It’s all coming

The tiredness that I’ve been holding back all this time. All of those sleepless night, stressful meetings, assignments deadlines, cramping everything all at once for the exams.

While most of my batchmates finished their exam this morning (Economy paper), I still have one last paper in the evening. Why lah Listening and Speaking paper? Haih… At least it’s over, my friends who are taking Foundation in IT and Foundation in Commerce have one or two more days to go. Hahahaha xD Poor Pavi and Nonok.

Farrel and Kink were supposed to be asleep, deeply in their own perspective room after the economy exam, but I forced them to hang out with me until my last exam starts. I left Kink for a while to eat lunch; I pitied him, he was all alone. Meh, I bought butter chicken for him, with his money of course xD

Those two kind friends of mine waited for me until the exam was over. It was a bit longer than I expected, lots of essays. When I went out from the exam hall, I was holding back my laughter. The semester 3 students were on my left side and the look on their faces were priceless! Hahahahaha xD Most of them are wearing this blur face while staring at the wall blankly. I asked Kavin (Sem 3) about the paper, was it hard? He said it’s bearable, that’s why he finished early, but most of the sem 3 students went out from the hall quite late.

Bla bla bla, I went to Fariz to meet up with Farrel and Kink. Bla bla bla, when we want to go home, our path were blocked by sem 3 students. They were having an unofficial photo shoot session. It’s understandable; today’s their last day together. No one cried, I think. Let’s wait for my final semester, I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying buckets, looking ugly with snots all over my face and bloated eyes. I’m probably going to wear my glasses, I don’t want history to repeat itself xD

Farrel, Amyr and I took few photos as well. Tarik sini, tarik sana, menarik sini, menarik sana. Chaotic.

We did the peace sign because Amyr said that the sem 3 students are Form 3 students. So basically, we’re F2 students. Oh God, it doesn’t make sense xD

After all of those messiness, we went back home. We parted ways in front of Sofo since I was going back to Putrajaya. On my way to the bus stop, all kind of thoughts rushed into my mind. The craziness of this semester. The fact that I’m still alive and kicking is a miracle. True, I, no, we stumbled across some obstacles, but it was all worth it. Although, the fact that I’m all drained is obvious.

I am now lying on my stomach, writing my blog while listening to my playlist with half-lidded eyes; wondering about what I’ve done this semester and how much of a roller-coaster ride it was. Physically and mentally drained, that’s what this is. It kinda cause me to be a bit depressed (well I am depressed because my favourite compact powder is ruined TT^TT)

Oh well, the fact that Farrel, Amyr, Daryl and I have no holiday this sem break is a pain. Though what can we do? I’m the kind of person who has meetings on my birthday. Such a wonderful day xD

Let’s just forget about those future plans, now, I want to sleep as much as I can. I have three months of sleep that I need to catch on to. I was planning on cleaning my extremely-clean-that-I-cannot-see-the-floor room, but exhaust wins.

Ihiii, tata for now~

P.S. If you’re wondering why this crazy girl who kept saying that she’s tired is still not asleep; here’s the reason why.

You see that downloading thingy, its Fifty Shades Darker. I’m waiting for it to be downloaded xD Gigih

P.P.S. Farrel and I are obsessed with Girlfriend Aku Dari Neraka. Freaking funny! xD

Eiy, perempuaaaaaaaan!

Hahahahahaha xD


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