Death God wanna take what?

You know how everyone has this one story or event that causes them to laugh out loud in the middle of nowhere. Well, thanks to this story people probably think that I’m crazy since I will suddenly laugh like a crazy person.

This is how it goes…………………………………

It was during my Form 1 year, I was 13 and young and ugly and fat (you’re still fat). Unlike other classes, my friends and I have extra classes almost everyday since we were in Year 6 -_- Tiring. So, before we attended our evening classes, we were given a couple of hours to eat, rest and pray.

When we entered middle school, the praying room (surau) for girls and boys were separated. The boys’ surau is in the main mosque(?) and the girls’ surau is in the academy block.

One fated evening, it was earlier that year; the boys were praying. One ill-fated boy was pranked by his friends. His name is Afiq Mahadi or Apiqy (my weird nicknames for my friends. Poor them xD).

He was praying when it happened. While doing the sujud, a friend of ours a.k.a. Hariz Yunus the prankster said something to Apiqy.

Aku malaikat maut nak ambil your ba**s! (I am the death god and I’m going to take your ba**s!)

At that moment Apiqy was so freaking scared. He was crying and shaking in fear begging the so called ‘death god’ to spare his ba**s. Hahahahahaha xD

It became a class joke for a while. I don’t think anyone still remembers that but it is as fresh as ever in my memory. It feels like it happens yesterday XD Too bad it didn’t happened in front of me. The boys were the one who told me this story. Every time I recalled it, all hell went loose xD

Well, I guess it is not really that funny but I am LOL-ing while typing this xD



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