First class~

Okay, me wanna kill myself!!! TT^TT Meh, that’s a bit dramatic.

I’m not complaining, I’m just telling all of you my feelings.

Today was my first class ever at UNITAR and it was not that bad actually. It was the Fundamentals of Organization and Management class and I LOVE THE LECTURER! She acts like Cikgu Rozie, all sassy and stuff. Love it!

No complain about the subject nor the lecturer; it’s the students. I am not blaming them. I’m the one who enters late and most of them have their own groups. They all seem pretty close; seem pretty cozy with each other. I can’t even enter their conversation. Why?

Because the Great Mocha Mocha has lost her touch…

…or maybe I’ve become an introvert or maybe it was just the adrenalines, I have no idea. There’s only one class today and it was a three hours long lecture about management. Like I said earlier, I don’t mind the subject but I was shaking from head to toe the entire class. I am freaking tired right now, way more tired than when I finished my 12 hours long school.

I guess I’m not becoming an introvert since I shook badly because I didn’t talk with anyone during those 3 hours.

I did talk with some people. They’re kind but they have their own life to care about and also friends, thus I’m not important.

Imagine me, a person who can’t stop talking even when she’s out of breath while hiking mountains(?) suddenly have to sit still and shut her mouth for 3 hours straight. Gosh. It was devastating. My old classmates said that I’ll be good in a week time but I’m not sure.

I’m hoping I can’t make any friends today due to the large amount of humans in the lecture hall. I hope that I’ll have a chance during tutorial class. Aamiin.

Toodles guys, I have an 8 a.m. class tomorrow and have to be at the bus station by 7.


P.S. I kept asking everyone’s age because they seemed older being a college students and all. But guess what? We’re all the same age. 18. Okay, now I feel old xD


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