Payel and her antics

Hi hi~

It is still the introducing-my-crazy-friends appreciation post. Exam is a few days away and I haven’t touch my books or slides at all. Screw me.

While most of my school friends are first-born, most of my university friends are second born or are the last child. Maybe it sounds normal, so what if they’re second born? Heck! They’re freaking different from first born! It’s like dealing with Aqila (my younger sister) on a daily basis. For the first few weeks, it was a bit hellish for me, but after a while; I’m used too it, well some of it.

There is this girl whom I first met during my first day at UNITAR. Actually she was the 2nd girl, the first one was Elvi. My first impression of her wasnt that good; a mean-girl-bitch acting. She was busy taking selfies and laughing like those stereotypes cheerleader. I regret moving to the front row, but thanks to her I didn’t feel that lonely. Gedik gila nak mampus wei!!!

Days passed, I piqued her interest. She loves all things Indonesian, so obviously, I interest her. We had a few small talks, followed each others Instagram and that was it. We weren’t really that close until the second semester.

Reasons why we became close:-

  1. Fifty Shades
  2. Darevolution (student council) committees
  3. Kink likes her
  4. I hang around with her a lot during night time

Just like how I never expect to be close with Daryl and Amyr, I never thought that I will get close to this girl. Forget about being close, I slept with her on one single mattress most of the time. We basically live together. Thanks to her, I get to meet few new crazy friends as well (Ayuni, Razif and Arif) and my second semester life was fun. Well, is fun, the semester hasn’t end yet.

She’s like a little sister to me, a girlfriend, a crazy housemate, a friend who ship me with some random guy. The girl who I thought was a total cheerleader-like girl is now one of my close friend.

It saddens me to think that I’ll be moving away soon, but life must go on. I promised myself not to get too attached, but these three people who I’ve mentioned in the past posts are making it hard for me to leave. May all of us stick close until the end, even if I move to a different university. Aamiin.

Farah Afiqah (that’s Farrel’s real name, don’t ask me why she’s called Farrel), my model friend, my ‘manja’ friend, my sleeping buddy, you’re like a younger sister to me and trust me, I love you lots guuurl!!! ❀

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
The only time our clothes match, we have different style you see. Me the crazy fashion kinda girl, while she’s the elegant formal kind.
During one of our ‘meeting’


P.S. There are some more friends who I wish I can elaborate about, but due to privacy reason; I can’t do that. Hiks TT^TT Nevertheless, do know that I love you guys! ❀


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