Pres & VP

Hi hi~

It’s been a while since I last write something. This semester is coming to an end, so my schedule is empty, a bit. So what is the cause of those hectic-ness? Well….

I’m now a VP for the student council, UFS. How did I became one? This is how the story goes.

One day, a meeting was being held for all of the foundation students. The ever-always-late Allya enter the venue while everyone were choosing a president. Then, the ever-always-high-self-confidence Allya raised her hand, to nominate someone. She nominated herself. As usual.

There were three candidates and we have to gave a speech in front of everyone. I went first, because the other two gentlemen were being, well, gentle. The other two are, Daryl (Sem 3) and Ariff BB (Sem 1), so the voting occurred, bla bla bla, I lost to Daryl. Why? Because he’s oozing off testosterone and there’s a lot of creature who love it there… Such a sore loser xD

Bla bla bla, I used to hate Daryl because of several reasons. Only one reason actually, but it’s a huge one. I tried to murder him before, but this and that happened; voila~ we became close.

I actually respect him as a leader. Like hello, this is Allya. I don’t just accept random people as my leader, but he’s good. So yeah, Allya approves. We went through lots together and sometimes, we only have each other to lean on.

From the main target of my hatred, he became my respected president and now, my always-smiling-like-an-idiot friend. That’s how amazing the world is. One moment I want to kill him, but the next moment, we’re eating together while laughing our arse off xD

So yeah, thanks to that, I have meetings 24/7. Heck I’m so going to write about our crazy meetings! Hahahahaha xD

My dear president, Daryl John Sta Maria, you should be proud that I write a post about you. It sucks, but oh well, I haven’t been writing for a very long time. Hehehehe, I’m sooo going to take over that crown in a while.

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I just found this photo, and it looks so sweet, so I wanna post it. No double meaning intended, but I wish someone could look at me like how the president is looking at his VP. Haks. Sedih…



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