Say WHAT?!

Hi hi~

Soooooooooooooo…. Due to some reason I have to go to UNITAR today and somehow, it became a hectic day (got a lot of chores, not going to write everything here).

I jolt awake thanks a phone call from my mom. She wanted me to buy gas ASAP since she has to cook for this one event. I went around Precinct 8 and Precinct 9 to find that freaking cooking gas and every shop gave me the same answer.

Gas all sold out lah, dik. The new batch will come at 10, nanti.

I was like WOOOOOOOT?! Please tell me that you’re kidding and it’s a candid camera or a gotcha call, just tell me anything except gas ‘dah habis’. I woke up early and this is what I get?! I know it sounded so exaggerated; I blame my hormones, PMS -_-

After that ‘tragedy’ I went home (obviously) and my dad said that I have to get ready fast since he will drop me off at Putrajaya Central before sending my brother to school.

I arrived at 8: 40 a.m. and he expected me to be ready by 9. Well, no. The answer is a big NO, never, it’s like asking a dog to meow and purr like a feline. This and that, I ended up sending my brother to school before going to UNITAR.

When I took my shoes from the rack (to send my brother to school), my dad was half asleep on the couch but all of a sudden he was WIDE AWAKE.

He asked about the jeans that I was wearing; was it his? I was shocked and accidentally yelled “no.” He has to add that it looks freaking tight; the jeans. I get it. Like I know that I gained some weight but seriously, Pak?

You are asking me, a girl, whether I’m wearing your pants or not because it looks tight on me?!

What in the world that is so rude I can’t believe you asked that I’m insulted you are bigger than me thank you.

I was annoyed during the whole ride to my bro’s school (drove like a crazy maniac).


I am so going to lose some weight. I’ve lost a lot amount of kilos before but kinda cheated on the whole diet thingy and gained a few back xD

Gonna start it again tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that since there’s a party tomorrow. Or the day after that party, ah but there’s another party.

Basically, it’s not going to happen. Bye bye diet~



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