So I opened my WhatsApp and the rest is history.


Well, back then my hands were shaking so badly hence I can’t type properly leading me to sending voice messages only xD

A worrywart friend I was, I called her ASAP after seeing her message. I panicked a bit (you jumped up&down girl) and I guess I sounded a tad too excited when Fatini received my call; causing her to feel mischievous.

Basically she told me that she is the one who’s getting married and bla bla bla. Though finally she said that she’s joking and it’s actually her aunt’s wedding. Like, I don’t get why you would actually invite your classmates to your aunt’s wedding, y’know.  -_-“

Well that’s that. She said that she was moved by my actions. I sounded so happy and was so excited for her; made her felt dumbstruck-ly shocked. She was trying to prank the whole class though she got unlucky because I’m there. I was too excited… Hmph!

But see guys, small actions like that can make your friends feel like they’re loved. Even though I acted like a drama queen and you guys acted like you hated it; deep inside I know you love it :p So nah, I‘m not mad at you Tini. My life has been dull these past few weeks anyway~

And I get to feel how it’ll be when my classmates are getting married. Catastrophe I tell you. CATACLYSM! If you didn’t tell me earlier lah; about the wedding. I mean, I gotta figure out what to wear, what to give, who to bring gosh! The list is endless guys…

Meh, I will still hyperventilate even if you tell me a year earlier xD

Be prepared mes amies~

Anyhow, no matter what happen you gotta make me your wedding planner guys. I’m gonna go mad if you didn’t. Unless I’m your bridesmaid 😉


P.S. Do get to the bottom of it when you’re trying to prank me everybodeeeh. I will bombard you with questions until I’m satisfied xD


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