Women in Indonesia

First thing first, I would like to apologize if I offend you in anyway when you’re reading this post. Do forgive me.

An odd title, I know. What makes me feel like writing about it? Well…

I accidentally stumbled across a website for expatriates who live (or used to lived) in Indonesia and there’s a post about Indonesian women. While I’m quite flattered by their compliments about our beauty; our attitudes on the other half are not really like that. At first, I thought that site was the only one to describe Indonesian women like that but I did my research and damn… It was a brand new level kind of weird.

Before telling the world about our attitudes, those foreigners praised our natural beauty. Glowing olive skin, huge eyes, not-so-flat chest and bum, jet black hair and petite frame. Why, thank you for those compliments  ❤ Nope, I’m not describing myself guys, it’s written all over the internet, believe me.

But when I read the attitude sections, I feel kind of insulted.

We Indonesians have a lot of races. We have Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, Balinese aah the list is endless. Though not a lot of foreigners knew about it but us Indonesians, depending on our races; have different characteristics and attitudes. Let’s talk about the differences between the races later on since I don’t know much about them. Though one thing for sure, our attitudes don’t really varied much now. It’s the 21st century guys -_-“

So, what the foreigners described is what you called ‘Typical Jakarta Women’ not ‘Indonesian Women’. Screw that, what they’re describing are actually women who wants white/ Caucasian men (bule) since they think that all bule are rich.

I agreed on how Indonesian women tend to fuss on how they look and spent a whole lots of money on beautifying themselves (salons, spas, clothes, bags) since I am too like that but! I have no idea why they called us as obedient, not-wanting-to-argue-for-anything-or-anything kind of girl, basically a freaking submissive. I dare you to call me a submissive if we ever meet (don’t worry; I don’t do those kinky FSOG thingy, yet XD).

I’m honoured when they say that we are one hell of a driver, a great mother, a great wife,  a great cook and so on but WE ARE NOT OBEDIENT PETS who will bow down and lick your feet! Nope, big mistake, huge.

You may say that I’m not like those women since I lived abroad but just like my Indonesian friends here in Malaysia; my family and friends in Indonesia are the same. We’re one hell of a fighter. We bark and bite back when provoked but with grace (though in my case, I look like Satan’s mistress).

So when I read that those expatriates said they love Indonesian women not only for their beauties but also for their stupidly submissive self, I snapped.

Well, I know that not all Indonesian women are like those who are around me. Yes, there are a lot of women like the one that the foreigners explained but not all Indonesian women are like that. What I’m kinda pissed about is the fact that they made it sound like all Indonesian women are a some kind of fragile exotic pets that they can play around with. Hell no man.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I am not frail.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I am not an idiot.

I’m an Indonesian woman but I will defend myself and argue back if I don’t agree with something (or if something is wrong).

I’m an Indonesian woman but plus those great qualities, am the same as other women in the world.

Some people may get mad because of this post. I am a pure Indonesia(not) woman and I am proud to be one. As I said earlier, I wear my heart on my sleeve thus I will say what I hate and what I like openly. I wrote this not to blame the expatriates or anything, I just want the world to know that Indonesian women are not only exotic looking but we also have a brilliant mind(mine is filled with sarcastic remarks xD) and a great pride.

That’s all.


P.S. I know I like to joke around for wanting a hot young billionaire but I’m not that materialistic. I just wrote it for fun; I’m a simple kind of girl. If you’re patient, faithful, a Muslim who can lead me to the right path, tall, dark, handsome, funny, a hearts and flowers kinda guy, preferably rich, then I’m good. Hahahahaha XD Just kidding~ I’m describing an alien guys, like what kind of man is like that? Do call me if you’re like that though. Here’s my number +6011 **** **** Hohohohohohohoho XD

P.P.S. Who doesn’t want Christian Grey (minus his kinky scheisse)? Well, straight man xD


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