them, without realizing that there’s lipstick on my teeth. When I’ve removed the lipstick (I found out about it when I was trying on Sofia’s lipstick), Kink told me that he’s too lazy to tell me that I have lipstick on my teeth. I WANT TO KILL HIM at that moment. The embarrassment was hmmmm…

Today, while putting on some lipstick on me, he freaking put it on my teeth! Like my teeth was painted purple. Haiiih…

Bla bla bla, here’s some of the photo.


Kink did Payel’s makeup as well, but she deleted all of her photos. Too bad, so not cool lah Payel ni -_-

That’s all for today, tata~

P.S. According to Pres, this must not be known to outsiders. Imagine that, the President and the Asst. Director of Darevolution, dong such horrid things xD Meh, I’ve filtered the photos. There’s a lot to show, but gotta keep my housemates’ dignity in tack. After all, reputation is all a man has~



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