First day of College!!!


So, my official first day of college was last Wednesday which also falls on Syamiel’s birthday as well as the first day of SPM last year a.k.a. two days after my graduation. Fuuih! That is a lot of event in one day.

On my first day, I have a test. Well, more like tests. I got tested on this and that. The tests start at 9:30 a.m. but I have to be there by 9. I went there with my mom (yes, my mom sent me to my first day of college xD) by bus since the traffic was so bad. We arrived at around 8 ish and had breakfast at McD before going to UNITAR.

I went to the test lab and dang, my lecturer is freaking tall. He is even taller than Faequee who is basically the tallest kid at school. I was scared for a moment but meh, he’s kind. Very kind actually. Quite chatty as well. I like~

The test started a bit late since I have to wait for the other students to arrive. After telling my friends to wish me luck, it started.

I finished the test and kinda went somewhere with my mom. That’s all.

Boring I know. At least it’s better than doing nothing at home xD

Yup, definitely better than waking up late, having lunch as your breakfast, making that hot looking guy in your laptop screen as your friend and sending or picking your siblings from school. xD



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