Scotland is in where?

Hi hi~

This happened a while back. I was chatting with my old friend, Aina who’s been living in the UK for the past 5 years-ish and is now studying at the University of Wales. I think…

It happened because I asked her about London’s time(?). I think she was kinda annoyed and told me that she’s in Wales, not London. I get it, different countries but their time zone is the same right? I’m going to get killed writing that.

So, she started telling me about how United Kingdom is made out from four countries and so on. I know that UK was made out of four countries but what I didn’t know was that Scotland is one of them. This is going to make me sounds stupid but I’ve always though that Scotland is around the Netherlands area -_-“

Gosh, Allya and her Geography.

Aina was shocked at my lack of knowledge about countries positions; she changed the subject quickly. Uhuuu, sorry Aina, this friend of yours lacks a bit in the geography department. I got an A for geography thanks to my great teacher, Cikgu Mahani. Without her, geography is a huge bloody hell for me xD

That is how TGMochaMocha founds out that Scotland is in fact not Amsterdam’s neighbor. At least they’re still at the same continent, right? Europe is a continent, right? I’m soo going to make the world map my phone home screen =_=”



The main reason for making it my phone screen was so that I can remember the positions of each countries. But normal looking world maps are too boring. So I decided to use that. Which country is which? Just let the idiot-creative Allya suffer :p

P.S. I’m writing this because I miss Aina pula. Uhuuuu TT^TT I’m missing everyone. If you’re reading this Aina, I hope you know that I’ve done my research about Europe so that I won’t make any mistakes again. Though if I do make some mistakes, please do not be cross with me *very cute and adorable pleading puppy eyes* I hope that you’re okay in Wales. I heard there’s a terrible flood but I forgot where it was. It’s almost winter, make sure to keep yourself warm. Don’t get sick. I know how weak your immune system is during season change. Do come to KL when you’re back. I’ll try to go to Malacca if I can, but I think that’s a bit impossible. Make all of us proud. I mean who doesn’t want to have a world renowned director as a friend? You’ll make it, insyaallah. Lots of hugs and kisses from Malaysia!!! ❀


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