Daily struggles(?)

Well, some people don’t really call it daily struggles but I am not some people. Teheee~ Jk

So my first plan was to take a gap year since I didn’t get enough rest unlike my other friends (took a short course in Indonesia for about 5 months) but to hell with that. I decided to find some college to enroll myself into on the 2nd month of my so-called holiday. Why?


I found some colleges but it was too late since I’m an international student and I have to make the student visa and bla bla bla. Then I decided to find a college which offers >September intake and finally found one (that suits my taste ofcoz).

UNITAR International.

So I submitted the things needed for my student visa and voila~ it has been 2 months and not a word. Well, they do tell me about the progress but damn it’s taking a long time. The orientation was 3 weeks ago and the first class 2 weeks but here I am lounging around my room, writing this post.

What did I do while waiting?

I woke up, I eat, I fool around with these gadgets, I send and pick up my siblings from school, I resume fooling around with le gadgets while stuffing my mouth, last but not least, I then sleep.

What happen then? I got FAT.

It. is. the. same. freaking. routine. every. single. day.

I mean school used to be like that. You know, woke up, go to school, go home, do homework, sleep but at least I can still meet people and chat with them. I only chatted with my mom (as she is the only one available) or whatsapp-ing my friends, mengacau hidup dorang.

I’m an extrovert so when I’m inside doing the same thing every single day, not meeting new people; I kinda become stupid or something. Like I become so lembabs yanno… -_-

Well that’s that. I’m pretty sure that Allah s.w.t. have other plans for me. He is probably planning something better for me (such as meeting a hot young billionaire? that’s a good reason right?). There’s still a few days left before 23rd of Oct arrives. It’s the final registration date and since my visa is not progressing AT ALL;Β  the January intake seems like a yes-go.

Staffs or workers from other universities told me that Indonesians now go to Singapore to study and not Malaysia. My mom and I were baffled at first, like why wouldn’t you study here? Now I know. Their visa ‘makers’ = bad news. My physic teacher was shocked when he found out that my visa is not out yet even after 2 months. He was hellaa pissed. When he went to London it only took him 2 weeks until he got his visa. Tck tck tck…

Take notes yeah, dear visa’makers’



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