How could you, Cabin?!

Hi hi~

I haven’t slept yet. I did slept but not comfortably. I just kinda close my eyes so I’m really drowsy now but I can’t sleep yet! Adrenalines =_=

What’s with my adrenalines that cause me to be awake on such a cloudy and cold day?


Yesterday, I went out from Alamanda’s parking lot and got a WhatsApp message. All I can think was ‘Rajinnya budak ni tetiba message aku.’ Little did I know that it was his farewell message. Douche -_-

I forgot to screenshot them but basically he was telling me that he is going to Australia to study. I was like WTH! I called him and asked him when his flight is. Guess what he said…


Double crap!

I’m happy that he get to study at a place he has been wanting to but he didn’t freaking tell anyone! He just told some of our classmates including me. The annoying friend I am, I broadcasted it to the whole class.

Suddenly, AHA called me and said that she’s going to airport. I said “Yes, I’m going with you” without thinking straight. My mom looked at me weirdly. You know that looking-at-you-from-top-to-bottom kind of stare. I followed her eyes and panicked. I’m wearing the ugliest clothes I have ever worn outside. I got no makeup on! I look like a zombie who just woke up from the dead! I hurriedly called Wawa and asked her mother (she was the one who picks up the phone) whether I can come over and borrow some clothes.

After picking up Fyo from school, I went to Wawa’s house and I think the God of unluckiness was rubbing off me. Out of all times, the lifts just have to be broken. Like WHAAAAAAAAAT?!!! Wawa’s house is on the tenth floor are you crazy I’m not going to run up the stairs!!!

Though in the end I did ran up the stairs just until the fifth floor, thankfully.

When I arrived at Wawa’s house I was a sweating mess. Ikah opened the door and I ran straight to Wawa’s room to find her still sleeping and thus asked Ikah to find clothes for me that matches my shawl.

Bla bla bla I found a nice blouse, courtesy of their mother of course. Thank you very much Aunty Siti!!! ❤

I have no choice but to run down the stairs again but this time; all ten of them =_=

I got in the car, picked Aqila up and went to AHA’s house in a flash. At AHA’s guardhouse,

I was stopped but I was being dramatic by looking so distressed and then told them that someone is waiting for me and I was freaking late and that is a bad thing and and and…. It was an endless and. Thankfully they let me in ASAP and I didn’t have to give them my IC or whatsoever. Nice one Allya xD

Arrived at AHA’s house, dinner jap then kita gerak.

We met Shavvin at the airport and bla bla bla. At the end, when he was about to go inside the immigration; my waterworks show starts. I was freaking-hyper-happy since the beginning but when I saw him hugging everyone, I broke down.

AHA was like “Allya shaddap you are embarrassing me.”

Humph! Kesah pula aku :p

Shavvin saw us and bid his farewell. Everything went in a blur and as embarrassing my friends is my no. 1 job, I screamed his name out loud a few times. I’m pretty sure he’s glad that his other friends went in first. Hahahahaha :p

Meh~ I know you’re happy that both AHA and I came, Cabin xD

I became teary again because this one aunty was thanking me for showing the world Shavvin’s other side. She said that he’s a quiet boy. Tanya sepatah, jawab sepatah. Quiet apa benda *dramatic eye roll

Like hello!!! He is my classmates. Well, was.

Classmates = Wild animals (jk guys. not)

His mom also thanked both me and AHA for coming. She said that Shavvin’s more relaxed after we came. Not so jumpy and all.

Alolololo co cweeet cabiiin~ *kissy emoji x10

That’s that. I ended up sleeping over at AHA’s house since we arrived late, so yeah…

I know I sounded a bit dramatic but hey! Other than Aina, he is basically my first classmate who studies abroad. I’m gonna be a compose person maybe the 30th time I send my friends abroad xD  MAYBE…

You can watch Shavvin’s Aussie Story, Beginning in my twitter, part 1 & part 2.

I am a mess TT^TT


P.S. Cabin, if you read this, do tell me when you’re coming back. Christmas right? Do inform me. Ok! Enjoy Brisbane brothaaaa~~~

P.P.S. Alhamdulillah, Shavvin has landed safely in Brisbane 🙂 Now, I can sleep in peace.


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