M2H Life: Nineteen B’day Bash

B’day bash my arse. It was nothing like a birthday party, but it was a warm day.

If you read my earlier post, you know that I spent my night and morning with Amyr and Farrel. We decided to go to Putrajaya because of several reasons. Although, in the end we forgo the idea because we were too tired. It was 6ish in the morning when Kink, Farrel and I decided to go back home. Before going back, Kink called Daryl and Daryl asked Kink to wait for him. Obviously we didn’t leave Kink alone in McD.

So Daryl said that he’ll arrive in 40 mins, but his 40 mins are freaking long. I slept like a log at McD, covering myself with Kink’s jacket, looking like a homeless person. Farrel and Amyr were watching Tangled while laughing like children, bad children because they’re way past their bed time.

When Daryl arrived, my mom Whatsapped me saying that she wanna make Soto for everyone because I told her earlier that we’re going to Putrajaya. I forgot to inform her, the plan was cancelled and damn, I was screwed. With puppy-eyes that obviously didn’t work, I pleaded them to go back home with me. There were few groans, but we went to Putrajaya in the end xD

We waited for the bus, we reached my house, we slept. Hahahahahaha xD There’s something else in between, but they’re not interesting.

After eating out breakfast, my mom told us to sleep because we look like zombies and boy did we sleep. We passed out instantly (that’s Farrel and Amyr. Daryl and I slept lightly) until my mom woke us up for lunch. We ate lunch, bla bla bla and decided to sleep again, or not.

We actually have a lunch meeting and an official meeting that day. We bailed out from the lunch meeting and were late for the official meeting, more like it was cancelled.

Back in the house, Farrel told us to just take a nap and relax, but Daryl and I were eager. I’m so going to trust her 6th sense after this, on the way back to campus, we got a message saying that the meeting was cancelled. We were like……………………………

We were too tired to complain. We went back home and sleep. Farrel and I slept from 5 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. I don’t know about the other two boys, but I think they woke up quite early and sleep again. Farrel and I set our alarm at 7:30 p.m. but hey, what’s the fun in that xD

I am now writing this after showering with a rumbling stomach begging for attention because there’s no food around. I’m too lazy to go down because I’m literally alone. No one is awake… Saad…


Nevertheless, just like how it’s always been when the four of us are together; unexpected. It may not be the best birthday ever, but it’s the warmest. My family except my dad and  my housemates a.k.a. my crazy ass friends all in one place. We didn’t interact much, but somehow, it warms my heart. Ihiiiii!!! Love you guys!!! Too bad we won’t be together on my next birthday TT^TT —> Reality hits me hard.


Before we drift off to dream land~



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