Raisins are hamsters’ poop.

Such a great title xD

I was planning on posting about my first week of college today, but decided to write it tomorrow. Tehee~

It’s raining outside and I’m bored. What did I do? Disturbing my brother’s life xD

He’s watching TV while eating a box of raisins. Disgusting, I know. Who eats fruit when they’re watching TV? He’s a healthy-eating junky.

  • Must eat fruits and veges everyday.
  • Apple is the first thing that enters his stomach everyday.
  • Hates fried chicken’s skin (those crunchy juicy oily full of fatness skin!  <3)

Aaaaah the list is endless. He’s the only who is not living his life to the fullest in our family. While he eats apple for breakfast, we eat mi Maggi. Kahkahkah xD

Okay back to the topic. He was eating a pack of raisins and I told him that raisins are from hamsters. They’re actually hamsters’ poop that has been preserved in sugar water for at least 10 years. At first, I didn’t think that it’ll work. I tricked him before using the same reasoning. My mom was angry back then because my brother stayed away from raisins for a few years -_-“

But guess what, he actually believes it! His expression was like, ‘should I trust her or should I not? But I don’t want to take any chances!’ He then ran to the bathroom and vomited the raisins. Hahahahahahaha xD My gosh I sounded so cruel.

He ran to my parents’ room and asked about it. My mom was mad once agaaain~ My dad was quiet tho. He’s not surprise by my mischievous manner and dads are usually more laid back, yanno.

Kikikikiki~~~ That is all for today’s mischief.



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