Ma Kink & I

Hi hi~

I’m bored right now, waiting for my 3 p.m. meeting and 4 p.m. townhall. Now, let me tell you about my kink partner, Amyr Firdaus!

We met each other during last semester, we were classmates and are still classmates. We weren’t that close before, but after that particular day, all of us are besties. It was my second night sleeping over at The Grand Sofo; Zatul’s house. The four of us, Farrel, Zatul, Yuni and I went to our campus’s hostel to meet up with Pavi, Shantan and Amyr. We went there because they want to introduce me to Lazathai’s infamous green tea. It taste good, like freaking good!

We arrived and the girls went to Pavi’s room to play with her nail polishes, as her room is right above Lazathai. We went down, bla bla bla, Daryl came, bla bla bla, Arif BB came, bla bla bla.

That night, Farrel did this what’s your number thingy where we have to give out our birth dates. Out of everyone, only Amyr and I are 7; air bergelora = kinky. Somehow we became close after that night, not just kink and I, but everyone.

The 9 of us became close~

Kink is now my best buddy and he talks about Farrel 24/7, I cannot even…….. But he’s cute and sweet, for once in my life, I feel like I’m being treated like a girl. I mean, I did everything by myself in school, akak sado kan -_-

Although, at first, I thought Amyr’s gay or soft-looking fella. I’m not judging, that’s my first impression xD Sorry kink ;p Now, I know that he’s as straight as someone could possibly be and is a cuddle bun who respects women like crazy!

I’ve been sleeping over at Sofo more than I sleep in my own room this semester. The four of us are actually housemates, Amyr, Farrel, Daryl and I. Teheeeee~ jk.

I’ve been sleeping at Farrel’s house and that one particular day, I went back home and guess what, I got a call from Jay and he said that Amyr got into an accident. I jumped and screamed! Jay was shocked, and now he knows why Amyr told him not to tell me. #kawanygover

I almost cried, my parents ran over upstairs, and I called Amyr. Of course he’s not answering his phone. When Jay called me, Farrel texted me, saying that Amyr got into an accident and Farrel’s heart almost stop (she have a weak heart). I panicked like crazy! Daryl popped into my mind, so I called him and he assured me that Amyr’s fine.

Β After a while, Amyr sent me his photo so yeah, I was a bit calmer but still.. This is Allya we’re talking about, over the topz!

Alhamdulillah, he’s okay now, alive and kicking! Kink! Be healthy please, love you lotz!




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