3 hours toilet break

Hi hi~

This tragic tragedy happened months ago. I was watching PPL and have a sudden urge to pee. After peeing (too much details, Allya), I did my wudhu to do Maghrib prayer. I didn’t lock the toilet’s door because no one was home (except my siblings), neither did I know that I’ll be stuck in that place for 3 hours.

Announcement, I have two rooms now. One for me to sleep in and one for me to do my work (art work, etc.) I was in the sleeping room which is located downstairs. I was thankfully, stuck inside the toilet on 1st floor.

I didn’t panicked at first, but after a few minutes; cold sweats man. I screamed for my sibling’s help. If I can’t destroy that door knob; I’m pretty sure they can’t even leave a dent on it. What did I do? I asked them to passed my phone and laptop through this tiny-grilled window.

The magical ‘pass-me-my-stuff-through-here window’

The question that everyone’s asking. No guys, I don’t bring my phones nor laptop inside the toilet -_-‘

I called my parents, grandparents, uncles, heck I whatsapp-ed my 5 Sc1 classmates (hoping that those who lived in Putrajaya can help me, but I guess they can’t -___-), but there’s no avail.


I want to break that door knob, but I was scared that my dad will scold me. After watching three episodes of PPL, I finally destroy that door knob. I hit if from the inside and my dad gave the final blow. Dang, thank God our neighbours are all away that night or they’ll think that a bomb blew up in my house.

We destroyed it in the end

During those three hours of coldness and dampness, I was thinking about my life (yeah, like how cool would it be if I’m as pretty as those girls in PPL) and remember lots of things (Uhhhmmm Shavvin, you have pictures-of-hot-aussie-guys overdue here). It made me realize on how lucky I am to have a nice house that can shelter me and a nice place where I can call school/university.


Well, that’s that. My writing skills suck these days. I’m going to read more books (not wattpad nor fanfics, a real physical book which title is not Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy)



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