We are tired too…

Hi hi~

What I’m about to write can be a bit controversial. A little birdie told me about how the adults think about our generation; they hate us.

I’m not sure about other things but when it comes to school, they think that we’re a good for nothing human being who have all the facilities in the world but can’t stop complaining. I can’t say that we’re not like that but seriously? Getting mad because we love it when class was cancelled or when the holiday starts a day earlier?

They used the unlucky children thingy as a reference. Trust me, even those children will like it when there’s a sudden holiday. Though I don’t think that they love it as much as we do (we as in the lucky but good for nothing kids -_-).

You say that we are hopeless and will be a bad leader in the future because we love cancelled classes and sudden holidays; how about you adults then? Do you hate it when your boss suddenly gave you a day off or when they shooed you away from the office by noon? No, right? DON’T LIE TO US BY SAYING YOU HATE IT!

While you love getting a holiday from your job; we can’t love our ‘sudden’ holidays?

First, schools these days are different than before. Teachers are stressed, students are stressed, heck even the janitors are stressed out these days. Unlike before, we can stay at school for 12 hours or more (to study). I used to go to school at 7 a.m. and go back at 7 p.m. Uhhmmm… Do you work for 12 hours?

I get it, working life is not like school life. Work life has a lot more dramas and of course, jobs to be done. We students may not have as many jobs as yours but we too have a lot of things to do.

To get a respectable job with a high pay we have to make sure that we enter a great university (or any university for this matter). To enroll to a great university we have to make sure that our grades are top notch and of course, high curriculum marks. Aaaah also there’s scholarships. Unless you come from a rich family, getting into high ranking universities can be quite hard.

From 7 ‘till 7 we studied, socialized, listening to teachers nagging, helping out the janitors, making sure your teammates is behaving well or you’ll ended up standing in middle of the field in a hot weather thus causing you to faint at school but since you didn’t want to worry your parents who are working their a** off, you threatened your school to shut their freaking mouth and when you get home you have to do your homework, help your parents doing the dishes because you cannot complain or they’ll say that we did nothing at school and they’re very extremely tired trying to make a living for the family.

Oh I’m not describing myself guys. My mom’s a housewife, I laze around at home, at school I will not let anyone mess with me and if I fainted, I will tell the whole world.


*A picture of me laying on the ‘sick’ bed and hid half of my face*

Caption: Oh guys, I fainted just now. Alhamdulillah I ‘m good now *weird sad emoji* #sissakit #sispengsan #siskenadenda #sisdahsehat #youdonthavetoworryaboutme #imgood #thoughifeellonely #herealoneintheschoolclinic #hmmmnoonelovesmeanymore

Drama queen guys, remember -_-“

Back to the topic, guess what, after doing all of those things at school we didn’t get paid AT ALL (pocket money doesn’t count). Yeah I get it we got a lot of information and it is good for us bla bla bla but seriously.

I admit, our generation is not that good. We are a bit brash and stupidly crazy but you just gotta deal with it. You get mad when we said something about the older generation, saying that we don’t respect you but you can insult us whatever and whenever you like? Who’s the childish one now?

Younger people back then don’t have the courage to even raised their voice to the elders; unlike now we can shout at our parents like it’s nothing. Bad, I know but can you blame us? Don’t say that it’s all because of the western culture. I have some friends from the US, UK, Canada and so on but trust me when I say that they have better manner than us. Some are bad but that goes for us Asians. Not all Asians are good kids or are preppy smart.

Look at me. For my studies, I am a bit over average. Sports? To hell with it, I hate them. My social skills are way above average and I’m proud of it ;P

See, I’m an Asian but I’m not that smart, I’m an Asian but my social skills are good. Stop putting blames on other cultures, please.

To put an end to it, I am glad to have loving parents (more like mi vader) who work day and night so that my family and I can life a comfortable life. The younger generations can’t really get a job yet as they have to study and all (we can get a part time job but then again we can’t buy those limited edition LV bags can’t we? jk) but that doesn’t mean we don’t  deserve any respect.

We asked of you, dear older generation. We love and respect you but please, do respect us in return. Just like all of you, we too have a stressing life. We have school until nighttime and homework gosh those homework. We’re not blaming the teachers for this as well. They too are just like you guys; have a stressing life.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, everyone. I am nothing but a mere young selfish mortal. Not saying that all teens are good but do respect those who are well behaved. Please don’t make it as if all teens are troublemakers. We too have feelings and do feel tired sometimes. Just like how you feel a sudden day off from work is a gift from God; we too feel the same way.

I’m sorry for my not-so-polite-vulgar words and bye bye.



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