Miss my ‘Aussie’ friend

Last week was quite eventful for me.  Got more friends, did an audition, entered clubs and did activities with them. Oh, let’s not forget that I am officially awarded the douche bag of a friend award since I want that person to be a better person. *eye rolling overboard*

In the middle of those hectic days and dilemmas, I whatsapp-ed Shavvin because I heard that there’s an earthquake in New Zealand. He’s in Australia but hey, what’s the harm in asking, right? He said that he was fine and so on (he didn’t even know that there’s an earthquake for heaven sake!) We talked and talked, well basically we were chatting. I asked him about how’s the weather in Aussie. It’s still spring there and I warned him about those dangerous looking bugs. It’s almost summer so I told him to enjoy the not-as-hot-as-Malaysia sun.

Cabin said that the only enjoyable thing during summer is the beach a.k.a. those girls in bikinis and trikinis whatever you call them. He compliments those lovely beautiful hot Australian women by saying that they have lovely and glossy tresses. Hmmm… I doubt it’s just the hair -_-

By now, his ex-classmates are a mere nothing compare to those Aussie felines except for one (unfortunately it’s not me TT^TT) He hurriedly ‘fixed’ his mistakes by saying that all women are pretty and blablabla. You know those empty words. I’m hurt already, Cabin. Don’t try to fix it by saying those words. Just give me some hot Aussie guys pictures ;p

I will definitely forgive you if you give me at least 10 clear HD shots of those hunkies  ❤ Better if you hook me up with one (a girl can dream right. Chris Hemsworth, he is HOT too bad he’s taken).

We chatted and chatted. In the middle of it, I realized how much I missed him. We used to see each other everyday. Throwing stupid jokes and crazy ideas. Now, we’re in different continents!

I remembered the day when I sent him away. Man, I should’ve hug him tight or something TT^TT One thing for sure though, I’m glad that he’s surviving there. Hey, he’s my friend. My friend will survive anywhere, somehow.

He complained though about the high passing marks and the hard subjects. Those are the punishments for leaving me, Cabin. Kahkahkah XD jk.

Although hard, I’m pretty sure that you can excel Shavvin. If I can pass my everyone-learnt-it-for-three-years-and-I-only-a-month economy test, then I’m sure you’ll do great!

Wish you can come back home for Christmas but then again, tickets prices are crazy during peak seasons. See you after two years, I guess?

Miss you and love you lots, Cabin! Good luck!!!


P.S. I wanted to show you guys our chat but I stupidly deleted it. Redhaaa~


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