Giving birth…

… to a huge ‘rock’ inside the ulcer on my back. Holy sh*t it hurts so much! I just finished taking a bath and suddenly I felt a sharp stung on my back. I looked at the mirror and saw that my ulcer has finally popped.

Then, I asked my brother to call my mom. She instructed me to lay down on my stomach and she ‘tekan-tekan’ the ulcer. Oh god, I’m sooo going to take epidural when I gave birth. It hurts so much I can’t even!!!

At first, the pain was bearable but when my mom tried to pressed out that hard thingy inside the ulcer, all hell went loose. I bit my pillow ‘till it was torn. It felt like someone was slowly cutting my skin. Someone taking their time, to cut my skin as deep as possible while putting some alcohol. The torture!

I’m writing this while waiting for my class. The pain has subtle but man, I shouldn’t have wore a bra today. The ulcer was or is in line with my back bra strap. Me wanna cry TT^TT Ceh, no matter what I have to wear a bra juga, by hook or by crook. ‘3’

Alhamdulillah I’m all good now. I mean, if I can sit still studying by my own in the library for 2 hours, I must have been okay. Or not. Allya never sits down that long to study! What is wrong with you girl?!

Hey, people change~


P.S. I wanna put the picture of those tissues and blood but mommy said no.. *pout an extra mile*


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